NJ -

Male -

4 Months

This dog was adopted on 2011-08-01

Personal Information

Weight:22 Lbs





Shots Up to Date:Unknown

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:No

House Trained:No


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Rufus is doing very well. He is the center of the family and loved by all. He is very affectionate and enjoys snuggling. He also has claimed the spare bedroom as his own. When he is tired he can be found sleeping in his bedroom. He also loves to look out the front window and bark at dogs when they walk by. He enjoys wearing clothes. We put small tee shits on him and he loves it. He is a very social dog and enjoys walking around the neighborhood and meeting people.


It is hard to believe it has already been three years. Rufus is doing wonderful and is the center of attention and the family. As soon as any family member walks in the house, we all walk straight to Rufus. He loves to relax in a chair by the front window. He also likes to keep an eye on the neighborhood and let us know if any other dogs walk near the house. Rufus loves to cuddle, he is very affectionate. He loves to sit with family and friends. if you ignore him he lets you know by gently whining and when that doesn't work he nudges your hand with his snout to get you to pet him.
Rufus is the most communicative dog I have ever seen. If he wants to go out he whines and runs to the door. If he wants water he puts his paw in his water bowl and makes a whiny "hmmmm" sound. If he wants a cookie he whines "hmmmm" and stares at the dog cookie cabinet. and when he wants a rawhide he does the "hmmmm" and stares at the cabinet where we keep his rawhides. 
One day Rufus wanted extra food. He put his foot in his food dish and whined "hmmmm". We purposely ignored him to see what he would do. He continued to whine and started sliding his food dish all over the kitchen. it was very cute and we were all laughing. Finally when he had enough of our laughing, he slid his dish to the top of the stairs and kicked it down the stairs. When the food dish hit the bottom of the stairs he stared at my daughter and went "Hmmmmm". 

We are all very happy and very lucky to have Rufus in our lives. 


Rufus is doing great! He is growing up wonderfully. He is very well behaved and so affectionate. He is a big mush :) He loves to be around people and likes to be the center of attention. He has his own chair in the livingroom and everyone in the house has to stop, kiss and hug him everytime we pass him. He is a spoiled little boy and we are so grateful to have him in our family.


Rufus is the centerpiece of our family.  He is fun to have around and very affectionate.  He is very smart and lets you know what he wants.  Sometimes Rufus wants extra food during the day or evening.  He starts by putting his paw in his bowl and a low whine.  If he doesn't get attention he drags his dog bowl around the kitchen.  He has gone as far as pushing the dog bowl down the stairs much to our amusement.


Rufus came to us as a courtesy posting to help this guy out and give him the chance he deserves to find a forever home. He has been in a shelter for most of his life waiting for his perfect family but hasn't found them yet. Best guess is he is a Shar-pei/English Bulldog mix with possibly a slight touch of boxer. Lineage aside, Rufus is an adorable young pup that has had a pretty rough start for only 4 months old, but you would never know that from his demeanor... he is the sweetest thing ever. Truly an absolute love to everyone he meets. Rufus is also goofy and clumsy, and highly entertaining to watch. Rufus seems to like to step in his food bowl before he eats and likes to stick his feet in the water bowl. Poor little guy ran between the crate and the cabinet door knob and almost knocked himself out. He took a minute, got his bearings and was right back to running all over the place. For as much energy as he has, he will just sit next to you and sink into you and let you pet him for a while. Aside from the inherent puppy energy, he really does mirror the energy of the dogs and people around him. When he runs, he sounds like a mini horse. His feet frequently slide out from underneath his shorty legs, so he trips a lot. When he's not tripping all over himself, he looks so cute walking or running around the back yard carrying a toy. He's definitely all puppy...wires are a favorite, and the recycling bin too. He pulled the paper through the handle of the box and went to town shredding it. Shoes are fun, paper towels while trying to clean up after him, and the cleaner bottle too. Since Rufus hasn't ever really had the benefit of a family to provide a consistent routine or training, he's a little behind on the potty training so patience and understanding is a must for this little guy, but he's so worth it.

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