NJ -

Male -

4 Years

This dog was adopted on 2013-10-04

Personal Information

Weight:80 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Children over 12 Years Old

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Rocco is very protective of his home and family. He needs to know that people visiting are ok to be here so we do not let company pet him or have contact with him until he is comfortable. Once he feels comfortable, he is fine. That being said, he is the love of our lives. He is so smart, he learned to open up the gates we put up for the fosters in 10 minutes! Rocco loves other dogs and has made friends with all the foster dogs that come and go. He also knows exactly when it is dinner time. As soon as 5:00 rolls around he will bark to let us know its time to eat.
We have pillows in the room for our gang to sleep on but Rocco prefers sleeping between us. It is joy to wake up and open your eyes to see his head laying beside you snoring away. It is much better than the other end which we occasionally get too!!
We are so happy we decided to adopt Rocco. He has brought much laughter into our lives and we can't imagine him not being apart of the family.


We are madly in love with Rocco. He bonded with us immediately and we knew we had to make him a part of the family. He loves Jack and Sookie and most nights you will find the three of them snuggled together on the couch. We have dog pillows in our room and they are supposed to sleep on them but that doesn't always happen. We usually wake up to find all three of them sleeping with us!


Rocco swallowed a piece of a toy and needed emergency surgery. Even though I have had dogs in my life forever, it never occurred to me that there are hidden dangers in toys. I now only allow kongs in my home. Rocco taught me a valuable lesson that I will never forget. He has recovered from his surgery and is doing great. I plan on taking him for his canine good citizen in the near future.


Meet our big, handsome boy Rocco. He is everything you would expect a boxer boy to be and more. Although Rocco will go into his crate, he is not crazy about it. We have not been using a crate for him and find that he is trustworthy being loose.  He gets along with our dogs and fits in like he has always been with us. He is the first dog I have fostered or owned that bonded with the whole family immediately. He is very sweet and loving and thinks he is a lap dog. He has no problem fitting his whole body on your lap for a cuddle session. Rocco sits and patiently waits for his dinner and is so gentle when taking food from your hand. I have seen zero aggression with toys or food. He sleeps on a pillow in our room and sleeps all night until it is time to get up.

His favorite time of the day is when it is time to go for a walk and while he is usually easy to handle, he will pull if there is something he thinks is interesting to see. On his walks he likes to play and takes the end of the leash in his mouth and tries to walk you.  He will bark to let you know if a car pulls up or you have company.  Rocco has a mouth that holds nothing, not water, food, or drool. It winds up on the floor, walls, ceiling, furniture or you! You can’t mind having to do some extra cleaning and mouth wiping if you make him a part of your family. Rocco can get a little rough when playing so kids over 12 would be best.

He is such an entertainer. On one of our walks Rocco found a frog and every time it would jump, Rocco jumped too. It was hysterical watching him try to play with this frog. He plays with toys but needs heavy duty ones or he will have them torn apart in no time.

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