Sammy - Boxer/Pug mix

NJ -

Male -

2 yrs

This dog was adopted on 2020-11-08

Personal Information

Weight:35 pounds

Color:Reverse Brindle




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Needs a fence

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Sammy wakes at 7:30, he eats/drinks water and then is taken out for an AM walk. Currently, we spend about an hour walking in the park and community with my current dog Max. Pending weather, Sammy and Max will run and play in the dog park. We return home and Sammy and Max finishes any unfinished food and gets a drink of water. Sammy and Max play in the hoose and rest from the time we return home until their afternoon walk/playtime, which takes place around 3:30/4:00 p.m. Max and Sammy are also fed their second meal of the day. Upon returning home from their second walk, they play with my son and other relatives. They then go our for their third walk around 8:30/9 - sometimes a little later pending my work schedule.

Sammy enjoys the dog park and playing with other dogs. He loves running outside in my front yard with Max and our tenants dog - Luna. He enjoys playing with toys and just running around with Max and my son Jules. Last, Sammy loves playing catch. He loves fetching a ball or other item.

Sam doesn't like the crate. He is very protective of food bones and toys.

I feed them Taste of the Wild

Twice - a cup and 1/2 per meal; however, Sammy likes to overeat and takes Max's food at times. We continue to work on this issue.

Sammy has completed our family. We've deeply enjoyed adding him to our household. He brings joy and immense happiness to our home. He is sweet, adorable, and more important loveable. We have fallen in love with him.



Sammy likes to follow me around the house. He plants himself where ever I am at. Sooo sweet! Today is day 4 with us and we are enjoying time together!


This face ?? Sammy is settling in nicely with his foster sister Lola. He loves to play with her and go for walks! He’s 2yrs old, walks really well on leash and is very smart. 


We think he is a Boxer pug mix. He is up for adoption. About 35-40 lbs. A Very good boy. Walks nicely on a leash but has alot of energy just like a Boxer. The foster home is looking for a home with a female dog to exercise him and a fenced in yard.  He loves everyone and all other dogs. 


So I will be going to Maine to close up our cottage so Sammy will be going to stay with Joanna. Thank you Joanna for taking him! He will keep Lola very busy playing. I will miss this little sweetheart. Both my husband and I fell in love with him and his cute little antics. He is very smart, loving and a very good boy. He has such a personality!

The shelter gave him a breed ID of Boxer/beagle but now that he has been with us I definitely think he is a puggle or at least part pug. I immediately thought " I see Pug" since my friend had a black pug years ago. He needs another dog and a fenced in yard to burn his energy... he is very active and loves, loves, loves to play and enjoys his walks. Has been great with all dogs, kids and just personable with everyone.

Below you will see him chewing a bully stick, prancing around with it in his mouth like a cigar and then trying to find a good place to bury the end of it. He finally decided the long dog toy basket would do the trick, moving the toys around to cover it. He enjoys climbing in and looking around for that perfect toy that he might want to play with. He is about 35 lbs and all love. He will definitely keep you laughing. If you know anyone who may be a match for Sammy, have them fill out an application at


Sammy says...time for an update!
Sammy says " I love my toys and bones and I even talk to them! I love all people and kids and talk to them too! My foster mom says I am such a silly boy and I keep her laughing, I don't know why. I am just being my cute little self and happy go lucky all the time. Like the other day I took my favorite toy, Miss Lambchop outside to tinkle with me....foster mom said I was so silly, and Oh I am learning how to play tug too. Yesterday I ran around the yard with Merlin with the ball in my mouth and again, foster mom was hysterical, although she did say it was so cute. I haven't met a dog I didn't like and foster mom says I just go with the flow! We'll update again soon! 


Sammi is our newest foster. He’s such a sweet boy and really good with Lola! He is looking for a home that has another dog and a fenced in yard so they can play! If interested please let me know or go to

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