Picket - (FKA - Bogie)

NJ -

Male -

2 Years

This dog was adopted on 2013-05-18

Personal Information

Weight:61.5 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Let's say that after two years now with our NLBR "Bogie" we have reached a point of complete rehabilitation! I can only say that, now, having looked back at where we started. Our boy was never what I would call a difficult case. My life's background with boxers had me well prepared for taking in a boxer rescue and I continued the tradition of owning the breed with my children as well. Therefore, we all knew exactly what to expect from the breed. Now, as far as the personal issues that our guy had, ultimately, these were very subtle. Anxiety alone is a tricky problem to resolve but how it manifests itself can be even more so. Bogie, whom we have since renamed Picket or "Pick" for short (that's a whole other story), had pretty severe skin problems with hair loss during his first year plus. He also had a bad habit of chewing his feet and licking at himself out of nerves. Happily his skin problems are resolved and now his coat is thick and shiny. I do feed him the very best grain-free, low-fat dry food, which helps. His anxiety had developed into some self soothing  issues. He had a habit of chewing and licking at himself leaving raw areas and wounds. This has also abated over time. If I find he is over grooming, I simply say, "No more." And he stops without effort or concern. He is a calm boy now. Two years ago when I brought him home however, I couldn't get inside his head to assure him we were his forever home. It has taken him longer to understand the truth. Now he believes it. I see the comfort in his eyes in the long deep stares that only your dog will give you when he really knows you. His home is not your house, it's you. Pick knows he's home now and he is a happy dog and we are a happier family with him in it. Thank you NLBR!


Bogie continues to be a love. He wants to remain as close to one of us at all times. We of course have no problem with this because he is a complete mush :)

Bogie has not found his perfect playmate yet but with more introductions we are sure he will know who he can trust enough to share all that boxer playfulness with. For now our walks and hikes give him plenty to be curios about. He did find out eating a wasp is not a good idea!! And playing with a carpenter ant and eventually trying to eat it hurts. I had to detach its fangs from the inside of his jowls (yikes)! Bogie is interested in everything. It is probably why he can't help hyper focusing on himself too. Every tickle or twinge he feels on his skin prompts him into a licking or chewing state. This habit has been imbedded in his brain. He can create quite a mess of his skin in such a brief amount of time.  The heat and humidity of this summer has been hard on him. He has learned to heed my command to stop but requires constant supervision. We are pursuing medical treatment to help him through this unhealthy practice. He is such a good boy. He shouldn't have to feel so uncomfortable in his own skin. We'll get him there. Scabs or not he is being loved up and sleeping cuddled up in bed with me or Sam. We don't care if he looks like a Chinese Crested hairless...he's gorgeous to us. We love our boy xxxxxx


UPDATE FROM BOGIE’S FOREVER FAMILY - Bogie is a gem.  He has walked into our home and melted our hearts with his loving soul.  He is perfect!  Yeah, right..you may say…but for us it is so true.  He has settled in as though he has been with us since he was a pup.  There was a connection from day one.  I have five children.  Mostly grown but he has won each of their hearts.  His capacity to love and be open to being loved is a beautiful thing.  We feel blessed. :))


I just wanted you to know that Bogie met one of the cats the other day by accident and did great.  I left the down stairs door open where the cats were and he walked quietly down stairs and was checking out the cat.  Luckily this was a cat who is used to dogs and is dog savvy.  Bogie sniffed the cat and didn't chase her and she didn't hiss at him so all went well.  He now is very curious and stays by the door where they stay during the day.  He is very interested in them.  I think if you have a cat that is dog friendly, I think bogie would be fine.  Although he wasn't with her long he showed no signs of aggression.  He might even be the type to sleep with the cat.  I will have them together again soon.


Bogie is a handsome boy!  He's doing great with his foster brother & sister.  He loves to play and does great with kids also.  Bogie is very loving and gentle.  He needs a family that can give him lots of love.   A yard and some kids or another dog would be fantastic since he's a young dog he needs lots of love, attention and activity.  Bogie just wants to please you and would make a great addition to your family.  So if you have the time to give Bogie all that he deserves, then please submit your application.


Bogie came to us as an owner surrender.  Unfortunately,  they didn't have enough time for Bogie and made the best decision for Bogie and gave him up so he can be with a family who can give much love and plenty of play time.  We know this was very difficult to let go of a family member but they did what's best for Bogie and we thank you so much for thinking of Bogie first.  He is in good hands and we will find the best home for him.
Bogie lived with a family that had 2 young children and another dog.  Bogie came to me Thursday night and is now living with many foster boxer siblings.  He met with all of them by Saturday and has been playing nonstop.  We went to the vet and he did well.  He also likes to ride in the car and we went on a trip to the pet store to spend some quality time together.  He did very well.  Bogie is a very gentle and sweet dog.  He has a red tone to him and is VERY handsome.  He gets compliments everywhere he goes.  He knows how to sit and lay down and is just a joy to be around.  I will introduce him to my cats slowly and see how he does.  Since Bogie came from a home with children and does well with dogs I think he would do great with a family where he can run & play in a yard with kids and a playmate since he's so young.  I haven't had much time with Bogie yet but I can tell you he can stay with me as long as he wants!  He is a great dog and will not be around for long.  If you think Bogie will fit into your life style and you can give plenty of exercise and love then Bogie might be a match for you.  We want this to be Bogie's forever home, so please make sure you have the time to give to Bogie.

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