Minnie Mouse

NJ -

Female -

3 years

This dog was adopted on 2012-01-26

Personal Information

Weight:48 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Minnie is doing great!  She is such a love, she continues to steal everyone's heart!  Spring has finally sprung up here in NH, and she is able to do one
of her favorite things, lie out in the sun on our deck!  In the colder months, her favorite spot is in front of the fireplace.

She has several new health issues.  Last summer, she tore her ACL.  While they were doing the x-ray, the vet discovered that she has sever hip dysplasia.  Surgery wasn't an option due to her cardiac issue, so she now leads a very quiet life.
Also, she had a cancerous tumor removed from one of her breasts.  So basically, she has every health issue associated with Boxers, poor girl!  We think she likes the heat from the sun and fireplace so much because it soothes her hips:)

I can't figure out how to attach a picture from the computer I am using.  I am going to try from my phone.  That's about it from our end.  We can't thank NLBR and their volunteers enough, Minnie is such a blessing on our lives!!!!!


Minnie is such a joy to everyone in our family.  Every time we come home, she greets each of us with lots of wiggles and a toy.  Everyone who meets her, instantly falls in love with her.  The best word to describe her is "Sweet"!


When we go for walks, she is constantly looking back to make sure we are all still there. If anyone falls behind, she refuses to move forward until everyone is together. Also, if we walk with my sister's 80lbs yellow lab, she barks at all dogs protecting George (even though she is only 50lbs) She is such a Momma and is very protective of her family.


UPDATE FROM MINNIE'S FOREVER FAMILY - I just wanted to give you a quick update on Minnie Mouse.  She is the sweetest little girl!  Everyone she meets falls in love with her!!!  She is very calm for a Boxer and is the calmest Boxer we've ever owned.  When she meets people and children on our walks, she sits calmly and never jumps up.  When we come home she comes running with her Boxer wiggle and usually has a toy in her mouth to greet us.  I think she is really enjoying sleeping in bed with my husband and I… ;) 
We have had an unusually mild winter here in NH.  She was not a fan of the little bit of snow that we did get.  We started her at the daycare that we use and she is showing positive signs, although is still getting used to it.  Next up is training, which with her I'm sure will be a breeze. 
Thanks again to everyone at NLBR!!  We will keep you posted… :)


Minnie is great!  She was spayed on December 28th and is healing nicely.  The vet found some nodules which needed to be removed as well, so she needed some rest time but is now up and playing again with her foster sister.  She loves to bring you toys and also teases her foster sister when she thinks it’s time to play and its just adorable to watch them prance around!  She definitely loves company and I feel would do best with another dog in the house to play with.  She shows no signs of aggression with her foster sister as far as getting attention or with food but will bark at other dogs that come up on walks.  She's just a joy to have around


Minnie is doing great...she is just a lovely girl who is so easy to care for!  She has settled in and just goes with the flow of things.  She walks very gently on her leash and looks up every once in awhile to be assured that everything is okay.  She likes to play tug of war with her foster sister and run around the backyard.  She does her business outside and will even let you know if she needs to go out by giving a little whimper if I forget.  Although she loves to go for walks, for some reason she will not go to the bathroom on a walk but waits to get home and then goes in the yard. I thought she would learn this from her foster sister but so far, not so. She is starting to sniff around more when she is out on her walks though, so maybe she is learning!  There are sights, sounds and smells out there to explore!  She's a very quiet, calm and laid back girl who is just a love!  She is not a fan of the crate but has not done anything wrong when loose in the house. Her favorite spots are the couch or recliner.  We did take her for an overnight on Thanksgiving down to the shore and she loved running on the beach with her foster sister and her foster sister's cousin.  Although she was nervous in the car, she tried very hard to relax. My son commented that she sucked all the air out of the car with her panting.  Hopefully in time, she will learn relax while on car rides.


Minnie Mouse is true to her name.  She's a small girl and a quiet little thing.  She's been with us a little over a week and I've only heard her bark once.  She was very timid at first but if starting to come out of her shell and has been a wonderful guest in our house.  She will go in the crate if coaxed but prefers not to.  She is doing her business outside and loves to take walks and be around people.  She shows no sign of food aggression and is fine with my little Mia who is all of 21 lbs, they are starting to play together in the yard..  She is just about done with her medication for her cough and will be getting spayed soon.  Will keep you posted on her progress.

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