Baci (FKA Rollie)

NJ -

Male -

2 yrs

This dog was adopted on 2020-09-09

Personal Information

Weight:48 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Unknown

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Needs at least a 4 foot fence.

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story



Nicole & Brian adopted Baci (originally Rollie) 9 months ago! Baci loves Peanut butter, banana, carrots, and greenies. His favorite thing to do is go on walks and to play with his toy rope. Baci is very good at “wait.” He’s also made a lot of progress walking right next to us on walks! The most challenging thing has been teaching him not to steal shoes (lol!) He does great around family and friends and gets very excited, and is doing very well learning how to react appropriately! We usually incorporate dinner into training time, or put his food into a puzzle or kong wobbler. We like to incorporate training into playtime, and Baci loves rope play the most! We practice sit, wait, okay, and come. He also walks at least 3 miles a day! We laugh all day long with Baci! The funniest moments are after a bath or after he goes out in the rain, and he gets the “zooms”! Baci has recently started sitting in a swivel chair in our living room corner. He loves it, but scares himself everytime he jumps down and it moves!


We are so grateful to New Life Boxer Rescue for choosing us as adopters!  Rollie now goes by Baci (kisses in Italian), and we truly do not know how we ever lived without him.  He is beyond happy to see us every day, the ultimate cuddle bug, and absolute best walking buddy.  He loved visiting the vet and seeing "his cousin” (my cousin- a vet tech). He’s a big mush at the vet and gets a ton of treats!  He is excellent with family and friends! Baci is just so happy to see anyone and everyone.  He loves when his trainer visits and has responded to his training so quickly!  He knows sit, stay, come, paw, other paw, out, and he is so good at “wait”! He will sit, we throw a treat/toy and say “wait”, and he stares at us waiting patiently until we say “okay!”.  We hand feed him often and actually incorporate training time into feeding time.  He eats a cup of Hill’s Science Diet twice a day.  He loves to play fetch and tug with his rope and also enjoys throwing kong toys stuffed with greenies around the apartment.  We go on long walks daily and he loves running in our grassy area.  He loves visiting our family with their big backyards to run in too! He often visits his doggie family members Bugsy (American Bulldog) and Beau (Boxer/English Bulldog).  He’s not a big fan of water and rain! This morning he went out in the rain, ran back inside all wet, and immediately picked up a towel off the bathroom floor and ran to Brian with it.  It was hilarious and shows how bright he is!  He loves to lay on the bed looking out our window, watching people walk around the courtyard.  Baci can be quite lazy especially in the mornings! Although he loves his bed and is excellent when he needs to go in the crate, he insists on sleeping with us!  One of Baci’s best friends is a small maltipoo named Milo, who often comes over to play.  Baci has not formally met any children yet, but he seems to be perfectly fine with them when passing in our hallways!  He has been to the beach once and he loved it!  He has really enjoyed hiking also.  Overall, Baci is just the biggest love bug.  He loves cuddles and hearing that he’s a “good boy”, and wants love all the time! 

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