ME -

Male -

5 years

This dog was adopted on 2012-01-24

Personal Information

Weight:76 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:No

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:thyroid condition

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Max does have another vice.  He like to steal the balls off the Christmas tree then throw them at Rio thinking they are balls to play with!  He doesn't bite through them but he is pretty accurate throwing them from him mouth!


FYI.....Max really does think he is in his forever home so someone needs to step up and adopt him before it's too late and it really does become his forever home!  If that happens then we will not be able to foster any more and less dogs will be saved.  You are getting the prize in the Cracker Jack box with Max and you won't know what you ever did without him.
     He needs some leash training and once in a while he growls if another dog comes too near his dish while he is eating but other than that, he is perfect.  He has only 2 requirements.  He needs to be on his Thyroid meds forever which cost about $16 per month and Max needs to be in a home with a young, PLAYFUL dog.  He is reliving his youth and plays all day long with Rio and Mabel.  Having spent a good majority of his first 5 years in a crate, he runs free 24/7 and is loving it.
     Take a good hard look at Max and just how far he's come since we got him.  He is a big mush and you won't regret adopting him.


- "HELP!!!  I overheard my foster Dad telling my foster Mom that he was going to say things about me that just AREN'T true!  He said he was going to post an update saying that I bite people, I have stranger-danger, that I can't get along with other dogs, that I have a serious illness, that I have fleas and ticks, I am not housetrained and that I am a bully and steal the other dog's food whenever I feel like it.  He is going to post all these lies because he doesn't want anyone to adopt me so he can keep me.  He says that he wants to keep me but if he does, they won't be able to foster and save any more dogs because 5 is too much.
     So PLEASE.....look long and hard at me and adopt me.  As much as I love it here and want to stay, I would rather have my spot here available for another dog like me that needs to be saved and nursed back to health.  Remember.....if he does say bad things about me, they are all LIES!!!"  Max


The worm has turned with Max.  He has been with us for 3 weeks now and other than his charming personality, you wouldn't know he was the same dog.  We started him on his Thyroid meds that came with him, given him at least 4 oatmeal shampoo baths, put him on some healthy weight management food, and give him plenty of vitamins.  His fur has grown back in completely in all but 2 places and his nose, which was split in 3 places, has completely healed.  Max has lost the 10 lbs he needed to lose and is now a lean, mean, loving machine! 
     Max runs around here all day long playing with 9 month old Rio and it was as if they were both 9 months old.  Max is twice her size but is very gentle and lets her climb, jump and walk all over him and he loves it.  As you can see in his video, he just loves to run and play.  I think he has been reborn not spending any time in a crate.  He hasn't destroyed anything except the stuffed animals which he and Mabel and Rio do on a regular  basis while playing tug-o-war.  He loves pulling the eyes and noses off them and then spit them out and very proud of himself. 
     This young man is the most mild mannered, affectionate lug to come through these doors.  He basically says "thank you" every time he lays in your lap, gets to nap on the bed, gets a treat, and for every stroke on his head.  You will not find a better boy than Max.  No food, dog or stranger agression and he lives to go for rides as well.  He always walks over to the vehicles, turns and looks at you to see if it's ride time before he does his business....every time!  We think Max would be best suited in a home with at least one other dog to play with which will give him the exercise he needs.
     This really is a "Tale of Two Dogs" as you can see by comparing the photos below with pictures above when he first came into rescue.


Max has really come into his own in the 1 week he has been here.  He has found a new best buddy in baby Rio and they run around the house, up and down stairs, crash into walls and sound like an earthquake in progress.  Get them outside, throw Mabel into the mix and all bets are off and they are like little kids when you tell them they have to come in.  We get that look "awwww, do we have to"?
     Max gets his stitches out on Thursday and his hair is already growing back in on his bald spots.  He steals everybody's heart he runs into as can be attested to by all the volunteers who were at Woofstock,OOB this past weekend.  He is just a big, happy-go-lucky lug who just goes with the flow.  He does love his peeps and when he is with me, there is no letting me out of his sight unless it's outside play time.
     Max is going to be that special dog who you will wish you had adopted him as a puppy because you won't be able to get enough of him!


Day 3 and Max is settling in just like he's been here forever.  He is a big ball of mush!  His harem loves him and nothing seems to bother him.  He just goes with the flow and loves his people.  I'm sure he is some glad to not be in a kennel any more.  He has free run of the house 24/7 and hasn't caused a bit of damage and no accidents which is very unusual for a new foster in a new environment.  Even left alone for a couple of hours, he just napped on the couch the whole time.  He really is a very big teddy bear.


Max is in the house....all 86 lbs of him!  He needs time to recoop from his MCT removal and we need to see if his skin allergy meds will work but when he is 100%....we may not want to let him go!  He is just a perfect gentle giant!  Need to teach him that he isn't a 90 lb lap dog while I'm driving though!  We will observe Mad Max and update as we get to know him better.

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