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2 Years

This dog was adopted on 2012-11-15

Personal Information

Weight:45 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Tyler came into our lives just at a time when we all needed to give and receive love.  He was like a little miracle worker for our kids who were 6 and 4 at the time.  Very shortly thereafter in Dec. 2012 a little boxer puppy joined the mix, Reba.  She turned our house upside down and brought nothing but giggles as only a puppy can.  Our boxers gave and still give unconditional love and they are plent spoiled in return.  They adore our kids, as they have all "gorwn" together.  Tyler and Reba are the best of buddies and we wouldn't trade them for the world.


Tyler is such a great dog he has caused me to break the rules. He sleeps on the furniture and in our bed. No one before Tyler was ever allowed on the furniture. He goes with me almost everywhere, I'd say except to work or the bathroom but as you probably know he follows me into the bathroom as well. Diane, his foster mom, won't take the credit but Tyler is extremely well mannered. We are currently in obedience training and he already had mastered most of the training before we started. He is now being a great role model for Reba.


Wow, what a difference a month makes!  Finally, Tyler has settled in and let his true self shine through!  He just wants your love and attention and the typical boxer pup, loves to play and run with his foster furbrother and sister.  He actually listens really, really well and wants to please.  Not too much of a jumper (like my guys!) and if he does, just comes up lightly on you to get your attention.  In fact, we had company over the weekend and I had to initially put my two guys on leashes till they calmed down...Tyler was not on a leash and it was embarrassing to say that Tyler was my foster and he was the best behaved boy when they came in the house! 
Tyler went to daycare for the first time last week and I was told that he liked every dog and did super!  Well, he must have had a great time since he slept most of the next day!  I plan on taking him again tomorrow…maybe I can get a video! 
Tyler eats in his crate and I make him wait an hour to rest ( he does whine a bit but stops if you tell him "enough") but stays out of the crate the rest of the time unless we are not home.  He definitely needs to be crated when we leave the house since, when the door closes and nobody is home, he does scratch at the door.  He definitely wants to come with you wherever you go...he is still a little insecure in that respect.  He is a super sweet dog who just loves, loves people and wants to be with you all the time.  He sleeps in his crate with the door open or comes out to sleep on the dog bed.  I have not let him up on the furniture and although on occasion he will sneak a try to see if I will let him, he always gets down as soon as I tell him to...he has only tried a handful of times.  He is an awesome dog. 
I gave Tyler and Leroy kibble balls one day just to see how they would do together with food and the balls…they did wonderful!  Of course, I was supervising the entire time and it only took Tyler a couple of minutes to figure out how to get the kibble out of the ball (see the attached picture).
Tyler is a well behaved, sweet, loving boy who loves kids, dogs and people.  His confidence is growing every day, he is feeling more and more trusting and fitting into the family routine quite well.  The more you hug and kiss him the more lovin’ he wants!  He will definitely make some family very, very happy!  Stay tuned for more Tyler tidbits!


Tyler has come a long way since he arrived.  You can really tell now that he just enjoys being with his foster brother and sister and relaxing in our home.  He is exhibiting that Boxer playfulness outside and really running and playing... not just being there with the dogs. 
I think Tyler will feel more comfortable in a home with another dog, although new owners must understand that Tyler is possessive of bones and chew items so he must be given those items separated from the other dog...in a crate or another room.  I also feed Tyler in the crate just to be sure there is no issue with food and make him rest for an hour after eating to avoid bloat.  If my dogs decide to leave the room during this time, he becomes very agitated but if they stay he is fine.  He has no food aggression with people just feels the need to guard hls bones and chew items.  He seems to be fine with our dogs with toys.  I feel a home with people home most of the time will be the optimum situation for him...he is young and I feel he is concerned that he will not be abandoned again.  He listens very well when you tell him...."off", "go" or "that's enough".  He sits on command and will give a paw.
Tyler is a very sweet, affectionate pup and just needs a home where he will be around people most of the day and have another dog as a constant companion.


Well, I have been waiting for Tyler to show his true self but it is taking longer than expected so I decided to update what I can. 
Tyler is a beautifully marked red Boxer boy who arrived in foster care about a week ago.  I allowed my female (Tootsie) to meet him thru the crate the first night since he was extremely stressed.  Observing both of their behaviors, I felt she could help him feel more secure....She then layed by the crate through the night and was concerned when he cried.  Tootsie is very motherly with puppies and by watching her reaction to his stress and seeing his immature body structure, I felt he was quite young and not the two years old that was stated on the paperwork. 
About 5 days after his arrival, we took a ride to the vet office.  Tyler was harnessed in the back seat of the car and did excellent on the ride.  He slept and at times stood looking out the side window.  The vet confirmed my suspicions that he felt Ty was not much over a year, if that.  Tyler also met the resident cat and as he approached to say hello, she hissed at him....at which time he backed off and looked at me as if to say "What was that?".
Tyler was initially on a very bland diet because his intestines and stomach were acting up.  I have been adding some kibble and chicken back into the yogurt, pumpkin, rice and potatoes and I'm now feeding him larger meals, four times a day.  He is very thin and I am hoping to increase his weight now that he is becoming more regular.  Despite his stress level and not feeling up to par, he is such a sweet boy and just wants to be loved...enjoys being hugged and kissed.  He follows us around and is glued to you until you sit down...then allows himself to relax when he knows exactly where you are.  He has been difficult to assess since he has not completely settled in.  His eyes are sad... he is still a little anxious, very quiet and has not really exhibited that playful, active Boxer, even when he is with my dogs.  I am still waiting for him to decompress completely and come out of his shell.  He goes into the crate nicely, sits on command and is learning "wait" when it is time to eat.  He rarely jumps but I am not sure that jumping behavior will arise when he begins to feel more comfortable...will have to wait and see!
Both my female (Tootsie) and my male (Leroy) met Tyler separately at first.  Now, all three run around the yard together.  When they initially race out the door, Tyler patrols the yard prancing all around the perimeter, Tootsie looks for rabbits and squirrels, while Leroy runs to the back fence to see if there is anyone walking by that he could say "hello" to.  Tyler also plays chase with his foster siblings, enjoys the time outside but then has to come in to take a nap!  He is such a sweet, loveable boy and I am hoping he feels more relaxed soon.  I have attached some pictures of Ty and his foster sister Tootsie... Stay tuned for more info on this wonderful boy!


Tyler (Ty) is decompressing and somewhat stressed.  He will need some time to settle in but I will update as soon as he begins to show his true self!  He is a cutie!

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