ME -

Female -

6-7 years

This dog was adopted on 2011-02-18

Personal Information

Weight:46 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$200

My Story


Taffy is doing very well. The longer she is here the more affectionate and snuggly she becomes. She is quite the snuggle bug. She loves to snuggle with both the dogs and people. 

     She thinks she's meant to be a lap dog. And your lap is meant for her. At her petite size she can almost get away with it and she gets so excited when we get home from work. Part of the wiggle butt welcoming comity.  And she waits for her turn to be patted while they all wiggle in circles around each other. 

     She's a total heat hog. She and the other two dogs run for the heater every time it turns on. Can't blame them it is the warmest spot in the 

house.   She's a fun dog. She loves to play, loves to go on walks and absolutely loves playing with her toys. She's a great ball player. 

     She's still interested in the cats but will leave them alone when told to. A few days ago the little cat in the house was teasing her.   Rubbing Taffy's nose then batting her as soon as she moved. Taffy wanted to chase her but responded well when told No. 

     Taffy has met several children ages ranging from 2 to 12.  She got to spend time with our 12 year old nephew. And she was all over him. They 

snuggled, played ball and romped in the snow with the other two dogs.   She watched him sled down the hill several times. Then my nephew flew 

down further and the dogs all loved running to his rescue. He was faking it if course but Taffy and her foster siblings enjoyed the fun. 

     Taffy's new thing is to finish her breakfast before the other two, then she runs upstairs. She will jump on the bed and weasel her way at 

the head of the bed. Where she pushes her face into mine so I can snuggle with her before her foster brother makes it upstairs. Like I said she's a snuggle bug. She will wedge herself in the most interesting positions just so that she is touched by a person or a dog. She's like a little jigsaw puzzle. 

     We cant understand why somebody has not snagged this beautiful little peanut. She's cute, she's funny, she's fun, and she's playful.   Completely Velcro and a great snuggle bug. 

     If you think Taffy is the girl for you get your application in before somebody snatches this incredible little dog!  She is ready to have her own people.


Taffy is doing really well.  Now that she has healed from her spay we've started working on other stuff.   She is learning "Lie Down",  working on "Touch".  As she learns more we will continue to add more fun things to the list.  We are also working on "Heel".  She pulled a little too much on our group walk with our walking buddies.  Just too excited! 

     We went to Santa Photo's on Saturday.  And she did pretty good.  She just loves people.  But she is definitely a little OCD.  When she focuses on one thing that is her main focus until something new comes along.  She is a silly girl. 

     At home she's learning not to chase the cats.  She will "leave it" if you tell her to.  She has made great improvements when eating.  Her foster dad let her off the leash to eat this morning and she did fine.  She didn't try to steal her foster siblings food.  I still try to feed her by hand once a day just to remind her of where her food comes from :) 

     Taffy has met several adults and a few children over the past few weeks and she has been very snuggly with each of them.  So she will easily transition into a new home.  

     She is quite the little loud player.  So she is very noisy when it comes to playing with other dogs.  She can seem rude at first but it really is all play.  If her foster siblings don't want to play she will play all on her own for hours!   So she will enjoy living in an active home.  If you are looking for a sweet, adorable, fun and goofy boxer, don't look any further!  But hurry and get your application in before somebody else snatches her!  She did ask Santa for the perfect forever home for Christmas!  And Santa Paws likes to deliver!


Hi!  My name is Taffy!  Or as my foster dad calls me Laffy Taffy, Peanut, Super Taff, Taffy girl, sweat pea, wiggle butt!  I'm a pretty energetic girl!  I've been enjoying life in central Maine running around with my foster brother and sister.  I love love love to play!  Walking is fun but playing is so much better.  When my siblings are too busy to play with me, I enjoy entertaining myself while I play with all the toys in the house! 

     My next favorite thing is I love to snuggle!!!  I will wiggle my little butt into your heart.  I would love somebody to snuggle with, I love to cuddle when I'm not playing.  I'm apparently quite the little velcro dog, wherever you go I want to be there. I also love to do the Taffy Tap when it's time to eat!  And when my people come home I just wiggle my whole butt in excitement!!! 

     I'm living with two funny cats right now.  I keep trying to play with them, but they don't seem as thrilled as I do when we play.  I like to chase them but my foster mom and dad remind me to leave it when I do feel like running after them.  

     I enjoy car rides, walks in the park or on the beach, and I love the company of my people.  I'm crate trained, and potty trained!  Imagine that, some dogs actually need some training for that!!  It just comes so easy!  I'm also learning new tricks and it is so much fun!!  I'm fast and agile and would do good at doggie sports too!  I also love to snuggle with my siblings in front of the heater when it gets cold out.  It's one of the best places in the house, nice and toasty! 

     I'm a very happy girl waiting for my perfect forever home to come along!  If you are looking for a fun, playful and happy girl, then I'm the girl for you!!!  I mean aren't I just adorable?  Look at my picture!  How can you say "no" to that face!!! All I want for Christmas is a home to call my own!  Will you be that home?


Taffy and I made it home around 7:30pm last night.  She rode well in the car.  She was very sad to see Jane go, she knows how to use that boxer pouty face with out a problem!  I gave her dinner last night in her crate, and she was fine.  I did crate her while we ate dinner and for bed last night and she was a little whiny but settled in after ignoring her for a few minutes.   She slept right through the night but she's a light sleeper like me.  I got up once to go to the bathroom and her little head popped up.  No whining though.  She's definitely got the best ears!  She's like a radar!  :)  

     She will play with the toys all by herself.  She can keep herself entertained for hours!   She will play tug and not release, so she is learning drop it and I will not play tug unless she releases the toy.    She will also learn quickly that nothing in life is free(NILF), so she has to work for everything.  We are going to work on some basic obedience and focus exercises this week.  

     The dogs have met each other today and we have integrated her into the pack.  Not a lot of play allowed yet since they just met and she's still getting over her cough  but she wants to play play play.  She is quite comical to watch.  She'd be great at Agility or even Flyball!  She's quick and loves to play and run. She goes in her crate for meal time and for bed time.  I will also crate her when we have meals.  She will whine for a few minutes then she will settle down.  She will also settle down when outside of her crate, but is quite alert even when sleeping.  I just think she doesn't want to be left behind.  She's quite the velcro dog.  

     She's still on leash in the house.  She met Slippers last night our bigger cat, and she was intensely looking at him, and tried to chase after him.  She had only been home for an hour so there are a lot of new things going on.  I pulled her away, and in the crate she saw him again and barked at him. This morning Pickles, our smaller cat, was sitting on the counter by the door and she didn't even notice her.  Slippers was sitting on the counter later and she didn't notice him.    

     She's definitely a clown. She adores Nate already and she's only been here a full day.  She whines and paces when he leaves and got quite excited when he came home this afternoon.  She is a love. 


Taffy is a very high energy girl who make me laugh several times a day. If you look at her photos, you see she has very goofy ears that are always up.  I gave her a spoonful of yogurt this morning, and she slurped it up so enthusiastically that she flipped some into her ear!!! Then she got very wiggly when I was laughing, and looked at me quizzically.  While I wiped it out of her ear, she kept tilting back to look at me and tipped over backwards.      She has had an introduction to cats.  Our dog savvy cat sauntered by her, and Taffy watched calmly.  While the cat sat on a chair, Taffy approached all wiggly and playful.  The cat always has to set the tone with a new dog, and reached out an gave a quick swat across her lip.  Poor Taffy looked confused and tried to make nice, but the kitty was not interested.  Oh well! 

     Taffy is great on a walk.  She doesn't pull unless she sees a chipmunk or something.  She is very high energy, and not really interested in sniffing. She wants to walk.  She needs a lot of exercise, and really needs someone who will find a place to let her run her heart out


Taffy is a wonderful girl who has tons of energy.  She met my beagle finally after a day and a half of play-bowing to her thru the gates.  She is dying to play with another dog.  Unfortunately, Maggie lived too long alone as an outdoor dog that she is a little socially unsure.  She plays with people, but has not responded to dogs yet, and barks at Taffy to stop.  Taffy shrugs, and tries again later.  She runs like a greyhound at the park. She has not had one accident int he house or crate.  I am crating her at night or when I leave for short periods.  She cries a bit, and then settles down,  

She tells you when she has to go outside by coming over to you and wriggling up into your lap.  She also will look at you , imploring you to feed her, or take her out.  She is not a shy girl, but very assertive with her communication.  She wanted to play the other night, and tried to box with me because Maggie wasn't joining in.  I thought she might like a ball, but I didn't have one.  So I took an apple from the frig, and rolled it on the rug.  She went wild, chasing it around, knocking with her nose, and kicking with her feet.  When she picked it up in her mouth and realized it was food, she ate the whole thing!!! This has become a nightly ritual.  Taffy needs to put on a few pounds, and will be spayed shortly. she is a love who has blended right in with the family.  she is very sweet and deserves a home who will appreciate her sweet and sassy personality.

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