Lou Lou

NJ -

Female -

2 years old

This dog was adopted on 2016-01-15

Personal Information

Weight:39 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Lou Lou needs a 6 foot fence and another dog in her new home. NO INVISIBLE/ELECTRONIC FENCES

Adoption Donation:$375.00

My Story


Our pups are doing great! 
Maggie is doing fabulous. She is about 10 years old and is just in love with her daddy, Mike. Lou Lou is about 6-7 and is now on medication for seizures and is blind in one eye due to an injury. She gets along fabulously and just loves being with her family and going camping. All three of our girls go camping every weekend with us and get along well with all our friends. The dogs are great with our grandkids and love people visiting.
During this pandemic our doggies have gotten used to mommy working from home… I am unsure what will happen when I finally have to go back to work. ??
Our dogs don’t really play with toys but really enjoy food and playtime with mommy and dad. Now that they’re older they’re more content just laying on a comfy bed.


Lou-Lou decided to move to Pennsylvania 3 weeks ago so she could live with 4 other dogs. She is the littlest of all the dogs but her big lovable personality had her getting along with everyone the same day!! That is something very special, especially with my Rottie that doesn't accept new dogs into the pack immediately. Lou-Lou gets along with and plays with everyone. When she is tired she finds the closest warm body and curls up be it human or canine. Lou Lou's back is still missing a lot of hair but it has sprouts coming in here and there. The skin is healthy so we are unsure what happened to her in her previous life. We have also come to the conculsion that she was not exposed to many "normal" family things in her previous home. There are a lot of things that seems brand new to her...for example, getting company...she gets very nervous when new people enter the home. This is something that we are working on. In our home, people are always coming and going. But at her previous home we believe she was exposed to different types of animals, hence the reason she is so easy going with everyone. In the three weeks that she has been with us she has come out of her shell and is such a comidian! This dog just keeps us laughing at her antics. For anyone that wants a Boxer breed but doesn't want a large dog, Lou-Lou may be your girl!


Lou Lou is the biggest sweetheart! She's been in my care since September 5th and has been so great. We are currently working on her fears of loud noises and a little uncertainty around some men.

Lou Lou has a patch of missing hair. We see some hair growing through and are told by the vet that it may be something treatable :) but there are no guarantees at this point. She is having some tests done and we will update when and if we know any more. The first vet who saw her felt that she may have gotten into some sort of caustic substance in her former home. There were many dogs and farm animals there and she went untreated for quite some time.

We are still learning about Lou Lou's likes and dislikes. What we do know is that Lou Lou needs lots of love, a fenced in yard and another dog to help her in situations where fear gets the best of her. 

Lou Lou will be at her ideal healthy weight in no time! If you believe Lou Lou's a perfect match then please don't hesitate to apply! She's the cutest!!

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