PA -

Male -

18 Months

This dog was adopted on 2012-06-10

Personal Information

Weight:64 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Rusty has been a delightful addition to our family. He and our female boxer, Effie have bonded very well. They are inseparable. Despite a small scuffle every now and then, you will find them playing or cuddling together for an afternoon nap. They are very jealous of one another when it comes to attention, but do not express it with aggression. They simply just push one another away from who ever they think should be loving them at the moment. Their personalities are comical. They enjoy wrestling and boxing. The energy between the two of them is exhausting but fun. Rusty was a little timid at first when it came to being disciplined by my husband which led us to believe he might have been abused at one point. However, he has adjusted well and has seemed to move past the timidness. He has become quite the love bug and despite his size, enjoys trying to be a lap dog. He does seem a little confused at what kind of breed he is however...he doesnt seem to realize that he is a boxer and not a breed that can lie on the back of the couch like a miniature poodle can. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives. We love him dearly.


Well I've been with my foster family for only 2-1/2 weeks but foster mommy says I get more lovable and relaxed every day.  She also said my energy for playtime with Cora gets higher and higher!  I really love having a sister to play with and do hope I have one at my furever home!  If not, I will play fetch with my new family which foster mommy says I am amazing when I do this.  Cora and I can both play at the same time and we have no trouble!  My appetite has finally slowed down a bit because I've been eating so well and put on 6 pounds in only 2-1/2 weeks (foster mommy said muscle pounds from all our playing).  I was so hungry when I came to my foster home, you could have counted my bones!  We took Cora to the vet last night and I weighed in at 63.6 pounds :)
I walk well on a leash but do have one small fault... If you are too busy in the yard to pay attention to me, I will find a place to dig a hole for you!  I saw foster mommy doing it with a little silver thing but I don't need that, I use my paws!!  I had a bath this weekend and that was fun too…I'm all about the fun!  Foster mommy washes my face everyday after she takes her shower and I love it, it feels so good and helps me wake up :)
Foster mommy is going to send some more photos too!


Well, my first week with my new foster family has just been soooo much fun!  I love my new K-9 sissy so much!  It's going to be harder and harder to leave her, so maybe you can adopt me soon since Foster Mommy said she and Foster Daddy may not be able to let go of me :'( 
Foster Mommy and Sissy have taught me how to play DOUBLE FETCH! Foster Mommy said I am the first Boxer Doggy that has ever returned with the ball!  She throws 2 balls at one time and Cora gets one and I get one!!  They are so proud of me and even had their photographer friend Aunt Karen come over and take lots of photos of me playing ball yesterday. Look how cute I am!  :))
I'm also a very good eater!  Foster Mommy is teaching me NOT to eat from Sissy’s dish because she said not all doggies are as nice about it as Cora.  Sure hope I have another fun doggy like me to play with!
I don't really like going in the crate but I can be persuaded with a cookie and once I'm in there, I lay down and behave myself until morning when I must go potty.  I can only hold it so long ya know!
I'm also very nice to visitors!  I do like to bark at people who go jogging, I think that's what it's called, past our yard.  We were outside ALL weekend long and it was so much fun!  I love the outdoors!  I'm not afraid of vacuums, or lawn mowers either!  I kind of like the noise :)


I arrived on Saturday with my temporary family Penny, Gary and Steve.  They were so awesome and good to me before my Foster Mommy and Daddy could come and get me on Sunday.  I slept in bed with Gary and played with something they say is called a "toy" with Steve.  I don't know what it's called but I sure want to see more of them in my future!  Penny was sad to see me go and I wanted to stay with her because she had so much love for me but Foster Mommy told me this was the first big step in my new journey to find my furever home!!  I will miss Chumlee, the kitty…I like kitties!  I'm sorry I didn't get to stay and meet Roger!
I had a nice ride for nearly an hour to my new Foster Home.  When I arrived I went for a little walk around the neighborhood and my new yard.  Then I met my Foster K-9 Sissy, Cora.  She didn't seem to like me at first but that was only for a moment after I showed off some of my charm she warmed right up to me!  Now we are already becoming good friends.  We slept next to each other last night in our crates, which was kind of nice.  I felt safe and warm and had a full belly!  Foster Mommy says it's time for another walk so I must go now!  I'll be back later with more photos so you can see how handsome and adorable I am!!

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