Sophie (FKA Angelina Jole)

NJ -

Female -

1 year

This dog was adopted on 2012-03-23

Personal Information

Weight:46 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Sophie is doing great!! I do not have a Facebook account so I hope this email will do.  
Our Soph is amazing! She’s the love of our lives and that of our children’s lives as well. And she knows it!


Sophie instantly became family! She is super sweet, playful, and gentile. She seems to be very protective of her siblings(and sometimes jealous of them!). We all just love to cuddle with our Sophie and try to withstand her endless sloppy kisses! She is the best! We are always saying how blessed we are to have been matched w


Update from Sophie's forever family:

Well, she's here!  Sophie (formerly known as Angelina) came home to Long Island on Friday, March 23rd to join our family of five.  She has been amazing!  She is gentile and sweet with the kids and they just adore her!  Her first day home was very busy!  It was a beautiful day and she just played, played, played!  She got all new toys, played a ton of fetch and went for a walk with her new brothers and sister.  She has been wonderful to have around.  It's as if she was always here!  We love her already and can't wait to learn more about her each day.  Thank you all so much for truly making a perfect match for us!  We couldn't be happier with our first Boxer Rescue experience.

PS: As I write this, Sophie is sprawled out on the couch next to me snoring and dreaming away! :)


I picked up Angelina on Saturday March 3, 2012.  From the moment she came into the car I knew this girl was special.  Angelina has met my 3 resident boxers and is doing great.  She also has no problems with cats.  The first night she was sitting on the chair with me and the cat.  It was like we have done this for years.  Angelina is soooo sweet and calm, I think she will do fine with young children.  On Sunday we went out selling raffle tickets, I told her she had to earn her keep and did she ever…She was fantastic, the perfect mascot!  She had on her New Life Boxer Rescue bandana that said she was up for adoption.  Everyone was very impressed on how good she was.  We were out for 2 hours walking around and did very well.  She did so well that she can stay with me for as long as she wants.  So far no accidents in the cage and today I am letting her stay out of her cage during the day…we will see how well she does.  I don't expect any problems from her.  Angelina is the perfect little princess.  She is a tiny thing that loves attention and loves to be next to you.  She was running around the yard with my boys and is quite the speed racer.  She definitely can keep up with the best of them.  During our raffle walk we met some people who were interested in her so we passed out some cards for them to put in their application.  She loved being the center of attention!

Because I haven't had her long, I can't tell you much more except that she is the perfect angel and you won't be sorry!!!

PS - The "other" Angelina Jolie has nothing on my baby…she has 4, not 2 beautiful legs along with a cute bottom :)  Boys beware - she will steal your hearts, so bring your A-Game.


Sophie instantly became family!  She is super sweet, playful and gentile.  She seems to be very protective of her siblings and sometimes jealous of them.  We all just love to cuddle with our Sophie and try to withstand her endless sloppy kisses!  She is the best!  We are always saying how blessed we are to have been matched with our Sophie.

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