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Male -

14 Weeks

This dog was adopted on 2010-12-11

Personal Information

Weight:14 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:No

House Trained:No


Individual Needs:Because I am a puppy, I'll need to go to a home where someone is home most of the time. $425 donation includes $50 refundable neuter fee.

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Sprocket will be 5 this fall, we have had him since he was a puppy and he's just the best!!!!! Unfortunately we had lost another boxer rescue due to cancer and his whole personality changed when she was gone. Laila had been his mother/big sister since he joined our family . Therefore we adopted before we thought we were ready only due to his needs and Sophia brought him back around to his spunky secure self. He's the biggest love but definately not a dog who likes to be the one set of eyes and ears, he definately needs a companion when we are not home. He has been the sweetest and most intuitive boxer we've ever had. Also for being as sickly as he was as a little peanut, he's been the healthiest adult we've ever had!!! :) no food allergies, not lots of digestive issues and no other real issues. Very obedient , very laid back and very loving to all that enter our home. I will try to attach his photos again, but not liking this system as I've responded 4 times and still keep getting messages inquiring about an update. Thanks for asking and know he's still in a loving, stabile and adoring home.      


Sprocket is one healthy and beautiful boy! He's a whopping 78lbs now and happy, healthy and loved by all. He's the most polite boy we've ever had. We are grateful everyday to have him in our lives and thankful to everyone at NLBR for providing him with a second chance. He's now 2 1/2 and we couldn't be happier with his personality and behavior. I'm going to try and send some new pictures soon. Thanks again NLBR . Our little Sprockyboy is the best!!!!


Sprocket is one of the most intelligent and fun Boxers we have ever had!  Like a typical boxer, he loves to snuggle with his blankie in our laps and thinks he's a 5lb lap dog.  Considering how sick he was as a baby, it’s amazing how he has been our healthiest Boxer we've ever had!!!  He always puts a smile on everyone’s face with his constant wiggle butt!  No matter what kind of day we've had, coming home to that, it's always a good thing.  It’s really nice to have such a social boy who wants nothing more than to play, love & keep a smile on our faces.  He provides a nice sense of security too cause if you drive in the driveway, he lets us know immediately!  Sounds scary but all bark & no bite…Like I said, a perfect boy!


We think Sprocket has the 15 year version of pneumonia and will have to stay here to get better!


GREAT NEWS! Sprocket had his leg looked at by another veterinarian and  the results are in.  Sprocket's leg is is just fine and he doesn't need surgery.   His leg was examined extensively and put in every possible position and not a  peep from him.  What looked like an abnormality looks to be the end result of an  early trauma and has healed all by itself and gets better every day.       Since Sprocky doesn't need surgery, all the money that was collected for  him from all of you kind folks is being returned.  Sprocket and the NLBR family thanks  you for your generosity and your caring but the only reason the "Click-it"  account was set up was for what looked like a very expensive surgery and rehab.   For all of you that donated through this method, your donation will be returned  and a check will be sent for the entire amount you donated.  Again, thank you  all for your donations and your kindness.       On another note, Sprocket has developed a severe case of pneumonia and is  on meds for a couple of weeks and a lot of warm showers until he is over it.   His coughing and hacking has already decreased in frequency.  Other than that,  Sprocket will steal your heart in a matter of minutes so don't call on him if  you aren't 100% committed to this young lad because he deserves the best and  once you get a dose of him, there will be no turning back.


Sprocket has finally landed at his permanent foster home in Maine. He's such a tiny peanut. He's about the size of a healthy chihuahua. He's completely adorable. I'm lucky I even got him, so many transport volunteers "threatened" to just keep him! When he's pleased, he wiggles so hard his feet slip and slide over the floor and he spins in circles. He eats little bits at a time, but certainly loves his food. He wants so much to play with the big dogs, but they're just wondering who this miniature interloper is. He loves to snuggle and is wrapped up next to my hip as I write this. He's everything you'd expect in a Boxer puppy. We'll go this week and find out why he walks 'funny'.

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