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Female -

2 Years

This dog was adopted on 2012-08-11

Personal Information

Weight:62 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:*Good with dogs when properly introduced, fearful of most new dogs. *Good with cats but still chases them, lives with a cat and is too rough with her. *Fence is recommended, can jump high enough to reach an 8' fence *High energy-needs lots of physical and mental stimulation

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


 Sophie is adapting to life in the city.  She is almost two years old.  She enjoys her walks to a beautiful park near the ocean with views of the docks, the light houses and more.  She gets to meet new people every day.  Everybody who meets her loves her!  She is learning that we don't need to greet dogs during our walks.  She is still highly interested in the other dogs but conflicted as she wants to meet them but is not quite sure she feels 100% comfortable around them. 
She loves to run and jog.  Because she isn't 100% comfortable with other dogs, she is not an off-leash dog park or beach dog.  She is wonderful at adoption events, eager to meet everybody and does well with the other dogs in attendance.  Recently she quickly made friends with a very sweet pup at our Yard sale fundraiser.  They were instant buddies! 
She recently lost her foster brother who was adopted about a week ago.  He was her playmate and she has found herself lost without him.  Life is certainly different for her now.  So now she has more time to play with the cat.  The cat enjoys tormenting her and taunts her throughout the day.  But Sophie is still a little rough with the cat so the cat knows where she is safe and can hide. 
Recently Sophie has learned to swim.  She has been afraid of the water for the past year.  After her foster brother was adopted on a hot day during our daily walk she followed her foster mom into the ocean!  So part of our daily walks now includes a dip in the ocean to cool down and learn how to swim.  Sophie wants to know if you have a pool she can practice her swimming skills in!  Because she now thinks swimming is the coolest thing since peanut butter stuffed kongs! 
Sophie is talented and fun loving.  And she is the life of the party. She adores her people and enjoys snuggling after a day filled with fun.


Well, it's January and Sophie is still here.  Sophie is a beautiful boxer mix - With what, we don't know.  She's a fun dog full of life and full of energy.  She loves being around her people but can be uncomfortable around new dogs.  She continues to make progress when she visits doggie daycare for her training sessions but she will be happiest being the center of attention in her new home.  
Sophie is very talented and athletic.  She has learned to run through tunnels and channel her athletic ability going up and over agility A-frames and ramps.  She can run zoomies very fast around 3500 square feet of secure play space.  This girl has some real "hops" as she can jump over the cat gate from a sitting position.  Just click on her video! 
She loves running upstairs to dive under the covers on the bed and she play barks under the sheets until she's rolled them off the bed.  She loves chewing on dirty socks so they must be hidden from her or she will eat them like they are some kind of delicacy.  Once she's done playing she is quite content snuggling up to her favorite person.  
She currently lives with two dogs and a cat.  She still chases the cat intensely but is learning to respect the cat, who is very dog savvy.  She plays nonstop with her foster brother but can be hesitant around her foster sister.  She is currently a city girl but would be very happy to be chasing squirrels in a fenced in yard in the country.  
Sophie is waiting for her perfect forever home to come along.  She is a very special girl, is affectionate, happy and fun.


Well the summer is almost over and this sweet gem is still here with us.  I can't believe that nobody has snatched this sweet girl up.  She's been to several adoption events all Summer and everyone who meets this girl falls in love with her beautiful face and her sweet demeanor.  She's a very smart and very active girl.  She would make a great jogging partner, flyball master, agility queen, you name it she's got it!        She currently plays all day with her foster siblings.  Enjoys going for walks and exploring. She recently moved to the city so there are all kinds of new smells, sights, and distractions.  So her foster mom is now working on some impulse control and focus exercises.  Every thing is just so exciting and stimulating!!!        Sophie wishes she could climb trees to follow after those taunting squirrels.  If she could she'd chase them all day long.  She also likes to chase the neighborhood cats as the cat in the house won't play or cooperate.  She just thinks they  are fun big squeaky toys!  She can co exist with cats but will probably do better in a home with out them.  That being said she could learn over time to respect them.  But she is young, full of energy and life is just too much fun to slow down for Sophie.        Sophie has been meeting lots of new people at all the dog events this Summer and is just loving the attention she gets.  After a day of play and exercise she's ready to snuggle, and has proven to be a great lap dog.        She's a cute girl with a big heart and a wonderful personality.  She is looking for an active family to call her own.  Are you the right family for this sweet girl?


What can I say about this cutie?  That I can't believe she is still with us. She's cute, sweet and just adorable. She plays all day long with her foster buddies, enjoys the walks in the woods. She loves chasing bugs. If you have bugs you want out of the house, this is the girl for you  She's a fantastic toy tester, very little toys have passed the test but she wants to make sure those looking for durable toys know what to buy for their pups.       She's athletic. Can jump over a 3 foot gate from a sitting position. So if you are looking for a dog to jog with, a dog to accompany you on nice walks in the woods, or a dog to play sports with this is the girl for you.  She runs the best zoomies. She is quick, smart and flexible. The best part is after a nice walk she's ready to snuggle.       Sophie loves people. On her list of motivators, people come first, food second, socks third and dogs last. If you have socks Sophie will love you forever. She thinks it's the coolest thing to steel your socks!  You still have to watch her or she will eat the tasty dirty old sock.       Sophie gets along wonderfully with her foster siblings. She is still building confidence around other dogs. When introduced slowly and correctly she does wonderfully with other dogs. She is still a little nervous around some dogs at first but she warms up quickly.       She's such a beautiful dog. We are surprised she is still here with us. Sophie has so much love to offer, she is talented and fun to have around I can't believe she hasn't been snatched up. She is ready for her own people. She loves us but knows she isn't staying. Is Sophie the girl for you?  Put your application in so you can com meet this sweet little energetic gem.


Well what can I say?  Sophie, she's super cute.  She spends here day playing with her foster siblings.  She loves this weather, it's perfect for an early morning or early afternoon walk.  Exploring the smells, the sights and catching bugs as she would say is her speciality.        I can say I am quite surprised her forever home has not come along.  I mean look at that face, how can you say no?   She's always so happy and ready to entertain.  She thinks life is just a big game.  She's funny and cute.  And little miss Spunky.  She's very food motivated, but unlike many dogs, is quite happy to choose her person over food.  She gets so happy when we get home from work that she can hardly contain her excitement.        She takes treats very easy even with other dogs around.  She's learning that calm behavior will get her lots of pats.  She's also learning Sit, Stay and Lie Down.  She enjoys long walks in the park, playing with her friends and snuggling with her people and siblings.  
All she wants now is a home to call her own.  Are you that home?


 HI!  My name is Sophie!  I am a fun loving full of life boxer mix girl.  I can't believe my forever home has not come to find me.   I love to run, I love to play, I love to steal socks and shoes, it is just so much fun.  I play all day with my foster siblings and go for walks in the neighborhood where I get to smell and see all kinds of things.         I'm learning not to jump up when I'm excited, and to sit.  I hear I'm going to be learning more things too.  I cannot wait to learn more.  I take treats nice and easy.  I really love my people.  I can wiggle head to toe every time one of my foster people come home.  It's always such a joy to see them come home.  When they eat I settle nicely in my crate, and when it's time to go to bed.  I have all kinds of toys to play with and that big red thing stuffed with goodies, the Kong, is soooo awesome!      I talked to this lady the other day, she said she was an Animal Communicator.  Whatever she is it was fun that she could understand me.  I told her that my perfect home will want to take me with them on their bike rides.  A fun and active home for me.        I know I am cute, and I am so lovable.  I really do like to snuggle when I am not playing.  If you think you are the right home for me hurry and put your application in to adopt me!  I'm the perfect little princess you have been waiting for!  I am ready for my forever home.  I mean really how can you say no to that cute face of mine?  ;)


So I dog sat for my friend again who has a Newfie and temporarily has a 8 y/o GSP. And Sophie did very well with both. She annoyed Jake the Newfie who corrected her and she took his correction well.      She was a little obsessed with the GSP but no real issues. Although as soon as she gives a dog the look I walk her away and she calms down.      The dogs left yesterday and to my surprise Sophie both Peed and Pooped in the house last night and this morning. And it wasn't for lack of going out since we go out a lot during the day. This morning it was pouring out. But when she peed she had her nose glued to that spot. So I think it was more marking after the two boys left. So Nate cleaned house today while I was at the BRAD with Sophie. She is certainly funny and a ball of energy. She is finally figuring out off.      I brought her to the BRAD in Portland today and she met a lot of people. She did really well. She took in all the attention she could get. She even met some kids today and did really well with them. She met several dogs but you could tell she was a little nervous around the bigger dogs at first. So she's learning to greet and walk away.      I'm going to work on her down in a little while. It's quite beautiful out and Saqqara is ready for her walk. Sophie on the other hand is sleeping for once! Which is good as she was wired yesterday :)      She's a goober dog. And she is doing so much better.


Sophie is doing great in her foster home.  She's enjoying walks in neighborhood, and longer walks on the local trails.  Sophie is a typical puppy who needs lots of love and guidance.  She loves to chew so she needs lots of toys and chewies to keep her busy.  She will steal your slipper, your shoe, even your sock on a whim.   She doesn't wait for you to turn away, it's more fun when you are watching.   She is learning all of her basics.  She is eager to please.  But she will push her boundaries if you let her!      She loves to snuggle as much as she loves to play.  She has learned to play nicely with her big foster sister and they will share toys and play keep away.  We are still working on her manners as she likes to be right in your face with everything, pats, snuggles, food, toys.  But she  is learning the routine.  She eats in the kitchen with her foster sister and there are no handling issues when food is involved.        Sophie also crates well.  She is crated when she is left home.  She looks forward to her Kong stuffed with goodies to keep her busy while we are gone.  And she sleeps all night in her crate with no fuss.        Sophie has also met the cat.  She can get a little fixated on her but the cat is teaching her she is not a toy and is not to be messed with.  And Sophie takes her correction well.  When she is overwhelming the cat she is easily redirected with treats and toys.        She is quite the love, and can be very affectionate.  She is an energetic and rambunctious pup who is ready to live life with her own loving family.  For 10 months old she is still all puppy, so she needs a puppy proofed home, that will give her plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.  She will benefit and enjoy going to a basic obedience class.  And she is eager to please and would do well at a fun doggie "sport"!  Which will increase her bond and attention to her new family.  Sophie says life in Maine is pretty swell!


What can I say about Blankie and Sophie.  LIFE IS GOOD!  These two are inseperable sisters and love each other so much.  Sophie is the boss of the two, and acts like she is the older sister, protective of her little sister, you can just tell that Blankie thinks she has to follow Sophies every move.  They are so adorable and the tails are always thumping.  You always know when they are awake by that thump thump thump.  They are so adorable when they sleep, one always has to be on top of the other.  There does not seem to be any food aggression between the two, they eat side by side.  Sophie though would be happy to eat both of the meals.  Blankie gets her fair share though. These two do not bark and are so quiet in their crates you would not know they are around.  Of course when they are free they are typical puppies.  Bounding around and so happy and playful.  They were so cute today chasing their pine cone around the back yard.  Sophie would be on the run with it, she would be running so fast then she would drop it, Blankie would dash us and steal it and off she would go.  They kept this up for awhile, i just got the biggest kick out of them.  If you want to laugh and be surounded by love these two will surely steal your heart.  It would be so nice if they did not have to be seperated.  If you have a heart big enough to love two, these are your girls. Blankie is the smaller of the two, but you would never know it by how much love she has to give. They are looking forward to their forever homes.

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