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Female -

2 Years

This dog was adopted on 2014-02-08

Personal Information

Weight:60 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Unknown



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Nala should go to a home with another dog and a Fence

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


We rescued Nala 6 1/2 yrs ago. We kept her name. She will be 9yrs on Oct 27th!  She has had a few tags removed but otherwise she is still a healthy girl. A little grayer but who isn’t.

 Nala eats twice a day, hard boiled egg and 1/2c Annemet kibble in the am, carrots, green beans, 1/2c kibble and a spoonful of Merrick canned (warm) pm. She loves to go for walks (we have a dog walker for work days) she loves her squeaky balls and to find treats that we hide for her around the rooms.
We absolutely love her to pieces except in bed. She twitches a lot in her sleep so it keeps me up when she’s laying against me. It’s amazing how much room a boxer can take up in bed!!!  She is so sweet and gentle with our 3 grandchildren. She is pretty much the boss of the house and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


We LOVE Nala. She has been with us for 6 yrs so she is very well adjusted. She is a wonderful girl. She gets along with our young grandchildren and our grand dogs. She has us well trained!  
She is going to be 9 in October and is in great health. Just getting a few greys but still has her spunk.  She now gets Aramet Senior but use to get Merrick. She gets kibble and a hard boiled egg for breakfast. Dinner is kibble, green beans, carrots and a spoonful of wet merrick. She loves her chicken chips treats.  Her favorite toy by far is her squeaky ball. She is our 2nd boxer. My daughter is on her 2nd boxer also. We adore them


Nala is the love of our lives. This is a picture of her watching the sunrise on our family lake vacation. We couldn't be happier. We still keep in touch we her foster mom Diane. Thank you for everything you do for this amazing breed


We LOVE our Nala very much. She is a very good girl. So far she is very healthy. Just she'd a few winter lbs and were all ready for nice walks in the park. She walks very nicely on a leash. She is allowed in our bed in the early mornings until we all get up and she is a good snuggler. She is a joy in our life.


On August 8th it will be 6 months since Nala joined our family.  We love her very much.  It feels like she has been with us forever.  She is a very good girl. She has learned how to walk on the leash very nicely as long as there aren't any bunnies or squirrels on the way!  Our daughter, son-in-law and 1 yr old grandson moved in for a few months and she is so sweet with the baby.  She knows to be gentle and protects him when she thinks he is in harms way.  She is a joy and we are grateful to have her in our lives.


Nala is wonderful.  It has only been 3 months but I feel like she has been with us forever.  She is such a sweet girl.  She makes it very easy to love her. She loves to go for long walks and then snuggle with mom and dad on the sofa. She has a dog friend that lives next door and they bark for each other to come out and play.  She has people friends that live behind us that give her treats when she comes to the fence.
We had 25 people at our house on Easter from 9 months to 95 years old and Nala past with flying colors.  LOL, she even found an Easter Egg in the hunt.  Everyone loved her.
Our daughter, son-in-law and 9 month old grandson moved in for a few months while they look for house #2.  Nala is so gentle with the baby.  She loves hanging out by his high chair on the chance that something will fall over the side for her.
She loves her backyard. She will play with her squeaky ball and romp for hours.  She loves to sun herself in the driveway.  She keeps the yard bird and squirrel free!  LOL, we have a koi pond in our yard and Nala found herself going for a swim after a hard rain.  There is a ledge for plants and her front feet fell off.  She hasn't done that again!


Nala has brought joy back into our home. She is such a sweet and loving girl. She does typical boxer silly things! We are so happy that she is in our lives!


Well, my foster mom says that the holidays are over and time for an update on ME! Yes, that wonderful, happy, full of fun, smoozer of a boxer girl…ME! I am learning so much in my foster home and having a great time doing it! I just love, love, love treats and toys! Therefore, foster mom says that I am easy to train and very smart!….. Ha! Of Course! I had no doubts! Foster moms says that I have gotten five stars on my behavior and manners and have learned so much since I have arrived! I sit and wait for my dinner till foster mom or dad says it is ok to eat. I wait at the gate when someone comes in the door and if I jump, I cannot get hugs and pets till I calm down and sit. I am doing so much better walking on a leash although those darn squirrels and rabbits get me in trouble when I see them and I tug on my leash! But we stop walking and turn away and when I stop pulling and walk nicely again, foster mom always tells me what a good girl I am and gives me a wonderful treat!

I have to say I just love it outside! I now have a fenced in yard and can’t wait to go outside to play with one of my foster brothers or have mom throw the ball so I can bring it back to her to throw it again. I even love to play by myself in the yard…I just love to play outside with my outdoor squeaky toys!

One day, when foster mom went out for about an hour and foster dad was sleeping upstairs I broke out of my crate. Boy, did I have fun! When foster mom came home, I met her at the gate with a bully stick. She thought that foster dad gave it to me but when she realized that I opened the treat jar all by myself and helped myself to a few bully sticks, the jig was up! I wasn’t really hungry so I hid about six of them in a couple of rooms. Foster mom didn’t notice this until later in the day when I came waltzing out into the kitchen to enjoy one. She didn’t know where I hid the first two… but she did see my foster sister digging under a pillow on my favorite bench where I lie…and there it was, bully stick number three…drats!! Then foster mom saw me retrieving one from between the cushion and armrest of her favorite chair and I did have to ask foster mom to help me retrieve that one as well as the one that I dropped in a box of her filed papers. She keeps laughing about that day ….. but I really don’t know why!

Foster mom says that people really have to see my wonderful personality and what a sweet girl I am to get the full picture of ME! I am sure there is "furever" family out there that is a match for ME … Yes, I am that sweet girl still waiting for the perfect match…it may just be you!


Nala is a very sweet girl who was pretty quick to understand the routine in our house. She is learning a lot from the two resident dogs and my other foster dog (Mason).

  We took Nala and Mason to a Boxer Rescue Awareness Day and they were wonderful NLBR ambassadors!  Nala loved all the dogs and people there and wanted to meet everyone. We worked on  Nala’s  leash training at the Brad  as well as on our walks at home.  Nala wants  to run after every squirrel, rabbit, bird or blowing leaf or wants to pull to meet people or dogs…she is very inquisitive and just wants to see everything in this new world!   

     She has a great deal of energy and her wonderful exuberance shone thru at the Brad …so afterwards  we took both dogs home and let them play in the yard…non-stop for two hours!  She is like the energizer bunny! Mason was "cooked" but she just wanted to keep going! She even runs and jumps over Mason as they are running together. ( I have attached a lot of pictures of them playing)   She really does need another dog to live with to "drain" her energy.  A tired puppy is a good puppy!

     Luckily when Mason gets tired, she is happy to play by herself or with me…off she goes with her favorite little red squeeky ball!  She will run with it or bring it to you to throw.  She just gallops around having fun, never wanting to lie down till she comes inside and collapses in her crate.  She loves it outside so my recommendations for her is to also have a fence so she can enjoy playing with her adoptive family and fur brother in the yard. 

Nala loves the squeaky toys.  If there are a bunch on the floor, she will go to each one and take her muzzle and push the toy to the floor to see if it squeeks.  If not, she will move to the next one.   Certain toys she will squeek in her mouth, talk to it, and howl at it as well.

Very Cute! She wiggles and turns when you come home and although she does jump, she does it pretty gently and when you say "off" or turn your back, she sits to wait to be petted and hugged.  She is such a lovely girl.

If you have a fence and a young male doggie companion that wants a playmate please consider Nala!


Hello all adopters!  My name is Nala and I am a very sweet girl...if I may say so myself!  I just arrived at my foster home recently where I am beginning to settle into the routine but find that I am a little confused!  Foster mom says that it is because I need structure and consistency in my life...whatever that is!  I am very unsure about everything going on around me so I guess that might be it. I think I need more time to settle in too!   I so love, love, love all the doggie toys that my foster home has for me to play with especially the rubber squeekie toys! I trot around with one in my mouth with a whine or a howl or a play growl...I am having so much fun with them!
      I sleep in my crate in the same room with the other dogs which makes me feel more relaxed.  Although I haven't met any of the dogs face to face yet, I have met my foster sister thru the crate bars and I must say, Tootsie has been very welcoming! Oh,  can I tell you that I am discovering many things lately that I have never known existed before! I met something yesterday called a lawn mower...yikes!  Didn't like the way that thing moved across the lawn even though I am told it was not "on" and it was just moving away from me across the lawn. Foster mom says we are going to go for a walk today to discover more about the world!  Stay tuned to hear more about me...Cuz, I've been given a second chance and I'm just getting started!

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