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Female -

4 Years

This dog was adopted on 2012-05-05

Personal Information

Weight:69 Pounds

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:I am deaf and will need to go to a family with another dog

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Layla is doing very well...she has been with us for two years now and is six years old.  Our other boxer, Honey, passed away in January from lymphoma.  She was only 4 1/2 yrs old.  Ironically, Layla had no problem that we could tell of with Honey no longer here.  She seemed rather happy be queen bee.  Enter a new puppy two months later...her name is Daisy and she is currently 7 months old.  Daisy is adopted as well and is pit mix.  Layla gets along with Daisy but Daisy's puppy energy can be a bit much for Layla at times.
Layla loves her walks and is very jovial with every dog we encounter along the walk.  She is a very easy going lady.  As you know Layla is deaf but I always say she "listens" better than any hearing dog  I have ever owned.  She always looks to us for ques.  Since she lacks the hearing sense, she really loves to be touched and pet.
Layla is definitely a joy to have in our family!


We have had absolutely nooooooo regrets adopting Layla…Great experience! She is such a love bug and gives us so much affection! She is so well behaved…Truly amazing! She is deaf and listens better than our hearing dog…Hahaha!


Layla and I attended a NLBR awareness day on Saturday in Scarborough. It was a very busy day with many people, dogs and children visiting the booth to inquire about dogs available for adoption, asking questions about the adoption process, or just general inquiries. Layla was such a good girl!! I am so proud of her. She was very friendly with all the people, dogs and children that came to visit our booth. She wiggled and wagged and had the biggest smile from ear to ear! Layla is such an awesome girl and would be great in just about any home. She is willing to do as little or as much as her family will offer. She is a great cuddle bug and also a great hiking buddy or a companion to hang out at your family BBQ's.

Layla would love a compatible canine sibling in her new home and preferably a fenced in yard since she is deaf. Layla is very good at 'checking in' with her people. Checking in means she looks back towards her handler to see what the next step will be or where you are. If she goes out ahead of her person then she'll look back towards that person. A few visitors to our booth asked some very good questions about training a deaf dog. Honestly, if myself or the other volunteers didn't say she was deaf I bet most of the people who visited would not be able to guess that she was actually deaf. Working with or training a deaf dog is fairly easy to do. Layla knows quite a few hand signals already.

We'll post some photos of Layla enjoying the event! :) Layla is a special little lady and it's not due to her inability to hear but yet her beautiful personality.


Layla has been in her foster home for three weeks and continues to do very well. Layla is a pleasure to have around. She is such a great dog! Layla is doing very well with her foster siblings, our cat and doesn't seem to care about our chickens. Layla is a very laid back kinda girl. She has been doing fantastic with our schedules. Layla is crated when we leave and is completely fine with that. She gets a Kong with some yummies in it to give her something to do. She actually takes off running for her kennel when she sees me getting the Kongs all set up. Layla puts herself to sleep at night. She will just go into the bedroom and go into her kennel. Sometimes, if we are still up, she'll come out and check on us all and then go right back into the bedroom. She is like my husband... goes to bed early and is an early riser.

Layla is a fantastic girl! She is friendly, outgoing and quite silly at times. She may only be 4 which to me is still fairly young for a boxer but she is so mature. She doesn't require a ton of exercise but does enjoy walks and going out. She plays with her siblings. I have noticed her looking to them for information and follows them from time to time which is normal for a deaf dog to do. We adore Layla and everyone that has met her thus far has too....


Layla has been in her foster home for a week now. She is doing fabulous! Layla is adjusting quite well to our home and lifestyle. She has done very well with being home during the day while we are working. Layla's kennel is set up in our bedroom and we started leaving her door open at night. She chooses to sleep in her kennel or on the floor. She continues to get along with her foster siblings and is great with our senior cat. Layla really enjoys going for walks and does well on leash with her harness. She is an awesome girl and any family would be very lucky to add her to their home. She has a fabulous personality…Easy going and quite silly. She is a bit of a talker too, it's extremely cute. We video taped her and wanted to share it with everyone.


Layla has been here for 24 hours. She had a pretty good night. She ate a small amount of dinner, did her duties, ran around and then laid down for a while. She slept soundly in her kennel throughout the night. She has met our kitty and did well with him. She has seen our chickens through our fence and is fine…Just looks at them. She's been a very good girl. Layla is deaf and knows some basic commands. Layla is an all-around very easy going girl. She would fit into most homes very well. Get your applications in....This girl is a prize!!!


Layla has made it to our home. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who took part in helping Layla arrive in Maine. Layla is doing very well. She is such a beautiful love bug. Layla will be living with 3 foster boxer brothers and 2 foster sisters, a boxer and Boston terrier. She has met all of our dogs and is doing very well. She had her dinner, relaxed a bit, then ran around our back yard. She is very people friendly. Layla has a huge smile and an outstanding butt wiggle. More photos and updates soon.... So keep an eye on her page.

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