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This dog was adopted on 2011-03-12

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Shots Up to Date:Unknown

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Her name is Lulu - Kept it she is such a Lulu
I adopted her in 2010 and she is still with us! Most days has almost as much energy as she did back then!

She had to have her Cruciate Ligament repaired several years ago with surgery but healed very well and recently had some fatty tumors removed from her neck. she is healing quite well from those as well. Also recently had a UTI but that cleared up and she is

She is such a people dog! LOVES people and children ! is also very animal friendly. Regularly attends doggy daycare to spend some time socializing with other dogs.

She eats 2 cans of wet food a day. She was eating Nutro but all of a sudden stopped liking that one so we are using Blue Buffalo and she really likes that.

She has never really been a toy dog but loves to go on long walks and hikes she has been up several of the 4,000 ft mountains of NH and all around. We go for morning walks and evening walks and on weekends go for long walks around a large lake near our home. She is starting to slow down a bit as the vet estimates she is around 13 years old now.

Lu has won over so many non-dog people and made so many friends.

The story I would like to share with you relates to the photo I added of Lu with my mom. Lu and my mom were inseparable, I adopted Lu shortly after my brother was killed in Afghanistan. My mom was not leaving the house. She would not get out of bed she would not eat . I knew when I adopted Lu I would need help since I worked some crazy hours as a police dispatcher and 911 call taker and it would be good for my mom. I had no idea just how good. I may have adopted Lu but Lu was my mom's dog all the way. Even on my days off my mom was right there to take her for walks or feed her . they would sit for hours in the back yard - Lu napping Mom reading. Lu never pulled or tried to take off on my mom while walking. She never barked or growled. From the moment I picked up Lu she was in my mom's lap. Even when she got to be 65 lbs she was still my mom's lap dog. They went to the beach together and chased waves. Lu was with my mom through every step of her battle with cancer. Never leaving her. Slept by her side every night. Including the night she passed. She brought my mom endless comfort and joy. She brought life back into my family. To this day she still roughhouses with my younger brother and plays tug of war with him and turned my sister in law who was scared of dogs into a big Lulu fan. She lavishes kisses on my friend's kids and is patient with my friends child who is non- verbal autistic they sit together and Lu leans on her and she puts her arm around Lu like they just get each other. This dog changed my life and has had a positive effect on the lives of everyone she meets. She is a snuggle bug and an adventurer. While she has grown from my baby girl to my little old lady she is still spunky as ever.

Adopting her was the best thing I have ever done and may ever do. she has certainly given me more than I will ever be able to return.


I just thought you would like to see  my Christmas card featuring Lulu!  she is still happy and healthy and enjoying life in NH ! 


She truly is my best friend. I could not love her more. Hard to believe it's been 5 years since I adopted her . Time really does fly when your having fun!


Lulu is doing great ! She has spent the last year hiking in the White Mountains of NH , running  around on the beaches of the seacoast and enjoying lots and lots of belly rubs.  Spent afternoons walking the trails of the near by lake and napping in the warm summer sun on the back patio. 

Currently snuggled up under the covers watching the snow fall .   One of her favorite things is napping with my best friends son after an afternoon of chasing him around the backyard. Hopefully this works and the pictures I have attached to this have come through. 

She is my best friend and my furbaby. I don't know what I would do with out her. 


Lulu is happy healthy and well as always. Here are some pictures of Lulu that you can use. also if you have instagram check out #newlifeboxerrescue . There are many more of her on there as well.  Lulu enjoys hiking and the beach.  Has lots of other doggie friends as well as human ones . She is currently napping after a 3 mile walk around a local lake here in NH. I say now as I have everyday since I adopted her she is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. She is nothing but happiness sunshine and light. even when she's a bed hog still in the blankets or pulling my pillow away I could not be more grateful. she is loved by everyone in my family and especially by my friends Youngs children who she chases around the backyard and happily plays keep away and tug of war with every chance she can. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to make Lulu a part of my family. My Mom, brother and I are beyond lucky to have her in out lives . 


Lulu is doing great. Enjoying a summer of long walks around the lake and lazy naps on the patio. Attached are some recent photos. I will fill your form out when I get home. Thanks for checking in . I have to say I am so lucky to have Lulu. She is amazing.


I can't remember what my life was like before I adopted Lulu.  The impact that she has had on not only me, but my family is incredible.  She brings so much joy and happiness into our lives.


Lulu is getting spayed tomorrow and looking forward to going to her forever home.  She is just a love bug.  She loves everyone she meets and loves loves loves lots of attention.  She is a real cuddler. She is such a good girl in the house and is all housebroken and nice and chubby now.   She is very smart and waits to go out the door till she is told ok and also the same in her crate.  She goes right in when told.  She knows the word No and is very respectful.  She loves to play with the other dogs and does not seem to have any food aggression at all. There were a few times when she was new that she became a little aggressive over a toy but she happily is sharing now and knows her place in the pack.  She does not have a mean bone in her body.  Her coat is starting to really get soft.  She was bristly for a while.  But now all her hair is grown in except a small spot on the tip of her tail.  She is going to make some family very happy.



Lulu is doing wonderfully she is stating to fill out and not eat as though she has never had a meal.  She is a very happy girl and most of all so smart.  She learns very quickly and is going to be  a super family member for someone.  She loves to play with her foster brother and sisters and she gets along great with the horses.  Every time she is out for a walk that is the first place she wants to check out.  They like her too and they gives kisses from inside the fence as she pokes her head in as far as i will let her.  When she is done with that she leads you right to the barn to see if she can get closer to them.  She is a great house dog she is loving gentle and very well mannered.  She goes right into her crate when you say bed time to her.  She comes running when you call her name.  She sits and waits for her food and now knows to sit nicely and not jump to get her treats.  Sometimes she forgets and gets so excited when you first come home but she is a quick learner and really wants to please.


Lulu arrived in NH last evening.  She was as good as gold on the ride home and has been as good as gold ever since.  She is Sweet, sweet, Sweet,  she is responding well to her environment, Eating well, and so full of love this little peanut.   She has the face that only EVERYONE could love. In spite of her condition her coat is shiny so i know she is going to flourish with a little TLC.  She is so funny she can find the littlest thing to start her playing catch with her self.  Who ever gets this dog is going to be blessed.

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