NJ -

Female -

2.5 Years

This dog was adopted on 2012-06-10

Personal Information


Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Quinn is doing very well for an old girl. She’s had some eye issues this year but they are not slowing her down. She has a foster brother right now and I definitely think she prefers being an only child. She is such a wonderful girl and we love her so much.


I cannot believe it has been 2 years since Quinn came into our lives.  It seems like she has been here forever :)  She is doing great!  She is wonderful with the kids and as long as she is with her people, she is happy.  She loves sunning herself in the yard in the summer and curling up next to the heater in the winter.  She goes to doggie daycare twice a week to play and she runs to the car on those mornings.  It's so nice to see her so excited to go play with her friends.  Here are a few recent pictures of our girl.  Thank you NLBR for bringing her into our lives!!


Quinn is a wonderful addition to our family.  She is loving and wonderful with the girls.  Coming home each day to the kidney bean just makes me forget any stress that I had over the course of my day.  Our 3.5 year old daughter is responsible for feeding Quinn each night and she loves doing it.


Well it’s been almost 2 months since we brought Quinn home and she is such a sweetheart.  She is so incredibly gentle and patient with the girls and such a love bug.  Her true personality is finally starting to emerge and we just love her.  She is nearing the end of her Basic Manners course and we are thinking of signing her up for the next class as she is really blossoming.  The first few weeks, she was very wound up and distracted at class but not anymore!  We have discovered that although she is crate-trained, it causes her a lot of anxiety and stomach issues.  Since we’ve stopped crating her, she’s relaxed and done much better.  She has destroyed a few beds and does tend to countersurf but it’s ensuring that our counters are much cleaner so there is a bright side!  Everyone that meets her has loved her and vice-versa and we consider ourselves so very lucky that she found her way into our family. Thank you NLBR!


Quinn is an owner surrender who was previously adopted from New Life Boxer Rescue.  Unfortunately Quinn didn't get as much time with her family as she would of liked.  Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control, they had to go through the heart wrenching decision to give her back to us since it was in Quinn's best interest.  We know it's a very difficult decision to have to give up a member of your family.  Like we did before when Quinn was with us, we found a great family.  We promise to find the best family for Quinn again.
I will tell you that Quinn came from a family with lots of love and had everything and anything she wanted.  We know that Quinn's family made a great sacrifice to do what is best for Quinn and our hearts and prayers are with Quinn's family.  We have nothing but the most respect for this very difficult decision that you made.  We will not let you down and find the very best family for Quinn.
Quinn came from a home with her little buddy Bailey who is a small dog and hit it off instantly from day one.  Quinn gets along well with dogs and children.  She was walking 3-4 miles a day and loves to play all day.  Quinn would do well with an active family and has lots of playmates.  I picked up Quinn yesterday evening and she has already met my cat and did fine.  So far Quinn is nothing but love and loves to give you kisses.  I will update with more information and pictures soon.  If you feel you can give Quinn all the love she deserves and will fit in well with your family then please put in your application so she can find her forever home again.

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