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1 yr +/-

This dog was adopted on 2011-04-06

Personal Information

Weight:48 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Kenny is doing great. He is a happy healthy boy who loves his family! He's had 2 new additions to the family recently and now has 2 year and 6 month old little sisters to play with. He is a very well behaved boy, although still likes to jump on guests and bark at the neighbors. And of course he takes advantage of little kids leaving food out - as I write this he knocked over a 1/2 glass of milk on the kitchen table. But he is a good, gentle boy who loves to cuddle and is great with my babies. 
Kenny loves to run around the backyard and chase away any critters who dare to trespass. He also loves chewing on his nylabones, getting "cleaned" by our other dog Lola, and cuddling on the couch. Kennys favorite past time however, is eating.  He never forgets that he was once a skinny starving rescue dog who came to us in need of a few pounds! Even if now he has a few extra pounds. He cleans up after the kids and Lola, and makes sure not a kibble is dropped from his bowl!


Kenny is doing wonderful and we were excited to celebrate his 4th "gotcha day" over the weekend. It happened to be the same day as our daughters 1st birthday so there was lots of excitement! Kenny is a fantastic and loving dog and has been great with the baby. He is still a mischievous dog and we need to watch what we leave around the house as he loves to get into things when we're not looking. We continue to work on his jumping as he gets a little too excited for visitors. 
Kenny is an awesome dog and we are thrilled to have him as a part of our expanding family. 


Kenny is doing very well with our family. He just turned 4 years old and while he still thinks he is a crazy puppy, he is starting to calm down a bit! Kenny still loves to jump on visitors (something we work on continuously!), but he is also a great cuddler and he is very well behaved on all excursions outside of the home. Kenny is also looking forward to the addition of a new 2-legged sister arriving any day now! 


Kenny is an amazing dog and has been a wonderful addition to this family!


We adopted Kenny 9 months ago after fostering him (yup - foster failures!) and he is such a wonderful dog.  Kenny came into NLBR after being brought to a shelter in Philadelphia.  When he first came in, he weighed 48 pounds with hip bones sticking out and every rib visible.  I'm proud to say he is now a very muscular 68 pounds with a shining coat.  He gets compliments on how handsome he is everywhere we go!  He didn't know how to play when he arrived but now he just loves his squeaky toys and kongs.  He is a huge fan of his crate and treats and is an all-around happy dog.  Our 5-year-old female, Lola, is very dominant and we have to be cautious with other dogs around her.  Kenny adores Lola and she seems to have a soft spot for him.  They play like 2 crazy boxers will and have been known to snuggle together - which is not like Lola at all!  Kenny is a typical crazy almost 2-year-old boxer and will get into mischief when unattended but he passed obedience school with flying colors and the trainer suggested he would be a great candidate for the Canine Good Citizen program.  We haven't quite gotten to that yet but maybe one day!  While Kenny is a typical crazy boxer at home, he is always on his best behavior when we take him places.  We took him with us when we traveled 3 hours away for Christmas Eve and everyone remarked on how well-behaved he is for such a young dog.  He didn't try to go on the furniture, he was great with the kids there and didn't even beg during dinner.  He was content to just curl up behind our chairs.  I of course did not tell everyone there, how at home he managed to rip down an entire curtain rod - from within his crate.  Or how he does laps around the backyard (and sometimes the living room) at about 90 mph.  And I definitely didn't mention that he has one of the loudest, deepest barks I have ever heard from a Boxer and he isn't afraid to announce his presence quite frequently.  But all those things are part of his personality, which make him such a great dog.  We love Kenny and are so happy that he is now part of our family!  Take care and Happy New Year!     -Leigh in CT


Wow, Kenny barked today! It was the first time I heard him make a noise other than a little bit of whining in the crate at night. Doorbells have rung, Lola has barked at other dogs in neighboring yards, there have been strange noises, and not a single bark. But, Lola being in the spot on the sofa he wanted, now that causes a bark! It was such a funny moment - Kenny jumped on the sofa, basically on top of Lola, to get cuddles and a comfy spot. Lola gave a low growl to let him know he was in HER space. So he jumps off, stands in front of her, and proceeds to let out a very deep, very loud set of barks. Lola looks at him for a minute, and then hops off the sofa, giving him her spot. I am still shocked, but with a bark that commanding, I guess she just couldn't say no!! 
     Kenny is doing well here. He has had a few accidents, but he seems to get that business SHOULD be done outside. He's also been suffering from some nasal discharge and a cough, so he took a trip to the vet today. Turns out it's just an upper respiratory infection (doggie cold), so he's on some antibiotics and should be fine in no time! The vet agreed with an age of 1 based on his teeth. I am really surprised given his mellow disposition! Don't get me wrong, he has energy and loves to run around, but not like a typical adolescent boxer. He does very well in the crate, although we may switch from a metal crate to a plastic kennel b/c he keeps scratching his nose on something  and I think he's rubbing it on the sides. He's also a relentless counter surfer - he is always on the lookout for anything edible. Crumbs don't even make it to the floor! So far, he doesn't even care if we're in the same room - he just hops right up - but he listens when we correct him. 
     Kenny doesn't know any commands, and I almost feel guilty training him with treats because he is super thin and is very focused on food. He wolfs down his food in record time and treats disappear from my hand practically before I register him moving! But, he is already starting to understand sit, so he's a fast learner! 
     He's come out of his shell a lot in the first week here, can't wait to see how much progress he makes next week!


After a week in a short-term foster home, Kenny has arrived at his official foster home. Kenny was an owner surrender to a shelter due to the family not being able to afford him. It is obvious that he has been neglected - he is very thin! He will need some TLC and a lot of food before he is ready to find his forever home. Kenny is a very sweet dog - he just wants to cuddle and be loved. He's full of kisses, and is very mellow. He walks well on a leash, and has barely jumped at all. I think he's on his best behavior and will know more as he comes out of his shell a bit - right now he seems too perfect to believe! He has gotten along very well with resident boxer Lola - she can be a bit of a pill with her dominant behavior, and he's been taking it in stride. I've been minimizing their play since he is so thin and only recently neutered, but he does like to play with her when he can! I don't think he's played with many toys - he doesn't seem to know quite what to do with them! Lola is trying hard to teach him tug o' war, but he's not getting it yet. He did grab the toy from her and tried to play keep-away, but Lola didn't like that very much! He met a few of the neighborhood children (ages 5 and 10) and was very good with them - no jumping, and enjoyed getting pets. 
     I have yet to hear him bark - we had him in the crate for a few hours when he first arrived to relax, and he did not make a peep. He slept on a dog bed in the bedroom, and didn't give us any issues all night. He seems to be house-trained and knows to do his business outside, but is not yet asking to go out. More to come on this cuddly-love bug as we get to know him!

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