NJ -

Male -

2 yrs

This dog was adopted on 2011-01-08

Personal Information

Weight:67 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Has some skin issues that will clear up.

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Mason, Marvin and Sasha have gotten so close, they have moved past friends to family. Mason and Sasha are very sweet together...I was pretty sure he was a ladies man on day one but he has definitely charmed Old lady Sasha. She play bows for him a lot which is not something just any dog gets the pleasure to experience. He watches for her when they are outside and then she watches for him to come barreling around the corner. Her little feet dance with excitement when he gets close and she runs out and chases him, then runs right back to the porch and does it all over again. Mason listens to her every sound when she is in the mood to talk or play and is quite enamored with her. Him and Marvin continue to pal around constantly and they all sleep together at night. For a southern boy, he doesn't mind the cold at all, but isn't so sure about the snow. I'm not sure he knows what to to do with it yet. He's afraid to step into the big piles so I had to clear a big path for him. His manners are excellent; he waits patiently for his dinner and is equally patient waiting for the others to finish. He is a bit territorial with his bones and needs to work on that but he will get it in time. He is also good at taking his meds - ear drops aren't very pleasant but he does anything for a treat. Mason really is an easy going sweetheart and full of character.

     We went up to PA for Christmas and Mason greeted everyone with lots of wiggles and hello howls. He made himself right at home at moms house and even picked out his own Christmas stocking. He met his second cat too. He saw one of my cats run by and he was curious - but he wasn't quick enough to really see her. Must have peaked his curiosity though...he found a life sized cat statue on a credenza and he just kept looking at it, tilting his head wondering why it didn't move. Never barked at it, just walked up to it and nudged it and when it moved, he jumped back. He is just so great - you're gonna love him...



Now that Mason had been here for a week, I can fill you in a bit on his personality. First of all, he is absolute dream!! Whomever the lucky person is that gets to adopt Mason is going to be so, so happy. He is very friendly with strangers, but protective in his yard, easy going, submissive, playful - but not crazy, is very well mannered and listens like a champ. Honestly, he has only has two minor issues that could use a refresher course in obedience. Other than that, he's super great. He gets along fabulously with both marvin and sasha...actually he is a perfect playmate for marvin as he is only 2 months younger than my boy and has almost the exact same disposition, and; he loves to go outside and play. Mason is definitely not a couch potato and and will tell you when he is getting board. A few of his signature moans and a slight tap at the front door are his cue. Him and Marv do laps around the yard, play tug o'war and box a few times every day. He even gets Sasha to run around so add miracle worker to his list of adjectives..

     He is still very vocal but thankfully its not at all like his constant howling on day one. Now its more like he's just carrying on a conversation with all of us. He crates very easily and goes right to sleep, but I did figure out he prefers a cushy blanket in there with him. Earlier in the week I found him snoozing away peacefully in Marvins crate that is all plush... So that night he got a big thick blanket and he now goes in without a problem or even a peep at night. He doesn't tear up his blanket, hasn't been destructive at all and even now, I can see him in the other room laying in his favorite spot. On the doggie bed in front of the Christmas tree.

     I've been working on getting his skin, coat and digestion back to healthy now that he isn't covered in fleas so stay tuned, and get your apps in. He's a keeper.


Mason has arrived. His shelter name is Deisel but he doesn't answer to it. I've decided to call him Mason, as in the Mason-Dixon line. He's a nice sized, handsome boy [67lbs.] and does have some skin issues but that will clear up. He seems like such a super duper boy already. Takes treats very gently and gives little kisses. He walked up to Marvin and Sasha's crates with no issues and really wants to play. He also put his tush right up against Sasha's crate so I'm thinking he is a bit of ladies man. I was throwing the tuggie ball toss out in the yard with him and he's great at bringing it back. He's just under 2yrs old and has a nice balance of energy - mellow but playful, but OH SO VERY vocal.

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