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This dog was adopted on 2019-08-18

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Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Unknown


Individual Needs:Might need a family who is home more often than not. I will update this as I get to know her better.

Adoption Donation:$375.00

My Story


The Good, the bad and the ugly news.

The Good news: Peanut's anxiety about being left alone was temporary. Now that she has settled in she is not worried about being left alone. You can leave the room and she no longer barks and cries. She has met my crew and they get along wonderfully. I always feed my dogs separately (no use setting them up for failure) and I suggest if you adopt her, and have another dog, that you continue to do the same. Peanut is very sweet and loving and loves to cuddle. She is a very easy dog to keep, just needs a short walk every day and she is happy. She is content laying her head on your lap and watching TV with you.  She sleeps on a pillow in our room and she so badly wants to sleep in our bed but we already have two dogs with us and a third would require a king size bed lol!


The bad news: Peanut has chronic kidney disease. There are a few symptoms but Peanut only has two, constant thirst and the need to urinate more frequently. This disease is not curable but can be managed. She is on special food that you can buy through the vets office and even Chewy sells it. It is pricy but it is no more expensive than the high end food. She will need to be monitored by the vet every 6 months or so.


The ugly news: In rescue you really see how animals are mistreated and sometime thrown away. Peanut had a family and they probably decided not to treat her and dumped her in the shelter. I am not sure what kind of person dumps a dog when it is sick and really needs you but I can assure you not a very nice one. If you ever thought about giving back by adopting a dog in need, Peanut really needs you. She needs an owner that is home more often then not, will take her out for bathroom breaks more then usual and who will, most importantly, love her until the end and not desert her. I promise you that the feeling you get knowing you saved a life is a feeling that you can not buy. You will not only be saving Peanuts life but a life of another shelter dog because once she is adopted we will be rescuing another dog in need. If you can't adopt please consider donating to her care. As you know, vet care is very expensive so anything you can give will help.



Hi meet Peanut.  She is the tiniest boxer I have ever seen, hence the name!  She is absolutely adorable.  She has kennel cough and tested positive for Lymes so because of the kennel cough I have to keep her separated from my crew.  She is on meds and once she is well I will do introductions.  I don't see it being a problem.  She did briefly meet them through a gate and wanted so bad to play.  She immediately went in a play bow her whole body shaking with excitement. Peanut has been friendly with a few people that have been over, ran right up to be petted and loved.  I even think she would be fine with kids. Maybe not toddlers until she learns not to jump (she's only about 40lbs) but I think a kid who is steady on their feet would be fine.  She seems to love everyone and everything.  She is just craving love and needs to be a part of a family in all aspects.

She has not been with me long but I can say she does not like being left alone. Because I have to separate her, she is sometimes alone in the room.  She will bark until someone returns then is fine. I am not sure if this is separation anxiety or her just being in new surroundings but I am hopeful once she meets the crew, this will subside.  She is good at night once the lights are out and everyone is in bed, she sleeps until we wake up.

The video we received from the shelter tested her with a cat. The cat was in a crate and she could care less that the cat was in the room.  She sniffed and walked away. I do not have cats so I cannot test that theory but she may be ok with kitties.  She walks well on a leash and doesn't pull. She seems to be potty trained if taken out on a regular basis.  She takes treats gently.  I am having trouble getting good pictures of her because she i s wiggly dancing girl never stands still! But I promise to keep trying.

I will post more once I get to know her better but if you think Peanut may be a match for your family, please put in an application, I would love to discuss her with you.



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