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1 year

This dog was adopted on 2011-02-05

Personal Information

Weight:52 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


So as I read your email I snapped a picture of Karlie snuggling on my lap. 

Karlie is my sweetie pie, my baby. My sweet Karlie is kind of my baby. I'm not sure what you'd like to know, but I've had Karlie for I believe 4 years now, and we're just settled in and happy together. We go for walks ,we wrestle , and we play everyday. thank God no health problems for Karlie so far.


I love love love Karlie, she makes me laugh and smile every day. She is such a goof, she loves to play and snuggle. Karlie is a 55lb lap dog and I just eat it up. I'm not married have no children so Karlie is pretty much my everything and I am sure I am her everything. After my last boxer died I was so totally heartbroken I didn't think I could ever love another as much, but I love Karlie just as much if not more, she is my girl!
Karlie is still a very timid girl. She likes to meet new people, but is always a bit nervous at first, I try to keep her social. Once she has met someone though all bets are off and she will love them to death! LOL! I take Karlie with me to visit friend and family and she really enjoys it. Occasionally weird things scare Karlie which I find hysterical and usually end up taping and posting on face book, like her fear of a bunch of bananas and then the fear one just one banana, LOL!! She is over it and loves bananas now. Last month it was fear of the box fan, she wouldn't walk past it barked and whined at it for a day or two. Then there are plants with long leaves swaying in the wind, a plastic bag blowing by with wind, a small frog in the street as we are walking, itty bitty tiny slugs in the yard (because they move). Yup I got me a big old chicken dog!


My Karlie is the best puppy ever and I love her more than anything. I often post about her on Facebook and have kept in touch with her foster mom from new life boxer rescue. I'm not sure exactly what you want to know but I dont have any problems with Karlie, or really any more than any other boxer occasionally gets into things occasionally and you know, but she's so darn cute how could you ever stay mad at a puppy like Karlie? She is just too sweet. She is my lovey girl.


Karlie is my baby, my little snuggle pup. She makes me laugh every day. My household is just Karlie and myself we are happy that way. We occasionally have family members pets visiting with us and since I love giving them attention we have a great time together. Friends and family know when I come to visit, even just for dinner, Karlie will be there too and everyone is always happy to see her. Karlie is great with small children as well as adults. Karlie doesn't like smokers, but then neither do I. If I am sitting Karlie is in my lap, she is a true lap dog and as I type this she is sleeping on my legs. She is my sweetie and my life is so good with her in it.


I noted on my last update that “Karlie has a more dominant personality with other dogs.” Some people questioned this and thought I had Cujo living here – LOL - that is not the case at all......Karlie is an extremely sweet dog. She does NOT have an aggressive bone in her body. She gets along with the THREE dogs that live in this house. I own a Rottweiler that is almost 10, a grumpy Boy that doesn’t want anyone to have fun (he is 6), and her most favorite playmate ever....Jake who is a 5 year old Boxer. She loves to play with dogs or humans and the rougher the better. I would call Karlie a tom-boy......she just LOVES rough play. She is extremely confident in herself .... maybe instead of the word “dominant” I should have used “curious” or “fun-loving”.......she wants to investigate everything. She will walk right up to a strange dog and sticks her nose right in their face.......not all dogs like this, but she is just checking things out, and looking for another playmate. 

Karlie began her “rescued” life at 30 pounds! This dog is normal at about 50-55........to survive this she needed to have an inner strength – and she has it ........that is another way I can describe her.....she has “inner strength”. She knows that the world is her oyster! And she is ready and healthy enough to explore and live life to the fullest. 

As for humans......this dog only wants to please! She is non-stop on the kisses....she just LOVES her humans. One of our favorite times is after dinner (TV time) – My husband or I will lay on the floor (the dogs are not allowed on the furniture) and Karlie comes and curls up with us. The other night I had a really rough day at work and basically collapsed on the floor......she laid down with me and stayed there until we were awakened to go to bed. 

She is wonderful with my 14 and 17 year old. She seems to love kids. I can’t say ONE BAD THING about her......she is sweet, curious, loving, caring, she has an inner-strength that comes from what she has been through.......and she is BEAUTIFUL!


Karlie has filled out beautifully. Her coat is shining and her muscles are toned. She is a BEAUTIFUL, smaller girl. She is scheduled for her spay on the 18th. After that – she is ready to go. 

Karlie has a more dominant personality with other dogs. She enjoys playing with other dogs but loves to boxer play so it can get rough – LOL. 

Karlie just loves her humans......she just loves to follow us around and give us kisses. As I have said all along, she wants to please.....she just needs to learn what is expected from her. She is a very smart girl. 

Karlie mostly likes to chase our male Boxer, Jake around outside but will occasionally chase a ball. Inside she plays with bones and balls. She will entertain herself or find Jake to wrestle with. 

Karlie continues to improve with house breaking. She still has an occasional accident. Taking her outside a lot really helps to keep these accidents at bay. She is getting it but like any small child, it is more fun to play than to take care of business – LOL – those of you with young children know exactly what I am talking about!! 

If you are still waiting, you better get moving on your application. Karlie’s New Years resolution is to get a family of her own this year......and this girl deserves a loving family to call all hers!


Karlie, Karlie, Karlie.......What can I say? This little girl is just an absolute joy to have in our home. I haven't found anything that she is scared of or anything she is shy with.....if fact, I find her to be a nosey, happy pup. 

     Karlie is still having accidents in the house, but let me clarify, that I think it is OWNER ERROR on most instances. She may need to go outside every 15-20 minutes one hour, and then lay down and chew a bone or sleep for 2 hours.....but when she stands up, you better hustle and get her outside. She is still young, she is getting it....it is just taking some time. For example, when we take her out to the play yard with the other dogs she is just like a little kid. She runs after the big dogs instead of doing her "business". The big dogs do their thing and then run around, Karlie misses the que to do her business, she just plays. If you don't watch her, you miss the fact that she was playing and didn't go....then you bring her in the house and 15 minutes later.....there could be an accident because she now has to go badly!! 

     She has a wonderful, loving personality. She loves to wrestle around the house with my one big male and he is somewhat the "daddy" figure with Karlie. He is just wonderful with her playfulness and is usually more gentle with her. At the same time, he will let her know when he has had enough. 

     The best time to see Karlie's excitement is in the morning when we let her out of her crate that is in our bedroom. She so wants to sleep with the boys, but until we trust she is completely housebroken, she is in the crate. In the morning when she is let out, she runs like a wild woman through our little bedroom. Then I feel her paws pounce on my head, because I am trying to get "just 5 more minutes"...LOL 

     I can not express what a wonderful, happy girl Karlie is......she is just a breath of fresh air. Someone or some family are going to be very surprised at the wonderful dog wrapped in this smaller package!


Karlie has been here about 10 days. We are happy to say that she has gained 6 pounds in that time. She is starting to fill out and really looks good. She needs to gain about 8-10 more pounds to be at her optimal weight. She has a beautiful red coat that I can’t seem to capture in a picture. 

     Karlie is a wonderful girl that needs someone that can take the time to work with her. She has no training but is extremely food motivated. Being food motivated is the key for her to learn. She wants to please, but needs to understand how to do that and what is expected of her. She took a walk the other day and enjoyed the attention she received from some of the passers by. She was very well behaved and didn’t jump on anyone. 

     When she arrived at our home she didn’t know anything but to jump on us consistently. Now she only jumps now and then, I personally, push her off me and tell her “DOWN” and she then sits….once she sits, I will immediately bend over and tell her what a good girl she is and rub her. We have been working with her house breaking and she has now figured out that if she goes outside and does her thing she will get a treat when she gets back in the house. I can take her outside every hour and she now does her thing “quickly” and runs back to the door for her treat……like I said “food motivation”…..it is a wonderful thing!!  J 

     Karlie is a real darling, a real sweetheart and all she wants is love, love, love and will love you back and be a devoted pet for the person that chooses to adopt her. Get your applications in on this  treasure.


Karlie is a loving little girl that found her way here by the grace of angels. She was in a Kentucky shelter until someone saw her and got her into rescue. Karlie is extremely skinny and needs to put on 10-15 pounds until she will be healthy enough to get spayed. She is an absolute love. So far we have not seen one mean bone in her body. She just loves, loves, loves and is happy to follow all that love up with kisses! 

     She has only been in our home since Saturday, but seems to enjoy our evenings where we watch Tv. Her foster daddy sits on the floor and she just LOVES to curl up with him. Last night they spent the night sleeping together through the shows. It was really a sweet scene. 

     Karlie is not trained, but she is extremely food motivated, which works out really well in her current situation. I think she is understanding “sit” in just a little over a day. Currently, we need her to learn “sit” before anything else, so we are working hard on it. 

     Karlie will make a great addition to any home, please get your applications in now so you will be approved when she is ready to go!

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