Journey (FKA Faith)

NJ -

Female -

9 Weeks

This dog was adopted on 2012-12-07

Personal Information






Shots Up to Date:No

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:No

House Trained:No


Individual Needs:Because I am a puppy, I will need someone home most of the time - stay-at-home mom/dad, work from home, retired, etc.

Adoption Donation:$425

My Story


Journey is beautiful happy gentle loving and extremly mellow.  Shes my perfect girl.  Cant live without her.  She is very loved but misses her fur sisters.
Shes healthy and travels well where ever i take her.  She loves walking and hiking and running in the field.  Shes a very good dog with daycare friends she loves them all


Journey is the love of our life.  She is the most mellow girl I have.  She loves all dogs and kids and is the perfect babysitter.  When all the dogs go swimming she skirts the outer edges of the water and is afraid to go in.  She will swim with me if I hold her like a baby.  After all she is the baby of the pack and still loves to play the part.  At night if I don't get to the couch soon enough for cuddle time she follows me around and makes little grunting noises at me till I sit with her.  She is the Best.  


If I could get another 10 dogs like my little Journey, I would take them all. She is very sweet and gentle.  The thing that is so great is that I do dog day care and I can count on her to be my babysitter, she loves all dogs and I can put her with anyone.  There isn't a human that doesnt love her as well. I got a bean bag from the swap shop and her and her sister Myah always fight over who is going to get to sleep in it.  It is so funny because if one gets out of it the other one jumps in. Well i found another one and i was so excited because now each one of them would have their own. I got home today and I guess someone was bored.  Journey chewed her bean bag up and I came home to little teeney styrofoam balls all over the place.  It is too hard to be mad at her because she has the cutest face of any dog I have ever seen. She always has to have something in her mouth to carry around, she is so funny, before she goes out she looks around for something to take out of the house with her.  She is a very healthy little girl and small but built like a brick. 


She has given my 4-year-old Boxer someone to play with, which she needed.  I take her to work with me so she has been able to be a therapy dog for some of the clients where I work.  I get less sleep right now because she still goes out during the night.  She is so sweet and funny and she makes us laugh and we so enjoy having a puppy in the house again!


Hi!  My name is Faith and I will be ready to go to my forever home after the Christmas holidays!  Stay tuned for an update soon!

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