NJ -

Female -

7 months

This dog was adopted on 2018-04-22

Personal Information

Weight:34 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:We feel she would best reside in a forever home.... 1.Willing to work on her fears. 2. With a calm environment 3. With no Children 4. With a male resident dog that would help her along, 5. Fence

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Lexi has now met all three male dogs in the house, my foster dog Donut and my two Boxer boys.  She is having a ball playing with all of them and with all the toys in the house.  We have tons of toys and she loves squeeking, throwing, pouncing and emptying all the toys in the doggie toy boxes.

Lexi is a "chow hound" and eating well.  Never leaves a morsel!  I cook doggie stews so she gets four meals a day and two snacks to increase her weight which was on the low side when she went to the vet.

Lexi is still getting use to all the different noises in and around the house as well as outside, and at her own pace, exploring new things.  She is therefore accepting those things that initially were scary to her.  She is completely trained so I just let her explore on her own around the house, and she always comes back to check in or I am always checking on her!

She has taken a walk with my smallest 20 lb. pup named Fawn who she has not met off leash yet.  Lexi pulls a lot when on leash and is a little "outspoken" to people and unknown dogs (which we are addressing) when taking a walk with Fawn but she is definitely more confident than when she walks by herself.  Without another doggie walking partner, she is frozen in place every 5 feet and trying to hide behind me, even in the most quiet of situations.  We just stand and wait and I let her look and move a couple of feet when she will proceed.  We may only go half a block but the need to take baby steps is crucial.

Lexi will need a family willing to make the commitment to slowly continue her journey to overcome her fears.  Due to the children in her past being excessively rough with her, we have decided that she wil not be placed in a home with children.  She needs consistency, patience and understanding.  Can you give her the leash on life that she deserves and needs?  Are you the perfect match?


Lexi is such a good girl...goes to the door when she has to go out and is an excellent baby in the crate. Once she "settles in" she is the typical Boxer puppy...exuberant, sweet, loving, and follows you around.  She has met my two Boxer boys ans she has relied on one of them for help in getting through "scary" situations.  Lexi is nervous around strangers, unfamiliar places, objects, and sounds due to her non-socialization.  Therefore, her "forever home" must continue the necessary socialization to give Lexi the confidence she needs in the world around her.  We have been doing a lot of training and socialization here in her foster home and she is aleady making steady progress.  Just need to proceed at her rate, allow her to choose, and just support and reward her, never going too fast, otherwise she could regress.

     We feel she would do best residing in a "furever" home...

   1.  Willing to work on her fears.

   2.  With a calm environment.

   3.  With no children.

   4. With a male resident dog that would help her along.

So, would you be the perfect match willing to provide Lexi with what she needs?

Will update soon on Lexi's progress and of course more pictures too!

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