ME -

Female -

7 Years

This dog was adopted on 2012-11-17

Personal Information

Weight:50 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:No

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:No

House Trained:No


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


So, our beautiful little girl (aka Mya Jumbalaya, Miss Wiggles and Peanut, amongst others), is an absolute love!  I can't believe anyone would have passed her up!  She has completely wiggled herself into our hearts.  She fits in perfectly.  She and Chance are cute little buddies.  His face lights up whenever they are playing.  She loves giving hugs and just wants to be held.  She buries herself under blankets when she naps.  She is quite energetic for 7 and loves to play.  She has made friends with all the family members who have come over and loves our dog walker.  She makes us laugh and is just the greatest little boxer!
We brought her to our vet and she got a clean bill of health.  Her incision from her MCT removal has healed nicely and her hair has already grown back on her leg.  We got the go ahead to switch her over to the home made food we have been making for Chance.  We are still giving her cranberry extract for her bladder health and the vet thought she had some arthritis in her rear right leg so we are giving her some Welactin fish oil and some Dasuquin glucosamine.  She is doing really well with everything and she really loved our vet and vet tech too!
We just want to thank NLBR for bringing this sweetheart into our lives!


Mya has been in her foster home for about 4 weeks now.  Don't let the age fool you…Mya is a friendly, energetic, little bundle of cuteness.  Over the past 4 weeks we tried working on kennel training with Mya.  We've come to the conclusion that it's not needed and the kennel stresses her out too much.  We have been leaving her free roam and there have been no issues thus far.  Mya sleeps in the recliner at night in our living room and does just fine.  She continues to get along with her foster siblings.  She's very good with other dogs, great with cats and could care less about our 11 chickens.
Mya is extremely easy going and has a fantastic temperament.  She has learned to give us some cues on when she needs to be let out to potty.  When she first arrived she was having quite a few accidents in the course of 24 hours and since then it's decreased by at least half that.  I don't think she was fully potty trained before coming into the foster program or at least to a point of understanding she needed to go potty outside.  She's doing very well with it.  We try to let her out frequently when we are home or if it's nice out we leave the door to their fenced in yard open so they can access the yard whenever they need.  Mya does very well with our fenced in area.  She has never pushed the boundaries.
Mya loves to ride in the car and is a great passenger.  She loves to go for walks whether with her siblings or herself... she does pull on a regular flat collar but I've introduced her to an easy walk harness and she does very well with that.  Mya is friendly with new visitors.  Mya will be attending a couple awareness events in the next few weeks here in Maine and I'll update on how she did with that.
Mya would be a great addition to any home looking for a mature female boxer who's extremely easy going and carefree.


Mya has been in her foster home for a week now.  She has settled in and is doing well.  Her personality is showing and she's quite funny.  Mya would fit into just about any household.  She's very easy going.  Mya is not kennel trained and would do fine left in a house as long as she's been put out to potty.  She gets extremely anxious when placed into a kennel so we've decided to leave her in the basement when we need to leave.  We will slowly try and work on getting her comfortable around a kennel.
Mya has not exhibited any resource guarding or food, toy issues over the past week.  She does well in our fenced in yard and doesn't test the boundaries.  Mya would do well in a home with or without dogs.  She's a very good girl. 
We are babysitting my brother’s dog for the weekend, a Rotti-Chow-Shephard mix and Mya has done very well with him coming into our home.
Get your applications in, as this girl won't last!


Mya has been in her foster home for 2 nights now.  Mya is a beautiful dark rich brindle with a black mask.  She was nervous and confused the first 24 hours or so and the last day or so has seemed to loosen up a little.  Mya is residing with 5 doggy siblings, an old cat and a bunch of chickens.  So far, Mya has met all the dogs and walked by our cat with no issues.  She watches the chickens but doesn't seem bothered by them in the least.
Each day she is opening up just a little bit more.  Mya is so sweet and beautiful.  Keep watching her page for updates and photos.  Her photos don't do her any justice.

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