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Male -

7 Months

This dog was adopted on 2012-08-17

Personal Information

Weight:40 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Joey makes us laugh every day. He encourages us to spend more time outdoors. Our 14 year old shares responsibility for feeding him once per day and loves telling his friends about Joey. Joey is also quite a good watch dog because nobody walks up our front steps without several warning barks form Joey to alert us.


Okay, so I am still waiting!  I am the best behaved boy and foster mom says I am the best foster she has ever had (bet she tells that to all the fosters!)  I know the perfect family is out there for me and when they meet me they will just fall in love!  Make sure you check out my daycare videos!  I just love going to day care!  I get along with just about everyone! 
I am walking on a leash really good now…once in a while I pull on my leash but foster mom stops dead in her tracks and I have to try again.  My foster mom says that we are going to a big event soon and maybe I will find my forever home!  I think she is planning on getting me "spiffed up" and I am not too keen on taking a bath but if it will help find me a home...I will do it (doesn't matter, if foster mom says I am doing something, then I just do it...I follow directions really well!)
Well, foster mom told me that I could stay as long as I need to and that I am an exceptionally good boy for only 7 months old. ...but I really would like to go to my furever home!  Do you have a place in your home and your heart for me?


Joey is doing great...he was just neutered last week and is now "raring to go"!  He was doing his puppy zoomies around the yard today and he still makes me laugh!  He has a fabulous personality, always happy-go-lucky!  Ask him to go in the crate and he jumps in with as much enthusiasm as if you asked him to play fetch!  Yes, he plays fetch quite well...lie on the couch and throw a toy and he is quite willing to bring it back to you.  He gets along super with my dogs, any fosters that have been here and all the dogs at daycare.  We are working on walking on a leash.... He walks so nicely but then if the slack becomes taught, he stops dead in his tracks and digs his heels in.  Just takes a little persuasion and off we go again!  Although he is noticeably nervous in the car, he does lie quietly in the crate and I have been taking him out at least once a week to get him more use to it.
Joey was one of our "foster ambassadors" at one of our recent Boxer Rescue Awareness Days and he was such a hit!  I attached a small leash and kept his crate open and when people came by, I would ask him to come out and say "hello" and he just loved visiting with all the people who attended and their dogs.  He just loves to give kisses and is definitely a ham...showing off how well he listens...doing "sit", "wait", "touch" and running back in the crate when asked.  He was definitely "dog gone tired" by the end of the day!  It was a long day but he did a great job!  Get those applications in...this is a super pup!


Joey has changed so much in the past month...he is now starting to get those cute little Boxer jowls and a little bit of that Boxer under bite!  He accompanied us to the BRAD yesterday at Ramapo College and he was a big hit!  We kept his crate door open and as people came walking by, they stopped to see him.  He would come out of his crate to say "hello", give kisses and strut his stuff.  He would show off all his little tricks...sit on command, "shake" with his paw, return to his crate when I told him and also "wait" when I asked.  Everyone loved his cute little wry smile!  He was a great ambassador for our rescue, he loved all the dogs and people couldn't believe he was only 18 weeks old!  Also, he is completely housed trained and now tells me when he needs to go outside.  He is the sweetest pup, pretty calm...just goes with the flow, virtually gets along with everyone and really is the best boy!
Joey went to daycare last week and played with 32 dogs!  I am hoping to get some video of him playing there this week.  The girls at the day care center told me he did "puppy zoomies" around the other dogs when he wasn't playing with anyone and then when he got tired, would just go into an available crate and take a nap.  The girls just love him and are surprised he is not adopted yet...."He is adorable and has the best personality"!
Joey is a riot at home too!  On his way to go outside, I stop to open the door but no waiting for Joey!  He takes a lap around my dining room table till the door is open and he can scoot outside with my dogs!  Occasionally, he will whine and sounds like Curly from the Three Stooges!  He keeps me chuckling all the time and is a pleasure to have as a foster.  Will update soon so keep checking in!


Joey has made himself right at home!  He is recuperating from his skin infection and is doing great..His hair is really starting to come in alot thicker and it is a beautiful color and I just love his markings!
Erin is teaching Joey how to play and Tootsie is keeping them both in line!  Joey is very vocal when he plays with Erin but it is all noise!  Oh, does Joey LOVES toys!  We have tons of doggie toys and he can keep himself entertained by running around with the toy, shaking it, throwing it in the air and just going from toy to toy keeping himself busy playing all by himself!  Sometimes he can get a little "fresh" with Erin when it comes to sharing but he is learning.  Erin and Tootsie have taught him how to jump over the little 5" lip of the x-pen door.  It took him a while to understand how to go in and out of the pen but now he just leaps right over!  He is such a cutie!
I have started a little training with Joey.  I wanted him to really respond when I call him and I have been working on his name as well as "calling him off play"...Just a little chicken is all you need!  He is very food motivated.  I have also started "sit" with a hand signal and "wait". 
Keep checking back to see Joey's progress and of course more pictures!


Hi All!  Joey here again.  Just thought I would give you an update since I have been getting comfortable at my foster home....also wanted to let you know how I made out at the vet!  It turns out that the demodectic mange is gone and just needs to be checked again when I go back.  Unfortunately, I have a non-contagious skin infection and WOW, does it itch!  I have been on antibiotics and medicated baths and I'm feeling much better already!  I should be good to go in two weeks so get those applications in!
My foster mom says that because no one wanted me and I was abandoned and left by myself at such a young age, I did not have the opportunity to learn from my mom and siblings.  Therefore, both Erin (the other foster puppy in the house) and Tootsie have been teaching me so much!  They have been showing me the proper ways to be a polite pup as well as how to play nicely.  I am having a hard time understanding but Tootsie doesn't give up!  You know, Erin says "She is the Queen!" 
I heard foster mom say that she was going to start some obedience training soon...not sure what that means but hope it is something fun!  Stay tuned for the next update so I can tell you all about it!


 Hi all, Joey here!  I was a stray found on the side of the road and was lucky enough to make it out of a southern shelter at the very last minute!  I had to stay in the hospital for three weeks and get treated for something called Demodectic Mange...a skin problem.  I am doing really well but have to continue my treatments till I am all better!  I am full of energy and love trotting around the yard.  I love getting three square meals a day and doing really well with not messing in my crate.  I am a little "mouthy" but my foster mom is working on that...she is giving me lots of bones and toys to chew on rather than her hand!  She insisted on taking lots of pictures but I just wanted to keep moving so I know she got the back of my head alot!  I am sure she will take more pictures and keep you updated on my progress soon.  I go to the doctor on Wednesday so hopefully I will get a good report!  Would love to go to my "furever home" asap!  Get those applications in!  I plan on doing some cute posing for my next set of pictures so keep checking back!

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