Sophie (FKA Fern)

NJ -

Female -

8 Weeks

This dog was adopted on 2014-04-24

Personal Information

Weight:5 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:No

House Trained:No


Individual Needs:Fern will need someone home most of the time to continue potty training and to bond with her adopters. NLBR.... WILL NOT adopt Fern and her sister Fawn together to one adoptive home.

Adoption Donation:$425.00

My Story


She is the best thing since sliced bread.  I often tell my sons (both of them) that I don't think I ever loved them as much as I do her.  They BOTH looked at me and said "we know exactly how you feel, we feel the same."  She is a trained service dog for both my son Brian and me.  She has more frequent flyer miles than I do!   She spends more than half the year in California, and the summer months with me.  (up until this year).  She has an amazing life in Torrance, California and is treated like the queen she is.  I thank god every day she found us.  And yes, she did find us.  Long story I would love to tell you!   She was renamed Sophie and the name fits her to a tee.
She is not a boxer, but I thank god every day that New Life Boxer Rescue got the call about her and her sister.   She is the most amazing thing!  Everyone loves her and wishes they could have her.  She is a gem.. she is my gem!   She goes to work with Brian sometimes, but Scott has taken control of having her during the day.  His work wants to make her their mascot.  When she is not with him, they ask why and where is she.
She just went thru her first earthquake.  5.5 and my son Scott says she was shaking like a leaf.  He was like "what's the matter lil pup?" then came the earthquake.  Her first and momma missed it!  
I visit often, and cry getting on the plane because of the separation with her.  My sons are grown, I love them dearly, but I miss her terribly!  
With our whole hearts and souls...we are so thankful!
She IS the pickiest eater in the world!  You need to cut up her food and make sure it doesn't touch her nose.  She is a picky eater!
There is no separation anxiety.  She is comfortable when we leave knowing that we will be returning soon.  Her chance to get in bed and catch some sleep. 
She is protective, not a fan of most dogs.  She is protective!
She loves chasing squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks.  
What you should know about her is she has been naturally trained.  She doesn't need a leash, she doesn't run away, she stays one step behind  you when walking.  When she gets to a crosswalk or corner, she waits until she gets the signal to cross.  You can actually walk to the other side of the street, and she will sit there and wait for the ok to step into the street.  When she runs after squirrels, if they run across the street, she runs parallel on our side of the street.  Just amazing.
Best dog ever!


Sophie is doing amazing.  She is adjusting beautifully to her new home as you can see by the photo. She has taken over my tempurpedic. I can't thank you enough for all you do in providing homes for these rescues. I can't imagine life without her.  Paul was over the other day playing with her.  She loves him!  It's so cute especially because she is a little scardy cat.  We adore our little spoiled princess.   


Hi everyone!  My name is Fern.  I am very interested in everything around me.  I sometimes just sit and tilt my head at different sounds and different things that I see.  I am a reserved girl but love to have a good time.  I just love sitting on my foster mom’s lap and then run past Tootsie and Fawn and dart under Foster moms cabinet to play “Hide and Seek”.  I then peer out from under it and “survey”  when and where I can run to next…..into the pen, back over to foster mom,  jump on Fawn or just come out quietly to see Tootsie.  Fawn and I stand up on our back legs sometimes and paw Tootsies face.  She doesn’t mind at all….she has been very tolerant. Oh, by the way…I really enjoy our after dinner time.  Fawn and I get bones to chew on to help our teething. Sometimes we fight over them but we always settle it diplomatically!  Foster mom says that we are such good girls!  If you are looking for a cute girl like me who would like to sit on your lap, give you kisses and love you furever…I’m the one for you,  so get your applications in soon!


Fern has just arrived in foster care and is settling in with her sister.  They have been playing together with all the toys and having so much fun.  I so enjoy watching them! They are so adorable! I will update as soon as I learn more about them.

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