NJ -

Male -

6 years

This dog was adopted on 2011-12-31

Personal Information

Weight:75 ibs

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:No

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Working on extra training

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Ranger is doing phenomenal, besides being cooped up because of all the bad weather we're having.  However, he loves hunting for his toy when we play fetch in the snow.  It's really a sight to see a huge white boxer running for speed in over a foot of snow.  Since the last email, he has really grown close to my 3 year old daughter.  They love each other and follow each other around.  This makes me happy since initially he wasn't good around females.  We had a little scare a few months ago.  We thought his stomach flipped.  When he isn't feeling good, we know.  We rushed him to the Vet ER, the Dr said he is ok but is backed up.  He was given some meds and released.  The meds worked and he was back to normal in days.

Ranger is very skittish when first meeting people, however, adjusts very quickly and is licking the person after that.

I am definitely still his favorite, he follows me everywhere.  He would get in the shower with me if I allowed it.  He definitely is one of my children and will continue to get the love as any of our children receive from us.  We celebrated his 8th birthday in Dec. with our traditional huge bone marrow which he picked clean in no time.


Ranger has become another member of the family.  He is just like another one of my children.  Anyone that comes in contact with him wants to keep him.  He is just a huge lovable teddy bear who just wants to be loved back.  He makes sure to let me know that I am the most important person in his life by always wagging that nub of a tail when I speak to him.  My children adore him and he loves them back, especially my 2 year old daughter, who loves to sneak snacks to him.  We have had him for a year and I couldn’t imagine being without him.


Our sweet white boy Hanny (known to me as Hamlet) went to the Vet yesterday for only the 3rd time in his 6 year life time.  He was sooooo good, I was extremely proud of him.  The female Vet was so patient with him since she realized it was so unfamiliar to him.   She started off by giving him a Biscuit and that got him on her good side.  After she performed all of her tests and shots, Mr. Hamlet was all finished and it was then he began to whine.  I couldn't imagine what he wanted.  He was clearly trying to tell us something.  Finally, he got off my lap on the floor, walked over to the counter where the Biscuits were put, and looked up, whining and singing like a bird.  That's when we realized he felt he deserved more biscuits for being so well behaved!   Oh well, that's one 'manner' that I'm not going to try to break him of.  If he can get a human to understand he's in the mood for a Biscuit, he deserves the dang Biscuit.  lol  
          Also, I was WAY off on his weight.  Mr. Chubby weighed in at 74.6 pounds.  He definitely needs to lose some weight, which I've been working on since he arrived.  Lot's of exercise and proper feeding will fix that in no time.   
     This boy is so very gentle with humans, will trust anyone and everyone and is going to make a PERFECT Family Boxer for some really fortunate family!!!


Foster Mom reporting in on Hanny's sensational progress!  This charming boy has come such a long way in a two week period and is a sincere joy to have as a tiptop companion.  Hanny will do just about anything for a treat, so he he has easily learned some new commands - sit, stay and come.  Now that he's been introduced to toys, he loves to play fetch and pull on his rope tug with us.  We're currently working on “release” when he retrieves his squeaky toy.  He's quite the playful boy and would truly thrive in a family with children of all ages. 

He's still under the impression that he is a lap dog and loves to sit right next to or sometimes even on top of his humans!  We set up a crate for Hanny, just in case he enjoyed the comfort of his own space but he's let us know that he much prefers to hang with the family so we've taken the crate away. While the family is gone from home, Hanny patiently naps the time away until his family returns. 

Extraordinarily expressive, Hanny will let you know when he wants to go for a walk as well as if we happen to be running a little behind at his dinner time.  Once you set his bowl of food down, he delights in chowing down with no food aggression at all.  What an impressive protector he is of his family!  Should anyone come to the door, Hanny turns on his vigilant guard mode. What the doorbell ringer is unaware of is that he will allow you to come right in…Just don't let Mr. Burglar know that! 

If you're looking for a loyal companion that idolizes his family and cherish a devoted bond with your Boxer, Hanny makes the ideal candidate!


Hi everyone, my new Foster Home calls me Hanny and I wanted to introduce myself as a brand new loving fella here with New Life Boxer Rescue.   

I am a 6-year-old White Boxer that acts much younger for my age and I just lost my loving home when my Mom moved to an apartment where they said I couldn't come.  I already know how handsome I am because I over hear everyone talking about my adorable right eye that's surrounded with a Brindle patch and my left eye which is highlighted with Black.  The rest of my firm and healthy body is covered with the softest white fur you've ever wanted to touch.  

I was raised from a puppy with a brand new baby in my house and grew up with him, so I really love having children around and not to brag, but my manners are pretty good with kids also.     

Since I couldn't go with my old family to their new apartment, I'm now staying with this really cool Foster Family until my perfect Forever Family is found.  I have a 25-year-old human Foster Brother that I have really attached myself to.  He calls me his 'velcro brother'.  My Foster Mom is home all day and I like having her here to keep me company all day.  She's teaching me all sorts of new tricks and how to play with all my new toys. I already knew how to sit when I arrived but so far, I have learned how to give my paw and walk much better on a leash.  I used to pull a real lot on my leash but now I know it's more fun to walk right next to my Foster Mom whenever we go for a walk so there's no more reason for me to pull.   

I've got some brand new toys and my favorite is a tug rope.  I really enjoy pulling back and forth on it and I just learned how to 'release' so my Foster Mom can throw it for me.  You should see how fast I am when I chase it.  Sometimes I like to tease her by not letting her grab it when I bring it back but  eventually, I 'release' it to her so we can tug on it some more.    

My big backyard is all fenced in, making it a blast to feel real free by running all over the yard, chasing my Foster brother around.  There's some bunnies in my yard and when they least expect it, I come running out off the back deck and chase them out of the yard.  I think they can actually run faster than me because I'm never able to catch them.  This morning when I went out, there was a big deer in the yard and I was a little scared since I've never seen a deer before.  Since he was so much bigger than me, I made sure I stayed up on the deck and just barked at him, letting him know that this was my yard not his. What a big chicken he was, he ran away as soon as he heard me barking.  That should teach him not to come back into my territory! 

I've already made fur-friends with the dogs on both sides of my fence.  We love to run back and forth along side the fence and sometimes even kiss each other through the links of the fence.    

I was always allowed to sit on the furniture and sleep in my old family's bed, so my Foster Mom put some big blankets on there for me and I love to cuddle up to my Foster Brother when he sits right next to me.  I still haven't decided yet who I like to sleep with better at night, so I keep experimenting by going back and forth between the beds during the night.  After all, I have to be polite by sharing myself, giving everyone equal time with me.  My Foster Mom has a really big crate and sometimes I like to hang out in there too but I like to keep the door open just in case something is going on that I need to check out.  I hear them call me a 'busy-body' and laugh when I show up unexpectedly, whatever that means.   

My new food, Whole Earth Farms Dry Food is so deeeeee-licious on it's own, it doesn't need anything added to it to make me enjoy it even more.  My Foster Mom is a little bit on the stingy side when it comes to giving me doggie biscuits though.  Only when I perform a trick will she give me some.  If I had my way, I'd be eating them all day long.  I'm always super gentle taking them right out of her fingers in hopes she'll keep giving me more.    

I'm in such good shape, I was told I only have to go to the Vet to catch up on my shots.  I'm relieved I already have had my rabies shot, that's one less I have to deal with when I go.    

So how do I sound to you so far?  Pretty good best friend material, huh!  Cross my heart, you won't be sorry when you adopt me, your life will be so much fuller and entertaining with me hanging around. Just ask my Foster family, they'll tell you I can really fill your heart meter all the way up with laughter and you'll wonder how you ever got by without me in your lives. Why not put in your application now, because I just know I'm gonna get snapped up real fast with this charming personality of mine.  Boxer slurps to all,  Hanny

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