NY -

Female -

1 year

This dog was adopted on 2021-04-23

Personal Information

Weight:55.5 lbs.

Color:Reverse Brindle




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$400.

My Story


We’ve had Loki for 10 months now and she loves Purina pro plan salmon mixed with fresh Venison. She loves to run the property with Maximus. Her favorite toy is a stuffed alligator. She enjoys sitting in front of the tv and is still a bit jumpy and skittish when you make quick movements. She is amazing with all humans and animals. She's a head turner when I'm on the phone or watching TV. I mean back and forth. She's very curious and she does it so much it looks like her head is gonna fall off lol. We had a screening at our house of a movie we filmed and Loki wouldn't leave the editor alone. She kept laying on him in the lounge chair and would block him from seeing the film. Every time he moved his head she would move her face in his way. He loved her. So cute.


Loki (previously Lokey) was adopted about 3 months ago! Her favorite thing to do is go on long runs on their land and couch snuggling. Deer Antlers are her favorite toy, and she's learned "Stay & Come." The most challenging thing has been keeping her from stealing socks! She is wonderful when meeting new strangers and other animals. She loves to play fetch with her illuminated ball and she runs the fenced in area when she wants. We run her in the morning and evening on more than 24 acres and she plays daily with her brother Maximus. Her funniest moments are when she comes in after going # 2, she runs into the house full speed and jumps from the center of the living room, over the coffee table and onto the couch then will hug us and wiggle her butt. (We call it the happy hiney dance) and when I try to cuddle with Max, she puts her paw on my hand to stop me. Lol. She is a head turner for sure. Every new sound she cocks her head back and forth more than I've ever seen a dog do. She also sits with me and will do that while watching TV.


Loki's training going great so far. Between myself and Maximus, Loki is running our area off leash under supervision. (non of my babies will ever be unsupervised). She comes on command and listens well. She never saw a bear before and boy o boy did she get protective of our area when one showed up. She kept her distance with Max and let the bear know not to get too close. Loki is an incredible girl. We are crazy about her.. so smart and loving.

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