NJ -

Male -

5 years

This dog was adopted on 2019-06-30

Personal Information

Weight:67 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:King must be in a home with a secure enclosed fence of 5' or higher. NO INVISIBLE/ELECTRONIC FENCES! King should be the only dog in the household.

Adoption Donation:$375.00

My Story


Let me begin by saying I love my King so much and his name fits him so well, in fact, too well. King is in a house with other dogs but let me explain a little bit about my handsome royal boy. King can be stubborn when he wants and wants things on his terms at times. I have found that with some of the other dogs in the house if they want to play and King doesn't, well "King" thinks he's king of the castle and will have no part of playing with the other dog. He needs so much to have things his way at times that I just felt for the safety of another dog that it was best that he be the only dog in the household and get all the attention. King is very loving, sweet and a big mush. He will climb on your lap & thinks he belongs there. He is like most boxers & loves to be with people and loves all the attention you will give him. Because he is in a multiple dog household I thought he might be happy with other dogs. As time went by, I find that he loves to be the center of attention and would do great in a home where someone is retired or opposite shifts so he can be with someone and not lonely. This boy is so handsome and just has that way about him that commands attention, you couldn't resists him. If you feel you can be a one dog household and can give his royal highness all the love he deserves then please submit your application so King can have his own castle to run and play in.


King is a beautiful handsome boy who is calm & loving. He is such a good boy. He really does look like he came from Royalty. When King is in the room you can't not notice him, his name fits this young boy. If you are ready to add another member to your family, then King may be the one. Please submit your application so we can look it over.




King is a beautiful brindle boy that I received on 8/20/15. Since then he has been neutered and resting. We are currently adding some much needed weight to him.  King is a smart boy who is very sweet and is currently in a house with other dogs doing great. King is so well behaved that I think he would do best in a home with kids and other dogs. King must also have a fenced in yard large enough for a growing boxer to be able to run and play.

If you think King may be a fit for your family, and have his individual needs, then submit your application so we can look it over.

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