NJ -

Male -

2 years

This dog was adopted on 2012-03-26

Personal Information

Weight:45 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Unknown



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Roscoe continues to be THE sweetest little boy, I had to laugh at him and Maggie during the blizzard we had a few weeks back, I took pictures and placed them on Facebook with the caption "OH HELL NO we`re not going out in this! And he proceeded to curl up (in Mollys`s bed, our 3rd dog, English setter soon to be 18!) But once Daddy groomed a path for them, they were out and chasing the birds again, Roscoes favorite pasttime!


Roscoe is doing WONDERFUL! Here are some recent pics from the past year, He is such a snuggle bum! His elderly sister, Molly (english setter 17yrs old this month) had emergency mammory tumor surgery, Roscoe will not come in the house unless Molly comes first, as much as he dislikes the snow, he will wait till she is ready, and ONLY then will he come in, his other sister Maggie (boxer 6 yrs) and him are definately couch snugglers, he is still skittish with children, so he is asked to go to his room when younguns are visiting, he doesn`t mind, its rare,...pic #1 is on the patio, my husband just spread lawn fertilizer which needed 2 -3 days to absorb, didn`t want them getting it on their paws so we fenced the area, and where did they sit? MY seat after I got up to get a glass of wine! #2 his favorite watch spot in the gazebo, squirrels!!! #3 Miss Molly the elder was up and he took advantage of her bed, (even though his is upstairs, she doesn`t mind, #4 kisses to daddy, always!! #5 blanket sleeper, #6 two couch hogs! Maggie and Roscoe! #7 LOVES the fire, scares me, I swear he`s gonna fry his brains! #8 warm day he played hard in the yard and literally fell asleep sitting up! I have to say, of my 3,...he is my sweetie, I adore him, and I know you can`t play favorites, but he has a sweetness that is undeniable! 


Roscoe continues to remain a sweet little man,. not too good with my three year old great niece whom he cannot understand why she`s so loud and screaming all the time, he`s not aggressive but has nipped at her hands, so to keep him from stressing about her we keep him upstairs while she visits, which really isn`t too often, He STILL has his "gross" rubber ball that he could not figure out why it was so hard to pick up this winter! (due to the fact it was frozen!) He loves catching water from the corner of the gazebo when it rains, picture attached, and dancing with the ladies! He`s definitely a "hugger" as every time I`m sitting on the couch he is joined at the hip with me, or him and sister Maggie (another rescue from Delaware) make a doggie sandwich on Dad! He and sister Maggie look like "push me pull you in attached picture with "their" blankey, and Roscoe in his favorite spot on the couch with sister Maggie at the other!  We unfortunately had a break in and believe Roscoe was put in my walk-in closet, (due to the fact my money and some pieces of jewelry were still in there) We`re greatful that he was not harmed! I do keep in touch with Patricia O`Brien on facebook and Natalie Tango, where anytime my dogs do anything remotely funny I am sure to post!
Thank-you again for this amazing little man! And keep up the good work!


He was a little rough coming in, but we were told he was two years old at the time of adoption, Our vet discovered he wasn`t even 1 yet as he didn`t have ANY back teeth yet! Which explained his social skills, BUT he has blossomed to such a sweetie! He and Maggie snuggle near the fire together all the time, He`s a little clumsy with our OLD gal Molly, the English setter, she`s 14, and He tries to play with her but ends up knocking her down, He has been seen dropping mouthfuls of kibble in front of Molly for her to eat, since she finishes eating before him ( she doesn`t eat as much at her age)AND has given up his bisquits to her, He will literally take them to her and drop it on her front paws! AMAZING!



Well, Roscoe has been here a week and he has been a perfect guest.  He eats real well, sleeps all night and is just a love.  He hasn't had any accidents and he rarely barks.  At night he loves to lay by my feet while we watch TV.  It was a beautiful day today so we spent a lot of time outside.  He just loved running around the yard throwing around a ball and catching it in the air.  He met his foster sister Zoe the other day and did very well.  He was a gentleman.  You are just going to love him:))


Charlie is an amazing dog.  She has brought so much love into our home.  She is friendly with everyone and truly my son's best friend.  We could not have asked for a better dog.  She has so much love to give and we have so much love to offer her.  We are very lucky she is a part of our family.


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