Katie (FKA Kizmet)

NJ -

Female -

3 Years

This dog was adopted on 2012-02-11

Personal Information

Weight:45 Pounds

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:No



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Kizzie does not like small dogs and cats and other small animals. She does better with large dogs with supervision

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


I'm so glad someone wants to hear about Katie. She is the greatest dog, happy and anxious to please.  She absolutely loves my husband, John, and follows him around the house, especially if he is busy doing some repairs.  If he is near the floor, he has Katie practically sitting on him or sticking her nose into whatever he is doing.  
Katie is very active and loves her stuffed toys or a tennis ball. She brings them to us daring us to take them from her so she can tug on her toy or run after a ball.  She has a fantastic appetite but that is because she gets some people food mixed in with her Merrick.  If we give her a treat (dog biscuit) after her walk she bats it around like a cat before she eats it. If her water bowl is empty, she turns it over so we know she needs more.  
Her favorite spot is in the living room in the sun or on the couch in the family room.  She sleeps in our bedroom on a stuffed chair (on john's side of the bed).  She travels well in the car and hates to be left behind.   We do take her with us as much as possible. 
We have young grandchildren whom she greets with enthusiasm.  She LOVES my grown sons and cannot get enough of them when they stop by.  My one son also has a boxer, Lucy, who visits us regularly.  Lucy and Katie love each other and run around until they get tired and find a dog bed to rest on.  
Over all, Katie is a great dog.  The only problem is that she has had several Mast Cell cancers removed since we adopted her. I constantly worry about any lumps or bumps.  I do not want her to have any more surgeries.  I do know about Mast Cell because we did lose our yellow lab to that cancer.  It was very sad.


We love Katie.  She has adapted to our family nicely, including our grandchildren, ages 6, 9, 10 and 17.  My son and his family also have a boxer, Lucy, who gets along great with Katie.  They seem to love each other's company.  If we are away, or my son is away, the two dogs spend a lot of time together.  Right now, my son is having some work done on his house, so he drops Lucy off to spend the day at our house where she is safe.

Katie seems to especially love my husband because he has been home this past year (he is retired).  I am home now, too, but she likes her "Daddy" best.  She does love me for her special treats (in her dinners).

We have always had dogs, but I have never experienced the boxer's nosiness when you are doing something.  Katie has to be right in the middle of everything, sticking her nose in to see what is going on.

She has gained more than ten pounds, but she is still slender because she is so active.  She loves to play.


Kizzie has found her forever family!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I admit it, I'm a little sad :(   But only for me, not for Kiz-a-lina :))   She will be forever happy with these folks.  Pat and John were wonderful with her and she adored John from the second she saw him-and that's not always Kizzie's response to new people, so I knew it was going to be ok.

A huge thank you to Patricia for finding Pat and John.  After more than a year in my home and in my heart, she knew she had to find the right ones or Kiz was not going anywhere!  Mission accomplished!!

Have a wonderful life little girl-Ryan and I will always have a very special place in our hearts for you!

Another wonderful placement!!


Hi!  Kizzie here!  I just wanted to say Happy Holidays to all of you who are reading my page!  It's a busy time here in NJ, preparing for all the upcoming holiday festivities!  My foster mom says that I am being such a good girl and that I should tell you that!!  I don't bother anything that is new and different and foster mom was so surprised - cause, ya know, I do LOVE STUFF - all stuff, any stuff, as long as I can take it and keep it in my crate!  But I have left the decorations alone and she said that she is very proud of me!

So, that's my story for today! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and enjoys the season.  I'll check-in again and let you

November 16, 2011 - Kizzie checking in!!   I figure that somehow my page on the rescue site must have been deleted!  I'm waiting over here in NJ - and although it's very nice here and I love my foster mom and brother, I know my forever home is out there somewhere and just can't find me.

So, here's my thought-give us a call, tell these folks to put me in a position of honor somewhere-because I surely do deserve it!    Maybe some flashing Christmas lights on my head or a couple of exploding fireworks or maybe just a crown and a throne!!! 

I'm hereeeeeee and I am waiting!!   I could get snapped up and you'd miss me and then you'd be very sad!!

I think I'll have a nap and check on you all when I wake up!!

Thanks for listening :)))   Love and boxer slurps, Kizzie!!!

know what Santa brings for me and the other pups!!



Hi!  Kizzie checking in!!  I am loving the cooler weather here in NJ-makes me REALLY happy and I run so fast around the backyard that my foster mom says I make her dizzy (shhhhh, she's dizzy already but don't tell her that I said that lol)  And, she calls ME Dizzy Kizzie.  But she loves me!!!       She sings some silly song to me all the time too:

Kizzie Kizzie bo bizzie
Banana fana fo fizzie
Fee fi mo mizzie

She makes me smile-even though I have no idea what any of that means, but she always gives me a big hug when she sings, and I really LIKE that :))  I love, love, love my toys and I love to steal stuff and put it in my crate-it's my very own house and I love it!  I collect a lot of stuff in there and I keep it very organized ;)  I love jumping up on the big bed and jumping off again-it's one of my favorite games.  I love to lay on the couch and have a nap, as long as I can bring my toys with me there too :))   So, my name is Kizzie and I'm right here in NJ and I'm ready, willing and able to join my forever family-just let me know, and I am there!!!!!


Hi everyone-Kizzie and her foster mom have finally remembered to do an update on this sweet girl.  Kizzie remains content and happy here in her NJ foster home.  She loves, loves, loves toys of any kind so would probably need some guidance and supervision with small children-she can be quite the little toy thief!!  She seems to love the children she has met recently-she just focuses on their toys and will find a way to get them and hide them in her crate.  Kiz's crate is her house.  She adores it and puts all of the treasures she finds in there and keeps them safe.  Every morning, she takes some out to play with but always brings them back in before it's time for bed.
     Kizzie loves to play with her human outside in the yard.  After investigating the yard every time as though she was never there before lol, she's off to run some laps and maybe toss the frisbee around.  If foster mom walks away, Kizzie follows, not wanting to be far behind.
     Kizzie does well on her leash-but she needs to be leashed as she does have a bit of wonder lust in her soul and would surely go off to investigate.  She isn't looking to run away, she simply wants to see what the world offers and isn't aware that she could be lost. She does need to be on leash or supervised in a secure fence.
     Kizzie continues to be less than fond of small animals of any kind.  Larger dogs are a bit better, but she would require direct supervision and a skilled hand to manage her in a multi-dog household.  She can, however go to the vet and behave very well in the waiting room with other dogs-she really wants to please her human, so she listens to commands while there.  She is not fond of the cat that wanders loose in the office.
     Kizzie has many, many wonderful traits-she is totally house-trained and never has an accident,  She is totally crate-trained and in fact, would be very unhappy without it, she walks very nicely on her leash and enjoys walks with her human foster brother.  She probably would do best in a home without another pet-especially cats-but it is not totally out of the question that with some training and a lot of supervision that she could learn to live with another, larger, dog.
     Come and find Kizzie :))   She so deserves her very own family.  Although she is loved and adored here and appears to be very happy, everybody deserves their very own home!!


Kizzie is not yet up to date on her shots but she will be before she is adopted.  Kizzie had a rough time during her spay and so we did not do her shots that day.  Should she ever need surgery, she has to be monitored very carefully as she had a difficult time coming out of the anesthesia.  She has completely recovered now.
     Kizzie is as sweet as she can be.  She takes a bit of time to warm up to people sometimes-she's a watcher and likes to assess the situation before she jumps right in.  Kizzie would be just as happy chasing a ball around as she would be snoozing on the couch-she goes with whatever is going on at the moment.  She loves both men and women and loves her toys.  She pulls a little on the leash but if you stop and tell her to "stop"  "easy", she does.  Kizzie does not like small dogs at all, but at the vet she is able to be in the presence of large dogs with no negative reaction. She would have a difficult time living with other dogs.  She does not like cats or small critters but can be distracted from them as long as she is leashed.  Kizzie is completely house-trained, and needs to go outside 3 or 4 times a day.  She does need her crate-she loves it and sees it as her "home".  She naps in it with the door open.  She eats in it and sleeps all night in it.In the morning, she grabs one of her toys and sits for a minute after the door is opened and then comes bounding out ready to start the day.  Kiz can be a bit of a thief, stealing things like slippers or dish towels and running away with them. She doesn't rip them up or destroy anything, she just loves to steal them.  She would be better crated when home alone-and has no problem doing that.  Kizzie would love to be the apple of someone's eye!!   She just wants to be your best friend and the love of your life!


Oh my goodness, foster mommy has been a bit remiss in posting an update for me, so I had to do it myself!!  I wasn't feeling well for a few days, but I am all better now!  Feeling fine and ready for the vet on Monday morning 2/7/11.  Foster mom says it's for something called a "spay" not sure what that is exactly, but I love those folks over there at the vet so how bad could it be?  I'll let you know!!
     All is well here in fosterville. I love the snow! and even the ice-seems that I could be on the US Olympic ice skating team-I love, love, love to slide all around in the backyard on this slippery stuff.  Foster mom says she will have to buy me some ice skates or some skis, whatever those are!  But she says I would love them!  I get to wear this really pretty sweater that I look so cute in and I don't mind the cold for a little while.
     I love my pink elephant stuffie toy and I carry it around all the time.  Love to toss it up in the air and try to catch it-and I'm pretty good at that!  I sleep with it too and will follow it right into my crate if Foster mom throws it in there.
     So, get those applications in!  I would love to hang out on the couch with you-or take long walks when it's a bit warmer outside.  I love people!!!  I found out that most of you guys are really nice and treat me with kindness and love and so now, I just can't get enough of you all!  It's really nice here, but I would love to have my very own mommy and/or daddy to dote on me :))

Stay warm!  Spring is coming!


Hi everyone, Kizzie here!   Just wanted to check in and wish everyone a Happy Holiday season!   I hope that you haven't all forgotten about me.  My foster mom says that I am no longer "in season" whatever that means!  But anyway, she says that now I have to wait a few weeks but then I can go and see the nice vet and he will spay me.  Then, I will be all ready to go to my real home.  I am so excited!  I dream about you every night-here's my dream.........a really nice family with a mom or a dad or better yet, both :)) maybe some kids who are big enough that I won't scare them with my friendliness and a big yard to run and play in.  A warm bed and a couple of good meals would also be on the list-I got kinda spoiled here at my foster home because the food is really, really good-and she gives me as much as I want, especially if I make that really sad face at her (don't tell foster mom, but she's a real pushover for the sad sack look hehehehe). I feel so much better now that I have enough to eat and I am putting on a few pounds.  I still have my girlish figure, but I like knowing that there will always be a full bowl of food just for me!   I love my crate-it's like my own little special place that's just for me!  I never had my very own space where no one can take my stuff :))  so I put all my toys in there and I eat my breakfast and dinner in there too.  Foster mom gives me treats in there and I love to go and take a nap or just hang out in that house of mine. I sleep in it every night and it's very warm and toasty.  I have learned that it's better to go outside to go to the bathroom so my crate doesn't get wet and yucky-I thought that was pretty smart of me!  I don't like to share my people with other dogs or cats, but I will sure by your best friend when you take me home!
   So, have a wonderful Howliday Season and remember to fill out that adoption application so I can go right home with you after I make my visit to the vet in a few weeks.


Kizzie was surrendered to NLBR by a wonderful family who truly were acting as good Samaritans.  They cared for her needs, took her to the vet and most of all, loved her.  When it became evident that Kizzie wasn't going to make friends with the two little dogs in the home, this wonderfully giving family did the very best thing for her and gave her to NLBR so that she could find her forever home. She will be forever grateful to them for the very generous kindness.

Kizzie is an adorable little girl who needs to continue to put on some weight so that she can be spayed and brought up to date on whatever veterinary care that she needs.  She has a few small lumps and bumps and those will be taken care of when she is spayed.  She has to wait a bit of time for her spay as she came into rescue in season and cannot be spayed until that is completely finished.

This is a girl with a lot of spunk.  It's obvious that her life, before finding her saviors, was not easy, but she has adjusted to life here in her foster home very nicely.  She had one or two accidents in the house when she first arrived (to be expected of any dog) but, she learned to use the dog door in a minute and now, she never forgets that outside is the place to go!  Kizzie is used to making her way in the world all on her own and so, she is quickly learning that life in a family means she needs to cooperate and make friends.  She is doing a wonderful job!

This little girl is a diamond in the rough-give her a bit of time and she'll look like a million dollars!!  Get your applications in now!!

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