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8 Months

This dog was adopted on 2014-12-28

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Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Must have a high secure fence with kids/dogs to play with

Adoption Donation:$375.00

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Moe eats anything and everything, including fruits and veggies.  Watermelon and carrots are a favorite. 

Moe doesn’t seem to understand toys, but likes attention when you try to get him to play! 

Moe will get sudden bursts of energy, but is mostly a happy couch potato!

Moe is the complete and utter opposite!  He loves everyone and everything and assumes they love him, too.  He is very chill with other animals, but we discovered he does not like my sister’s pot bellied pig.  Moe has visited the nursing home, all 96 pounds of him!  He loves to stick his head in peoples laps and be petted, as long as no one minds the drool! 



Moose – AKA Mo, Mudge, Mosey, MoJo, - has adjusted amazingly well!  He is just a 96 lb goofball!  He is sweet and funny – a bit high maintenance, lol.  He likes to go in and out about 70 times a day… but he loves to be out in his fenced in yard, checking out the neighborhood and barking at all the squirrels.

Mo has no separation anxiety as long as he has his Kong.  He is VERY food motivated!  He and Sadie both eat a chicken and rice dry, mixed with homemade “dog stew” which is just rice and broth and veggies.  Mo loves his veggies and fruits, too.  Carrots, apples, watermelon – he loves them all.

He and Sadie like to play together – they play chase and bounce at each other and wrestle.  But they both tire quickly and like to just lay together in the yard or on the couch.  Mo has zero interest in playing fetch or tug of war – we have tried!

We adopted 2 kittens in 2017 – so tiny!  Mo has always been a gentleman.  H is curious but very respectful.  Mo loves everyone and everything!  We have even brought him to an assisted living facility where he put his HUGE head in many old laps and happily drooled all over them, much to their delight.

Unfortunately, Mo is afraid of some things – the vacuum, balloons, wrapping paper, the hardwood floors, any unfamiliar objects… he needs lots of reassurances and cuddles.  Because he doesn’t like the floors he sometimes “gets stuck” in a room or hallway.  When he does, he will  very slowly back up – for some reason going backward doesn’t scare him – till he reaches his safe spot.  Watching a 96 lb dog back up down a hallway is a sight to see!

We adore Mo and Sadie – they are so perfect together and such a big part of our family!  Thank you NLBR for bring us together!


We certainly do not want to overwhelm you with updates, but
I captured these pictures this morning and wanted to share.  Moose seems
pretty happy.  And although I wanted Sadie to enjoy having a playmate, she
is far happier than I dared hope.  They are really bonding!  We adore Moose
and already can't even imagine not having him!  Yay!  And thank you!


Mo sleeps at night with his boy - 10 year old Sam. When Sam goes to bed, Mo follows. When Sam gets up, so does Mo. Mosey loves his food, so breakfast is the first thing he looks for. After breakfast he likes to play in the fenced yard with Sadie. His day is filled with nap, play, nap, play... a lovely cycle!

Mo loves to cuddle on the couch with his kids. He loves to play in the yard with Sadie his boxer sister. He loves walks, car rides and food!

Mo is wonderful! He is a big ball of bouncing sweetness and love and ok, drool! He has the happiest disposition of any dog - he is just completely laid-back and friendly toward everyone and every thing. Mo has traveled with us to Wolfeboro, NH, where we rented a cottage and to upstate NY where we visited relatives. He is an awesome traveler, adjusting to new locations with no problem as long as he has us. He adores his kids and his boxer sibling, Sadie and has even made friends with our cats. Watching Mo and Sadie together is to see joy in action. And watching Mo with our kids, particularly 10 year old Sam, frequently brings me to tears. We have very grateful hearts. We feel blessed to have found Mo and Sadie.


As our one year anniversary approaches with the Moose-Man, we have proof he has finally made friends with Dorothy the cat.  Dorothy wanted to be besties all along, but he was very suspicious of her every time she approached him.  He never bothered her and he seemed to want her to take the same leave-me-alone attitude.  But Dorothy is a lover, and as you can she, she has won him over!  Found them last night when I checked on the kids (yes, hard to tell, but there is a kid beneath the cat, the dog and the blanket :-) 


Moose enjoyed a trip to Maine today and frolicked in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.  He loved it!  There were many, many other dogs there and he was so well behaved!  He never once barked, but his tail wagged constantly.  He just loves to be around other dogs and people and is so chill wherever he is, it is truly awesome!  He enjoyed putting his face right in the water and splashing the kids with his nose – too funny!  We had a great day!  (We know that the heat and the chaos of the beach would stress Sadie out so she stayed home where she could be cool, but Grammy did come over for a while to sit on our deck and read and let Sadie hang out with her so she would not be alone for too long.  Sadie loves her Grammy, so she had a good day, too!)


Sadie changed our lives in big, earth-shaking ways. We were looking forward to fostering a dog, wary knowing loving and leaving could be hard. We were not prepared for the skinny, sad, soulful dog who arrived at in the middle of a dark spring night. Our hearts were simply not prepared to watch her grow, heal, blossom, because our hearts just melted and then expanded and she came into them and can't ever leave! As Sadie came into our home, we did experience wholly unexpected problems with our two current terriers. Milo and Sadie were okay together (till Milo passed last year), but Sadie and Josie, even after over a year of living together, never learned to fly the white surrender flag and forcing the rest of us to live in hostile territory. And, I won't lie, it was hard! As a dog owner, I'd never been faced with this problem; I'd grown up with multiple dogs, had multiple dogs before and never had a problem. Now - BIG PROBLEM. And NLBR was so fabulous as we tried to find the best solution. Our family learned so much from the dogs, and we are now much more dog savvy than before. We also experienced a little heart-break, as we worked with behaviorists and reached out to experts for help and came to the conclusion that one of them had to go (If it were just my husband and I we might have made it work, but not with 3 young kids). And we were all sort of stunned to realize it was Josie, the senior rattie, who needed to go. Our home had become too busy, too noisy and too full for her - her needs included being completely spoiled and being an only child "Queen Bee." Sometimes being a responsible pet owner includes heart-break. We had never, ever re-homed a dog before. Now, we have, with happy endings all around. A senior couple in our small town had lost their dog and desperately wanted another, but not a puppy. They needed a quiet, low maintenance dog to spoil. I still tear up when I think of Josie, but I know she is far happier in a quiet house where she is the only dog, where she is a spoiled couch potato who gets undivided attention and all the treats to herself. We still call frequently and are invited to stop by and visit anytime. When it thunders my daughter calls to check on Josie, because Josie hates thunderstorms. It is hard, because we love Josie, but we know Josie is happy. And that left Sadie, and we reached out to NLBR because I wanted Sadie to have a buddy - enter Moose! And this is just a really long story to say that wow! Now that we have Mo and Sadie, the change in our family is so amazing and we are so grateful! At first Sadie would tolerate Moose, then she began to kinda like him, even enjoy him... now? When you watch them together there is obvious true affection! Mo is part of family, part of the pack and Sadie adores him! The change in Sadie has been remarkable. Many of her anxiety issues are just gone - who has time for that when she is too busy wrestling, playing and sleeping with her new brother? I think one of the biggest things is treats - Sadie has always been very protective around her food with other dogs and though we still feed them separately and keep food dishes away from common areas, we can now offer treats together. And Sadie sits calmly and gets her treat and watches Mo get his and she is relaxed and happy and content. And Moose is just the happiest, silliest, most lovable dog we could ask for. He is all smooth where Sadie has sharp edges and together they just fit and make our house more fun, more peaceful, more protected... just MORE! Thank you to NLBR for helping find the right dogs, for working through problems with us patiently, and for giving us the support and confidence we needed to be successful. I tell anyone who will listen how awesome you all are! We have confident, happy, harmonious dogs and we are so thankful!


I am sitting here with tears in my eyes watching our dogs play.  Sadie, sad Sadie who did not really know how to play with other dogs, has now earned an A+ in play with Mo as her teacher.  I just brought a new toy home from the store, an early present from the Easter bunny.  Sadie has one end and Mo has the other and they are tugging their big boxer hearts out!  When Mo lets go, Sadie runs down the hall with it, but if he doesn’t follow, she trots back to the dining room and waves it in his face till he grabs it again and the tug-o-war continues!  This from the dog who used to guard her toys and not want to share… Maybe it is because we had dogs that did not get along before, or maybe it is just because Mo and Sadie are so darn sweet together, but literallyevery day we can’t help but appreciate them and feel so lucky that they found each other and that NLBR found them and sent them to us.  Thank you


We love Moose!   We call him Mo for short.  Mo has fit seamlessly into our household and gets along with everyone.  Mo is curious about our cats, but doing fine with them.  Mo has met my sister’s 3 dogs, an exuberant Jack Russell who does his very best to annoy Mo (watching them interact, one person actually asked me, "Is your dog deaf?" because Mo just placidly and completely ignores the barking terrier) but Mo gets along great with the 2 year old Lab and 5 year old Mastiff. They live right next door and he loves “playdates” in their fenced in yard. He also recently met a friend's teeny, tiny Shih Tzu/Maltese (Daisy) when they came to the house.  I introduced them cautiously, but Mo LOVED her and for days after she left he kept looking for her. The only animal he has not been completely smitten with is my sister's pot-bellied pig and he is frankly just frightened of her and wants nothing to do with her, which is just fine.

Mo has brought utter joy and peace to our house.  He is a big, goofy ball of love and happiness. He is so big and yet such a puppy.  He is amazingly gentle with us and with the kids, especially our youngest.   He is so good natured and eternally happy – we can leave the room just for a few minutes and when we come back, he is thrilled to see us! He sleeps in the kids’ room at night and when it is bedtime, he knows it and runs with flying leap onto the bed, where he curls into a tight ball and just sighs with contentment. I bring him with me to pick up the kids at school and he wags so hard when he realizes where we are going – it is as if he is thinking, “yay!  My kids are coming home!”  He seems to find the joy of living in every moment and shares it with everyone.  Introducing him to other people and dogs is a pleasure.   Very much the opposite of our other NLBR boxer, Sadie.

He brings out the silly side of Sadie and watching her learn to play has been wonderful.  With our terriers, Sadie would play "chase me" and that was about all.  She is not able to have playdates next door; the stimulation just seems to be too much for her and she can be dog aggressive.  One of the reasons we wanted another dog was the hope that it might be good for Sadie, and in that regard Mo has far exceeded our expectations.  We LOVE to watch Mo and Sadie box and wrestle and chase each other around the fenced in yard, playing king of the mountain on the snow banks.  They also play tug of war with a ball or a toy.  They run to the couch and leap on it and lay down on each other and they are so silly and adorable together.  Sadie has not only accepted Mo, she has truly come to enjoy him and seek out his company.  We love Sadie with all our hearts, but we love her for who she is and sometimes she is not the easiest dog.  We know she had a rough start and sometimes it shows in her behavior with other dogs.  With Mo, it is like she is able to let herself go and just be completely silly and goofy and have fun.  Mo has brought out the best in all of us and we are so thrilled to be his forever home.  It is like we were waiting for him all a long and now that he is here, we are complete.  Thank you NLBR for finding the perfect addition to our family!



We certainly do not want to overwhelm you with updates, but
I captured these pictures this morning and wanted to share.  Moose seems
pretty happy.  And although I wanted Sadie to enjoy having a playmate, she
is far happier than I dared hope.  They are really bonding!  We adore Moose
and already can't even imagine not having him!  Yay!  And thank you!


We knew we would fall in love with Moose - and we did, it was love at first sight. Our big concern was Sadie, our resident boxer, and how she would adjust to a new dog. We knew it might take time, but it was our sincere hope that the pair would be good for each other. A HUGE thanks to NLBR for helping find exactly the right dog for Sadie and for us. We cannot believe how quickly they bonded. The best part about Moose, aside from his awesome boxer kisses, is how much he has brought out the playful side of Sadie. Watching Moose and Sadie together, seeing her learn how to play and trust another dog has been a beautiful, wonderful thing! Moose, for all his largeness, has a sweet, gentle quality that is so amazing. And Sadie responds to his goofy playfulness in kind. They are the perfect pair and we are so lucky they are ours!


Thank you for bringing us together with 2 of the best, sweetest,
funniest dogs in the world!  We know how wonderful Sadie is, and Moose is
just as awesome in completely different ways.  They complement each other so
well!  They are getting along really well, seeming to bond with each other
and definitely loving playtime now that Sadie is better (last week she was
really pretty sick.)  Today Moose had a little adventure with the
dishwasher.  I was emptying it and luckily had put away everything but the
silverware.  He was in the kitchen with me and Maggie and Sadie were in the
living room.  He is curious about everything and came over to investigate
near me; somehow  the bottom rack caught on his collar and when he got
frightened and moved it went with him.  He yelped a puppy yelp-scream, and
he ran and of course the whole rack followed, silverware was flying, he hit
the plastic gate and that fell and terrified him... finally, he backed into
a corner and I could get him untangled.  He was so upset!  Sadie and Maggie
came running and Sadie sniffed him all over, as if checking to make sure he
was ok.  After,  he curled up on the couch for a long, comforting nap.
Guess he will not be investigating the dishwasher again any time soon, poor
thing!  He got lots of kisses and cuddles from the big kids when they came
home, though.  And other than being scared, he has no injuries.  Even now he
is snoozing between Maggie and Moira on the couch with a look of utter
contentment on his sweet face!

From Moira:  "I just love him, he is the best puppy ever!"
From Sam: "I like sleeping with him and playing with him."
From Maggie:  "He likes my hugs and I love his kisses!"


I picked up Moose on October 17th and he's been nothing but a joy. Moose is a big baby who's 8 months old and loves to play with his foster sister Dixie and foster brother Dylan. He also has my 3 boxers which he loves to play with too. Moose is a big gentle giant with much to love. As you can see this handsome boy has his tail, and I tell him everyday that he is so special with that tail of his. Moose loves to be around dogs and people. As big as he is, I have to say he is gentle. You can not leave Moose in the yard because he will try to get out to get to you. His previous foster home had a 6' fence and when she just walked out of the yard he tried to dig his way out but it had concrete on the bottom so he couldn't get under. You must be willing and able to spend time with Moose outside while he is in the yard. Moose is a big puppy who needs a family that will give him lots of love and play time. He will play with his toys out in the yard with the other dogs. I think if you are an active family Moose would love to spend time with you outdoors getting some exercise with his forever family. Since Moose is a puppy he does require a bit more TLC. Extra kisses and praise is what all dogs need, especially puppies. If you are a family with a busy schedule and don't have alot of time to give Moose, than Moose may not be right for you. Remember he is just a baby, so please make sure you have the proper time to give to Moose. He requires a family with a high secure fence, with kids or dogs to play with. Both would would be fantastic, but Moose and I will review all applications and see which home will be best for Moose. Until then, Moose can stay with the boxer crew for as long as he wants.

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