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This dog was adopted on 2020-01-18

Personal Information

Weight:61 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Komono needs a fenced yard. NO INVISIBLE FENCESMust have a fenced in yard of 5' or higher along with other resident dogs. NO INVISIBLE/ELECTRONIC FENCES

Adoption Donation:$375.00

My Story


Just doing an update today on my lovely Boxer Girl Komono.  Just wanted everyone to know that on May 1st 2018 Komono's vet gave NLBR a note that Komono "presently has no signs of cancer or tumors" and to date she is still doing great on the neoplaseen. Yay!

Komono started scratching recently and we are unsure whether this is some sort of enviornmental or food allergy.  The first medication the vet put her on was not working so he has since switched it and so far, so good, she has stopped itching/scratching.  I have also switched her to a fish based food to see how she does on a limited diet.

Komono is as sweet as ever. If you are interested in her please read thru all her updates which basically say that she is an easy dog and a pleasure to have.  Won't you consider giving her the furever home she wants? 


 Komono was diagnosed with a low grade cancer on her back leg and had the lump removed. She is currently on a holistic medicine called Neoplasene. She will be on a maintenance program with the medicine and will decrease as time goes on, and eventually down to a small dosage each day. We have treated several fosters with this medicine and are very happy with the life that the dogs have led while being on it. I myself have a dog who was treated with this and so far things are going very well. What I can tell you that I like about this medicine is that after the surgery is done the dog will be put on this medicine and doesn't experience the side affects of radiation or chemotherapy. This gives the dog more time to bounce back and be his/herself without a harsh reaction towards a cure. For those of us who have experienced an animal with cancer, we know it's a very hard subject. I have had several dogs with cancer and went the traditional route because I did not know about this procedure. Keep in mind each cancer is different and only a vet can determine what might be an option due to the severity of the cancer. After adopting my dog who had this treatment, I would try this first if at all possible. Komono is doing well and being her happy loveable self with lots of energy. If you feel you have a place in your heart and home, Komono would love to have a family to call her own.


Komono has been patiently waiting for a home with a fenced in yard for her. She is a very loving girl who loves attention and affection. She likes to play with her boxer house mates and has been waiting for the right home for a long time. If you have a home with a fence of 5' or higher and are looking for a sweet girl, Komono may be for you. Please submit your application so we can find the best home for her to start a new life with.


 Komono is a beautiful loving girl who looks at you with those eyes that just say "Love Me." She loves to play with the other dogs who reside in the house with her. She CAN NOT be around cats, so I would not suggest a family with a small dog. Komono would do well with children and like most boxers, just wants to be loved. She loves to be with you and will stay by your side all day if you let her. She can run & play with the best and yet settle so nicely in the home. If you let her, she will be a great buddy to sleep with. IF you have a fence of 5' or higher, have another dog who lives at the home and kids would just be the best, then Komono may be your girl. We have had many people interested in Komono, but only the best home, with all her individual needs, can we let her go home to. Please make sure you have the time to give to another dog before submitting your application. Komono is a fantastic dog that only wants to be loved & give you back all the love you could ever want. Submitt your application so we can find Komono her forever home.


Komono is a young sweet girl who loves to play with the other dogs in the house. For this reason she must go to a home with a good secure fence along with others dogs to play with. Komono is gentle and kind and loves when you give her attention. She is a girl that can play for a long time but when it's time to settle down, she has no problem of being calm and giving love.


If you think Komono may be a good fit for your home and you have what she needs, please submit an application so we can find this cute girl the loving home she deserves.


Komono is a beautiful girl and I can't believe she is still here. She lives in a home with other dogs but needs to be in a home with a high secure fence. She is so loving and affectionate that she just loves all the attention that you give her. Komono has alot of energy and loves to run in the yard. You need to stay out in the yard when Komono is outside. She will play with the kids/dogs all day if you let her. Inside she is a little lady and settles when she needs to. If you have Komono's individual needs and are looking for a loving girl that only wants love, than Komono may be the one. Please submit your application (not on your phone) so we can look it over and find the best home for Komono.


I am sharing this information that came from her previous family. This is what they have to say about this very sweet girl. Komono has the loving, smart, curious, silly and sometimes stubborn personality of a Boxer. She knows sit, lie down and stay. Though not a fan, she is crate trained, house trained and walks pretty good on a leash. She will do best with an active family to match her energy level. She needs patience, guidance and love to keep her boxer-ness in check. Komono is fantastic with other dogs and is a total snuggle bug with humans. She loves to be up close and personal. She gets very excited when meeting people and may jump up to give you a hug. For this reason, she needs a home where small children will not be present. She loves all children but with her size and energy, she would do best with children over 6. Kimono loves to go on car rides and travels well. She will hang out with you anywhere you will take her. She also loves water. Drinking out of the water hose and splashing around in a baby pool are her favorite summer pastimes. Boxer kidney beans and zoomies are plentiful with this girl. She has the best wiggle butt in the world. She must not be placed in a home with cats as she has a strong prey drive towards felines. She also needs a fenced yard due to her boxer curiousness.

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