NJ -

Male -

2 1/2 Years

This dog was adopted on 2013-11-17

Personal Information

Weight:65 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Fence Needs Someone home

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Mason is doing well with his training and we continue to work on decreasing his medication and making him feel comfortable with himself. He needs direction, love and playtime. Tootsie also helps to "enforce" rules that he may try to overlook....ex: Each dog has their certain place to wait when we are making dinner. If Mason decides to leave his spot and approach, Tootsie gets up and follows him and then "herds" him back to his place. He goes back with his head down and stays until dinner is served! He needs her to give him doggie direction as well as obedience from us. She keeps him in line when he becomes "over the top" since he becomes out of control sometimes and doesn't respect anyones "space". He is truely a different dog since he has joined our pack and has continued to make progress here. We are very happy that he has come so far.


Mason is doing very well and both Tootsie and Lee have accepted him. He still loves to play with his toys and greets people at the door with a toy in his mouth. We recently took him to our cottage in Maine and he actually did very well on the long trip. He was a little reactive at the toll booths but it gave me a chance to do some positive training... the last three tolls on the way home, he didn't bark at all! 
Mason is now three years old, but still does "puppy zoomies" around the yard, or into the house after he goes out to tinkle in the morning. I have done alot of training with him and he listens impecably, is very focused on what I ask, and we have always made a connection. He is still learning every day and I think he has finally settled in and made himself at home. 


Mason has come so far in understanding life as a whole. He has made remarkable changes thru behavioral and obedience training and I am so glad that he has found his place in our home. He and I had made a connection when he first arrived as our foster and I knew that he was an awesome dog. He is now a happy, loving boy... living and loving life every day. He is no longer that scared, dejected, introverted boy. He is now a crazy, happy dog and he warms my heart every day knowing that he is well....he gives us such joy and love.


Hi!  I'm Mason!  My foster mom says that I am a wonderful, loving boy who is learning alot about doggie life!  Boy, it's hard being me!  I have learned so much about how I am suppose to behave and foster mom says she is very proud of me... that I have come so far!  Do you know that I can sit, stand, and lie down when I am told?  When foster mom says to "watch me"...I do just that!  I have learned to walk nicely on a leash and wait patiently for my dinner till I am told that I can eat!   I enjoy all those kind of training games and even learned how to behave in the car!  I also love running around the yard, playing with my foster fur brother, and just enjoy spending as much time as possible with my foster family.  I'm never lonely here since one of them is almost always home!  Foster mom has even been taking me to the vet office every week for the past few months to get me use to it since I was VERY scared to go there!  My most favorite vet of all times has now told me that I really didn't need to come every week anymore...I have graduated!  I only have to come for necessary vet appointments like all the other dogs! Yay!!!!
  Sooooo...If I sound like the boy for you, foster mom can tell you more about my "goofball" self! Just fill out an application!

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