Rowan (FKA Rocky)

CT -

Male -

3 Years

This dog was adopted on 2012-05-17

Personal Information

Weight:60 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Unknown



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


I initially took “Rocky” as a foster, but adopted him shortly after his arrival. He came from a shelter in PA from my understanding. I had him for five years, and he passed away approximately two years ago (09-30-2017) due to a neurological problem which my vet said would result in his inability to walk in a few months. I stayed with him while he passed on so he was not with strangers. He loved sweet potatoes, and loved to have a bath. If he heard the shower, and I didn’t have the shower door shut, he would walk in the shower and sit down waiting for his bath. He was not friendly, and was aggressive to people he did not know which  makes me suspect he had been neglected, starved and physically abused by the people who initially owned him. He was a happy dog in my house and stuck to me like glue on our nine acre property, it was just the two of us, and that was ideal for him. He was in his own way, a good dog, and I’m glad I had him with me. I have his remains in my house with my previous rescued Boxer, Heidi, who had passed on several months before Rocky/Rowan came. I feel very safe with their wonderful spirits, souls. 


Rowan is a velcro dog, follows me everywhere, will not leave my side, sleeps on my bed, under my recliner when I am in it and is my constant companion.  He is remarkably loyal, protective and shows me daily how much he loves me.  He's a great dog, he didn't respond well to the name Rocky but did come to Rowan.  I started calling him Roe, which morphed into Salmon Roe.  He now comes when called, just as quickly to "Salmon" which is a riot.


Rowan (formerly Rocky) is doing great here!  He is very attached to me and is a velcro dog - follows me everywhere and is very affectionate.  He sleeps on my bed at night, frequently lays down on my pillows to be close and likes to be cuddled…It's very sweet.  I have signed us up for companion classes and we start next Wednesday.  I have a dog sitter that comes each day I am at work to take Rowan for a walk and Rowan likes him very much.  All is good here!  Rowan has a very sensitive stomach and I have been addressing this with my vet.  He has gained about 10 or so pounds since he has been here and you can no longer see any ribs or his spine.  He looks great and is enjoying having his very own person.  Attached is a picture of him in my little car.  He fits in it, but most times we go places in the SUV.  It is really nice since he likes being in the back seat.  I have a pet cover so it's like a big hammock for him back there.


Rocky is loving life here in our home.  It is obvious that he is enjoying living life in a loving home with structure, 2 meals a day and treats!  He wants to do everything he can to protect his good fortune.  He is acting like a normal foster dog that has not had a good life - afraid that anyone coming into our home may take him back to his old life and for that reason, he is afraid to trust and show the love that we are seeing on a daily basis.

Rocky is a good boy.  He is rough and tough and strong and fun!  He wants to trust and love but his new life is still so new and so special to him...he is afraid this life could disappear.  Rocky needs to learn some manners.  He was never taught not to "mouth" when he was a puppy and now that he is older his nibbles during play can get a bit on the rough side - but a stern "NO" stops play and gets him refocused.  With that being said, at the same time, when I give him treats - he takes them so gently - I never feel the slightest nibble on my fingers!

We are working with Rocky and trying to teach him "nice" manners.  We are working on staying off the counter and table, greeting the resident dogs politely and not being pushy or bugging them, teaching him to sit and wait for his food and the most important goal right now is to show him that people are mostly "good" and "safe" and that he can love and not get hurt again.

Rocky needs patience and guidance.  With some dedication and a strong owner, he will be become the dog he should have been all along!


II was hoping to write this update and say that Rocky is getting along with all the dogs in this home but instead, I am writing that Rocky is recovering from kennel cough and has not had the opportunity to meet my dogs yet.  He is finally over the hump and the coughing is subsiding as of tonight, so maybe he will get to meet the group this weekend!

Rocky has spent the last 2 weeks living in our kitchen.  We have had baby gates trying to keep him in the kitchen and keep our dogs out so no one else gets sick.  These gates can get knocked over with just the slightest touch but he would just look at the dogs on the other side, has never pushed to get out, never whined or cried and has been just a perfect gentleman!  At night he sleeps in his crate and we NEVER hear a peep out of him.  For his age he seems like he is more of a laid back boxer...but he is very strong.

In the morning everyone gets their breakfast but Rocky is more interested in sleeping than getting up to eat.  Eventually though, he gets up and fills his belly.  At night, we bring him in the living room to sit with us while we watch TV but again, he is on one side and the other dogs are on the other side.  He just lays there and enjoys being with the family!

He seems so thankful to be allowed to stay inside…He really is a wonderful guy!


Rocky was pulled out of a shelter with only minutes to spare.  He was an owner surrender the day before.  A shelter volunteer spotted him and called out to the rescues.  Rocky was so scared in that shelter that the volunteer went to sit with him.  She noticed how cold he was.  It is assumed that he had been left outside in the freezing temperatures for a while.  He is skinny and needs to gain some weight.  He was brought to our home and taken to the vet.  He has also just been neutered.  I am listing his age as 2-3.  The shelter listed him as 3 and my vet believes he is more in the 2 year old age bracket.  He has only been in this house for 3 days but also spent Friday-Saturday at the vet’s office.  He is now back here and we are starting to work with him.  He has been an absolute angle in his crate and never makes a peep.  He seems like he is a more docile boy but we do see a hint of a playful side.  Let's see if we can get that playful side to shine in the next couple weeks.  We had snow last night and now we have sleet falling from the sky so no one wants to be outside.  A lot can change in 2 weeks, so for now that is a small summary of Rocky from his first 72 hours with us.

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