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1 Year

This dog was adopted on 2011-06-25

Personal Information

Weight:49 Lbs

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Unknown

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Good with children over 8

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Roger was treated for Heart Worm days before our adoption.  The first 7 weeks were hard, he was crated most of the time.  When we had him retested for HW it was negative, then the fun began!  He was so full of energy and a happy baby.  Then things changed, he was always angry, took him to the vet, I asked her to check his thyroid.  She didn't agree, but did it anyway.  When the results came back, it showed he had lymphocidic thyroiditis.  She told me it was a good call on my part.  Anyway, it's been wonderful ever since 2 happy pills a day does it.  He loves his daddy to pieces..  Sleeps in our king bed like he owns it.  We thought getting a king would give us all more room, we are still on the edge!  But we wouldn't have it any other way.  He is losing weight slowly.  


Roger came into our lives shortly after losing our baby girl Britania Marie to CRF. It is because of our love for Oakley and Britania Marie that Roger is here, he didn't replace them but is here because of them. We love this breed so much, we are honoring them with our love for Roger and doing what we can for NLBR. This little man has given our lives purpose again, he is the best.


Roger is my little man, I love this guy so much, and having gone through so many differences illnesses and things with my previous 2, I don't think there is much that would surprise me anymore. I am so grateful to NLBR for allowing us to adopt him, he will have the best possible life and will never want for anything.


 I should have posted this a month ago.  We adopted Roger on 6/25/11, he was heartworm positive at the time and he spent 7 long weeks being crated, which he hated.  He had his HW retest a month and a half ago and I am so pleased to say, it is negative!!!  He is a happy boy, he is up to 65 pounds and we think he is just a little peanut.  We just love this baby!  He has us all wrapped around his paws and quite the talker he is, he is very ready to voice his opinion, on anything!  I have had him out with me on 2 home visits, he is such a little ambassador for the breed and both places asked if they could adopt him!  He loves people.  He is my little Monkey Butt, this is his pet name that his foster mom Joie Ann gave him!


 Roger has been here 2 weeks & he is all settled in. He really is quite a character & he makes us laugh, A LOT!!!  He has calmed down some with his crazy play but this boy does need to burn off his energy. He has gotten the senior resident here to play with him a bit & he also learned when to leave Grandma alone!!   We are working on Roger’s leash manners & have some improvement using a harness, but I bet a Halti or gentle leader will be exactly what Roger needs.  
     Roger LOVES playing in the hose. At first when he saw the hose he took off running, but when he saw grandma playing he was all for it!!! He really is a smart little guy & he figures things out very quick. Only took him 24 hrs to master the doggie door!! Roger sleeps out of his crate at night & we are working on giving him freedom when we are not home. So far Roger has made it 4 hours with no supervision & NO PROBLEMS!!!  Roger only tried to counter-surf on the first day he was here & learned quickly that it is unacceptable!!! He does not touch anything that  does not belong to him UNLESS you happen to leave it close by his toy box, then it is free game!!! A quick no & Roger will let it go!! 
     Roger is learning to share the attention but not the toys!! He is NOT aggressive in anyway but he wants to be in charge of all the toys! I have put my hands in Rogers mouth, pulled on his toys, taken bones away & put my hands in his dish & he has no aggressions!! Like most Boxer babies Roger is a little mouthy (light biting) He tends to do this when he is tired. I hardly feel his teeth when he does it as he is usually very gentle, I really think it is comforting to him!!!.  I am trying to redirect this behavior with chew toys. 
      Roger has a VERY good appetite!! He will eat himself to oblivion if he could, but does still tend to keep his slim physique, he is all muscle!! Rog gets very very excited when we have visitors & thinks they are his new play toys so we have been leashing him when guests come over. He is learning he has to be calm in order to meet his new buddies!! 
     This little dude is really a love & a very  very good boy!!! As long as he is able to get love & exercise then he is the BEST. He has calmed down with the heavy kissing but he still likes to hug!!! Roger still does need a strong leader, one that won’t let him get away with murder. He knows people’s limits, he will try & pull more shenanigans with my husband because he knows he is a push over!! Roger will be meeting his first young child next weekend so hopefully we can change his status to young children YES!!! 
     All & all Roger is a Gem!!! He can stay outside on the deck or in the fenced yard unsupervised (but as long as someone is home of course). He does not paw at or try to jump over the fence & he never even attempts to go out of the gate when open! I can’t believe someone would actually let this boy go because he is FANTASTIC!!  Roger has no aversions to any types of loud noises so he will be a great boy at your 4th of July celebration!!! All you have to do is come & get this little dude!!


HI-HI-HEY-HO – This is Roger, Rogie, Rodger-Dodger, Roger-Roo, Rogeesh …… Whatever you wish I am your guy!! I thought I should jump in real quick because Foster Mom thinks I am the best thing since sliced bread & she is devising a plan to keep me.  As much as I would love love love to stay here I think you all deserve a shot at adopting me, the bestest,  cutest, funniest, handsomeist Boxer boy you will ever meet. Adopting me is better than hitting the LOTTO !!!!!!!! I SWEAR!!  F-Mom can’t believe how awesome I am. I am a good boy & I listen, unless I am in the crazy boxer play  zone then f-mom has to re-direct my attention.  She says that the resident Senior girl doesn’t appreciate that kind of play. Sheeesh- she is such a DIVA, doesn’t she know she is a Boxer, golly grandma, get a grip!!  But it’s all good, see cause I am a puppy & that is what us puppy boys do, but I am also a smooooth dude, you dig? 
     I am a very vocal guy, I talk back to F-dad when he tries to tell me what to do. Doesn’t he know F-Mom is in charge??? Well I do a good job of letting him know that is for sure. Plus it makes F-mom laugh & laugh. F-dad??? Not so much……… but he’s not the one with the grub so I’m gona keep telling him!!! F-Mom thanks me for making her laugh so much & said as long as I am here she can ditch the happy pills cause I am all she needs  !! 
      I sleep nice in my crate all night & last night F-mom let me sleep in the bedroom out of my crate & I was an angel. I would have really loved to jump up in the bed & cuddle though, I really love to cuddle, but once again the resident grandma got her panties in a bunch, I was like OH MY DOG, really lady?? So in a bed on the floor it was for me. 
      I  don’t touch ANYTHING that I shouldn’t so I think maybe she should give it a try, even if it is for a little bit………..but we will see.  So any-hoo I like to be outside, even if it is just hanging out, I can sit out there all day & love to run back & forth on the deck, even a crazy thunder storm won’t stop me, I am like SUPER ROG!! I like to watch these crazy flying feathered creatures & then little annoying grey things with the fluffy tails. They jump from tree to tree & I follow them all around. Pretty neat!! 
     F-Mom tells me all I need is the Snip Snip & I’ll be ready to go. I don’t know what that is but sounds like fun???  Maybe??? No???What do you think??? Well hurry up & come & get me before you miss out on the next best thing!! Peace Out………..Rog


Oh boy it has been some time since I have had a young one in my house & it brings back memories & reminds me why I love boxers so much??????because they make me laugh, play hard & LOVE even harder!!! This little guy is funny with his clumsy crazy legs, his backward bunny hops & his high jumping hurdles to clear anything in his path!! When he shakes he starts with his head, then the middle & then the back end right down to his little feet. It looks like he is doing a jig!!! 
     Roger slept through the night like a champ. I am sure this little guy was exhausted!! He is crate trained although he won't go in on his own but throw & treat in there & it is all good. He fusses for a little bit & then he settles in. Roger wakes up & he is ready for the day!! Right out to the potty, in for some breakfast , back out for a romp & now he is relaxing in the dog bed chewing his bone & falling asleep like a good boy. We have had no accidents in the house & at this time I believe it is safe to say he is house & crate trained. He has not even attempted to touch anything that he shouldn't!!! 
     Roger is still getting used to all the house noises so he is very inquisitive & a little on edge but I am sure he will be fine. Roger is a thinker, he tries to figure these new things out & will tilt his head, so darn cute. Roger gets excited to see my resident senior & immediately wants to play, he has lots of energy , plays a little rough & can get a little to rowdy but when my senior girl goes & hides from him, he does his own thing for a bit & settles down. Roger does listen BUT you have to be the pack leader with him! He needs someone that will be in charge & that he will focus on, no real need to even raise your voice but you must be persistent. So anyone that has had a Boxer puppy knows what to expect. 
     Roger has a good appetite & will eat his food & anyone else's if given the chance. He is food motivated & eager to please!! He is very gentle when taking food from your hand. No food or toy aggression at all. He is a smart boy & I think the possibilities are endless with him!!! 
He LOVES LOVES LOVES to give hugs & kisses & just to be loved!! He will wrap his front paws right around you & lay his head on your chest, a heart-melter for sure. 
     He really likes to be outside & the rain does not stop him, so a home with a fenced yard would be great for this guy !! He is a good boy outside & does not jump or paw at the fence. I think he would be fine as an only dog as long as he gets a lot of exercise. I also think he would do great with another dog in the house that likes to play hard!!! 
     Check back soon for more updates. If he is this good on day one I can only imagine how awesome he will be once he settles!!!


Roger arrive in NJ today & he is a typical young boxer, fully of puppy energy & loves to play play play!!! He is a very good boy & likes to give hugs & kisses. He listens very well, he knows sit, stay, lay down & NO. He needs some leash manners so we will get started on that. We are going to give Roger some time to settle in & learn the routine here & get him neutered & update him soon.

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