Rocky II

NJ -

Male -

20 Months

This dog was adopted on 2012-08-17

Personal Information

Weight:78 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Hi Everyone!!  Rocky has been enjoying the great weather here in NJ.  He loves to be outside and play in the yard.  Rocky is a big boy and is working on learning not to jump up on people and to approach them gently.  He loves treats and responds very well to commands as long as some food is involved. 
Rocky really is a great dog!  He is most exuberant when he comes out of his crate in the morning.  It takes just a few minutes for him to quiet down and then, he generally spends his time rolling around on the bed or the floor simply enjoying himself.  He never barks in his crate unless the doorbell rings or someone comes into the house-and it's only because he so wants to see those people! 
Rocky would do best with older children because of his size.  He seems to love people of all shapes, sizes and ages but sometimes his enthusiasm for it all could be difficult for younger kids. 
Rocky is working on his leash-walking and making good progress.  He does best on a harness and I have used both a front clip harness and top clip one - either one seems to work well with him and gives me the control to manage the big goofball…LOL!  He has a real zest for life and so we use treats on our walks to keep him focused on the task at hand! 
I don't think there is a mean bone in this boy's body - he simply has no clue how big he is!  He would love to be allowed to sit in my lap all the time, too bad he would smother me with kisses and the sheer weight of him!!  He is really a very gentle soul who is working on learning to be a bit more subdued in his responses to people.
We'll be working on those things while Rocky waits for his very special family to come along.  Don't wait too long, he's planning his new life!!


Hi! My name is Rocky and playing is my game!  I am a big boy who could use a few more good meals to be my ideal weight (foster mom says that won't be a problem because I love the food here and I have no problem cleaning my bowl and politely asking for!) Foster mom says that she thinks that I am what she calls a Boxer/Great Dane mix.  She showed me pictures of those dogs and I agreed, that's what I am!!  Nice to have such a good identity!
I don't know how it happened but one day I found myself all alone out in the big scary world and a really nice man let me come inside and stay with him and his family.  They were really nice to me and they had some good food there too, so I liked being there and was very grateful for their love and attention.  They told me that they had found a special place for me to go where dogs like me get to find their furever family and while we wait, we get to stay with some great folks who train us and take care of our medical needs-and they FEED us too!!!  I liked the sound of that-I will admit, food is a very important part of my "wish list" for a new family.  I LIKE it!!  And, I like it on time and lots of!  So, here I am in NJ and it's pretty good here-there's a yard for me to run around in, there are other dogs to play with and there is a lot of really good food too!!  I found out that I am very fond of yogurt-never heard of the stuff before but since I get some every day, I like it!  Not much I don't like here-and my foster mom says that I am a very good boy. 
I always go outside to go to the bathroom and foster mom is soooooo happy when I do that-she gives me TREATS and she hugs me every time!  I am a bit of a big boy and I have to learn to curb my enthusiasm a bit because sometimes I get so happy to see people that I could knock them down.  Foster mom is showing me that if I sit and wait, she has those good treats again and that has really helped me to understand.  I don't mind working on my skills as long as the treats and the love keep coming.
Another thing that I am working on is walking on a leash.  I like to go for a walk but I do get so happy and excited to go, that I pull foster mom and she says that I can't do that.  She wants me to stop and smell the roses in the world and take the time to enjoy our walks-so, I am trying and getting better.
Thanks for listening.  I'm so happy to meet everyone of you on this "web" thing and I hope you like my pictures too.  I think I am quite a handsome fellow!

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