Rupert (FKA Roo)

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Male -

2 yrs

This dog was adopted on 2020-09-25

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Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


We’ve had Rupert (originally Roo/Cheddar) for a year now. He loves to eat everything, but particularly fond of veggies. His favorite thing to do is explore and he loves all the toys. He hasn’t learned any new tricks per se, but is doing well with commands like 'sit', 'come', 'leave it. Rupert can be a lot at first because he must be where the action is, but we continue to work on calmer reactions and respecting personal space. Favorite play is anything physical - chase, tug, toss and find, etc. Exercise: Rupert goes to daycare every weekday and is nonstop action - playmates include a Saint Bernard and a German Shorthaired Pointer. We walk between 2-3 miles on trails or in the woods on weekend days. Funny enough Rupert still insists on being carried to bed some nights.This was our first summer with Rupert and he loved every minute of it - we call him our little Baked Potato because one of his favorite summer activities is sunning himself outside until he sizzles, cooling off in the AC inside, then going right back out. He also loves the hose, running over to chase the stream and get sprayed down as soon as he hears the spigot turn. Looking forward to another winter of snowball snacking and snuggling up in blankets with sister Daisy after playing outside!'


We lengthened ‘Roo’ to ‘Rupert’ but he’s also known as ’Snoopert’, ’The Rupervisor’, and ’The Butterscotch Piglet’
No medical problems. He loved his first vet visit and remains obnoxiously healthy :)
He loves everyone - our 11-year old Boxer Daisy is his tolerant big sister and he loves to snuggle with her and us, loves any visitors, and loves all the dogs at daycare. He gets a little excited when meeting new people but we’re continuing to work on that with training and positive reinforcement
He eats a high-quality corn-free kibble mixed with rice and steamed veggies, 2.5-3 cups per day
He has a vast assortment of squeaky, crinkly, and chewy toys and loves to play tug, as well as chase with his Jolly Ball and flirt pole. He loves walks in the park and goes to daycare every weekday. He’s a very active boy and then super snuggly once he’s worked off excess energy
He makes us laugh constantly with his antics but one of the cutest things he does is that he insists upon being carried to bed at night. After going outside for potty he curls up on the couch until Heath carries him upstairs and plops him into bed. If one of us does not get into bed quickly enough to snuggle with him he jumps into my reading chair and gives us the sad eyes until he’s carried to bed AGAIN. A far cry from the tough little fellow living on the streets in Texas until NLBR rescued him!


Update on Roo during his first full day home! We just adopted this handsome little gent and he's already firmly established as Daisy's annoying little brother ??
We've taken to calling him Rupert and we absolutely adore him. He's also earned the nicknames 'Snoopert' and 'The Rupervisor' for his uncanny ability to be anywhere something is happening and 'The Little Orange Cannonball' for the way he arrives at the scene.
He's the perfect addition to our family and we want to thank Mary SwigerDesiree Morgan, and Diane Checchio for rescuing and loving this amazing dog and for helping us find him ??


So I spent the day with Lily and Roo. Picked them up from the transport this morning. First stop was to the vet for Lily's first Heartworm treatment. Roo came home to have lunch and then back to pick up Lily. She did great! Lily had lunch and waited for her Foster to Adopt mom, Jennifer to take her home. I think both Jen and Lily are in love! Lily will go for her last two Heartworm treatments in a month and then Jennifer will have the opportunity to adopt Lily. Roo will stay till Friday when his forever family will come to take him to his new home... I can't wait till they meet him. Thanks again to Mary, who fostered these babies who would not have had this second chance at such wonderful homes. Here are their pictures from transport to vet...

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