MA -

Female -

9 Months

This dog was adopted on 2013-03-09

Personal Information

Weight:43 Pounds

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Well Phoebe is still my crazy girl.. not my lil girl anymore she definitely has grown . Got her some love handles/muffin top .. she's defintely abused as you can see but isn't that how all dogs are suppose to be treated ??? I should of gotten a video of her first ice cream, she was not sure about it for the longest time just little tiny licks then I think she thought her brother was going to come over and help her eat it so she gulped it in several big bites..think she had a frozen headache...


Phoebe is doing well - she is definitely a crazy boxer not like my other girl she was very mellow -  I think Phoebe thinks she is a small lap dog because no matter who it is she tries to climb in there lap -  she is doing fairly well  she does have  a few  issues  with anxiety  she does not  like to be left alone at all  she follows me everywhere or my husband if I am at work.... she is still scared of the dark which is kinda funny and she hates mud puddles ( sometimes)  or other times  she plows thru them and she is one big muddy mess---  she was running doing her zoomies and she slipped in some mud slid on her butt & rolled - way to funny of course I did not have my camera or video ..  they always  seem to  do the funniest things when you do not have a camera or your phone ---  and she loves to eat the wild blackberries 


Phoebe may be crazy and have some issues that I am not sure she will ever get over but we love her to pieces and she really is so sweet . I am glad I found NLBR and someday will adopt again, or would love to foster or help in some way.

Phoebe absolutely hates the rain will leap tall buildings to avoid a mud puddle but loves going out to the lake and running around in the water - playing Frisbee or whatever we throw - she is learning to swim -


Phoebe is doing well , granted she is still a little dense when it comes to the cat and she  gets this look on her face when the cat swats her - she is very still much a puppy and sometimes she just does not listen but in time I am hoping she will be better ---- not sure if you want to post this whole story but  one night took her out to go potty before bed she tinkled then decided she had to go poopoo  well she was in the middle of doing her business and she heard a bullfrog croak well she started running while pooping - it was hysterical --- she still is scared if she hears him during the day , I never really seen or been with a dog so scared of a bullfrog --- and she walks like an ostrich after her potty break -- 

2 weeks ago she was running and tried to stop and turn around well she slid in her own pile of poo - well she got another bath that day ---   she loves her squeaky toys. 



UPDATE FROM PHOEBE’S FOREVER FAMILY - Phoebe Freckles is such a sweet lil girl and she has been a godsend for our Gunny who was very sad after losing his older brother Turbo a few months ago to cancer.


Hello - Please meet Miss Phoebe!  I am a very sweet nine month old girl who is very well behaved and loves to play with tennis balls and soft, stuffed toys.  I know how to sit, come, shake, lay down and I also know “no” and “off”.  I am very smart and eager to learn.  Right now my only job is to gain a little weight and play with my fur brother and two fur sisters, which I enjoy very much.
I am staying with my foster mother because my original owners moved and couldn't take me with them.  I have adapted very well to my new environment.  I am very good about going in my crate at night to sleep and when my foster mommy goes to work.  I am house trained and haven't had any accident at all. 
I met a cat in the veterinarian’s office and I did very well.  I sniffed him and tried to give him a lick but he wasn't interested.  I love when my foster mommy's niece and nephew visit.  They are fun to play with and like to roll the tennis ball for me.
Get your applications in asap!  I'm not just good looking but a total keeper too!

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