NJ -

Female -

3 Years

This dog was adopted on 2012-10-14

Personal Information

Weight:60 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


I’m sorry that I haven’t emailed sooner. I’ve been avoiding it, because I’m still upset about losing Piper.
We lost her on May 8, 2020. She had a  mass removed the year before,  but the cancer had metastasized quietly into her internal organs a year later. 
Piper was so loved by us, especially her boy & girl, Josh & Anna.  She was our ambassador  and allowed for us to be approved by numerous local rescues. Piper welcomed her American Bulldog brothers & guided them well. She was my girl, my constant companion. 
I’ve attached photos from her last weeks. She smiled even when her organs were failing. 
You have our permission to post anything I’ve shared.


Piper is doing great.  When we adopted her, we found from our vet that she was older than estimated by the vet in NC by 2 or 3 years, so that makes her about 8 or 9 now.  You'll notice in the photos how grey in the muzzle she's gotten.

We love her so much.  She is one funny, quirky girl - the keeper of the Nowak kids, cicada eater, garbage diver and daddy's girl.

We take her & her brother Otto with us every weekend to a local campground where we have our RV parked .  Piper's favorite things to do there are laying by her family outside or taking a walk through the woods.

Thank you for saving her so she come home to be a part of our family


Piper is a lovely soul.  She is older than we expected her to be by a couple of years according to our vet’s examination of her initially & during her spaying.  She gives us unconditional love & makes us feel safe.  She is a great little guardian for Josh and Anna and a great big sister for Otto dog.  Piper finally feels at home!  She is finally showing us some of her playfulness & knows our routines.  We feel like she's been a part of our family forever.


(Update From Piper's forever Family) It's only been a week but we wanted to update everyone about Piper.  We LOVE her (yes, with a capital L!).  She is such a good girl with a beautiful, calm personality.  It feels as though she's been with us forever - she loves Josh & Anna & definitely loves (with lots of Boxer wiggles) the Daddy.  She even met Grandma recently.  I took Piper & younger energetic boxer brother Otto on their first walk together this week & they acted as though they have always walked together.  Don't think I'll be taking her on Otto's run with me since we're nursing a healing leg.  She & brother Otto will be registered for obedience class soon - just scoping out the options here.  We would like to send a BIG thank you & hugs to foster mommy Theresa!


Since Piper has been with me she is doing great with the cats and dogs.  Piper has put on weight and eats two times a day.  She is a very cute little girl and actually I'm surprised this little girl hasn't been adopted yet.  She hasn't had any accidents in the house and loves to cuddle with you.  So if you think Piper will fit into your family please submit your application so Piper can find her forever home that she deserves.


Piper is doing well enjoying all the dogs.  She does well with the cats and I will let her sleep in my bed with me which she LOVES.  She's very good and settles quickly.  Sometimes when it's time to go to sleep and we will be downstairs I will call her to go in her crate.  She then will ignore me thinking that if she doesn't react she will then be able to go upstairs and sleep on the bed with me.  There are times when she is by herself in the bed or sometimes another dog will come up also which she is fine with.  I think she just likes to be up in the bed.  Piper loves attention period.  I call Piper my little cop.  She thinks whenever she hears a noise from the dogs playing she has to go over and get between them.  I then have to tell her it's OK and then she'll walk away.  She is very loving and you would be very lucky to have her in your family.


Yesterday Piper went to the vet and did great.  She is slowly putting on weight and has a way to go.  Piper loves to eat all three of her meals a day so I think she'll put the weight on easily.  At the vet Piper was a star!  Everyone loves her!  They especially love her size.  She is a cute little thing that works her way into your heart very easily.  We even had some people that said they wanted to put in an application for her.  So the vet said Piper is ready to go to her forever home and I don't think it will take long to find this precious girl a great home.
Piper hasn't had any accidents in the home since she's been with me.  She will always let you know when she has to go to the bathroom, even in the middle of eating.  She makes a quick pee break and then comes back in and finishes eating.  Last night she met a few dogs and did well.  I expect in a few days she will be running with the crew outside.  Then I will be able to see more of her personality come out.  So far I see no problems with Piper and I believe she could fit in just about any home.  So if you have room in your home for this little girl and can give her lots of love, put in your application because she won't be around long.  Piper will have pictures up shortly…


I picked up this pretty girl Saturday morning.  She came from down South and luckily we were able to take her because her days were numbered if we couldn't.  I am so happy that we were able to get Piper and you will be also.  Piper is a very good girl, so far no accidents in the home or her crate.  She will let you know when she has to go out and also gets along with my cats right from the start.  Piper has a healthy appetite but needs to put on some weight.  She eats 3 times a day and LOVES her food all the way down to the last kibble.  Piper has not been with my crew yet, we will slowly introduce her to my crew shortly.  Piper will be going to the vet this week so I will have more to tell you then.  Piper is loving and will let you touch her all over and give her lots of love and kisses right from the start when I picked her up.  Sometime this week I will have her around my neighbor’s children and see how she does.  I do not expect any problems from this pretty girl.  So if you’re thinking about adding a family member to your home, keep Piper in mind.  She will be a great addition to a loving home who wants to spoil her rotten.  Will post more information and pictures shortly.

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