Harley (FKA Miranda)

NJ -

Female -


This dog was adopted on 2020-07-19

Personal Information






Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:currently undergoing heartworm treatment

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Miranda is now Harley. She never responded to Miranda so once we new we wanted to keep her we changed it. She's the sweetest little girl she loves everyone she meets and especially kids. if you say "hi Harley Girrrrrl" she flips over and give you her belly( this girl has no shame lol). She has made herself right at home she loves the front window where she watches over the neighborhood, she loves to run after the sprinklers then drinks from them.  
She was a terrible walker on the leash but getting much better. She now sits and waiting by the front door when I say walk and she doesn't pull on our 2 mile walk every night. 
When we got her she was heartworm positive so she didn't eat as much, but since the treatment she has gain weight, she went from 37 to 44 pounds. We feed her "Fromm" she gets 1 cup of dry food in the morning then another serving at night with boiled chicken, eggs or fish for flavoring. 
Her daily route is, wake up in somebody's bed. It's always a prize when the kids find her in their bed. Then we get up she goes out pee comes in, has breakfast, we play with her squeeze toys then it's nap time lol and window watching.   Then she's in the backyard looking for bunny's and squirrels.  Then she comes for a car ride to drop the kids off at school then hangs out and after dinner  we all do a family walk. Then hang in the backyard for a bit before bedtime. We don't do much with virus but we are going for a hike Today. Oh and we took her to lake George on vacation she loved it, but wasn't as big of a fan of the water :) 



     Miranda is in our Foster to Adopt Program.  She is undergoing Heartworm treatment so she is also on medical hold at this time.

 The foster home  for  Miranda has the opportunity to adopt within the next month,  prior to us taking applications for adoption.  If anyone has an interest in Miranda, please check back periodically to see if the foster home has made a decision

. If you have an interest in our Foster to Adopt program, please check our website for the forms and details.

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