NJ -

Female -

5 years old

This dog was adopted on 2016-08-07

Personal Information

Weight:100 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:No


Individual Needs:Will need a family with patience and at least a 4 ft fenced yard

Adoption Donation:$375.00

My Story


Lola is doing fine...she had another bout with cancer about a year and a half ago, which led to some digestive issues, but all is well now and she is doing great....She is graying a wee aren't we all....Since Lola came to us, she has lost her pal Brutus and her sister Spanky...Spanky just last she has felt some loss...Two years ago, she received a "new" sister...Lucy.....They are the best of pals and she couldn't be happier....I have enclosed some pics for you.....Thanks for your interest.


Lola is really coming out of her shell. It is amazing to see her go from a scared shy dog to gaining confidence. You need to be vigilant about taking her out but she has been going potty outside and lines up with the rest of the crew to get her leash on to go for a walk. She is still timid of certain loud sounds but no longer runs from the vacuum and other household noises. She is learning to relax and become part of the family. We were watching tv, and Lola came in. She does this quite a bit but would never stay she always went back to the kitchen where her pillow is. Next thing you know she was laying in the living room with the other dogs. We were thrilled! She has also learned the command sit and you don?t even need a treat to coax her to do it! Smart girl!!!
She does not go on the furniture, ever, even if you invite her up. She does not counter surf or bark and crates nicely. I have never heard her bark, not even once! She gets along famously with the other dogs in our house and does not have mean or confrontational bone in her body. We were getting up for work and Lola was at the sliding door doing her butt wiggle. We looked outside and there was a raccoon that she was happily watching tear into our garbage! She honestly is one of the sweetest dogs I have had the pleasure to know. 


Lola came to us from a puppy mill in a neighboring state. She was kept as a breeding dog and lived her whole life in a barn/kennel. She had never been in a house, leashed walked, or potty trained. When we brought her home, she was terrified of the steps, doorways, and even the gates.

Lola is 5 years old and weighs in at 100 pounds.

Fast forward and Lola now does the steps like a pro. We brought her out with our girl and after watching her a few times, she decided to try it. Lola is very scared to get in the car but once she is in, she rides perfectly and once you get to your destination, she hops out of the car and walks with you. Since she was probably never on a leash I thought she would be a puller but she walks like a dream. Lola loves all people and likes hanging out with my crew. At the vets office, she was fine with other dogs in the waiting room and hung out by our side. She was great with her exam and shots and was friendly to the staff.
The biggest obstacle we are experiencing is potty training. Lola is scared to be outside and she is quite happy to hang out in the kitchen on her pillow. She is showing a little progress. When she first came If I left the gates open she wouldn?t bother to come in living room to hang out with us. Now she will wander in say hi to everyone and go back to her pillow. She will do this numerous times in an evening. On nice days, I open the door to the deck and she will hang out there but taking her outside, for a walk, is not something she enjoys. When I try to take her out for a walk, she goes down the stairs and right back up. If I try again, she does the same thing. She is a big girl, 100lbs, so if she isn?t ready to do something you are not forcing her to do it (lol). I am working on this but it is a very slow process. She has never had an accident in her crate and I put pee pads in the kitchen and she does use them to do her business.
Lola?s new family will need patience and let her take time to do things when she feels comfortable. If you have a friendly confident dog this would be a big plus for her. She enjoys other dogs company and does take her que from them. I was told that some mill dogs, if they get loose, will run until they drop and catching them is next to impossible. I have not seen Lola have a desire to run away but it is better to be safe so at least a 4 ft fenced yard would be best for her.

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