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4.9 Years Old

This dog was adopted on 2013-06-29

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Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


We are so very lucky to have Tyson in our home, he continues to be so very sweet with our 3 year old Charlotte. She loves to climb over him, lay on top of him, Dress him up (like the photo of him wearing her chef's apron, lol) bury him in her stuffed animals, and she even laughs hysterically when he snatches one away to play with. Attached a photo last week of Tyson having fun with Minnie Mouse  :)
He also has a favorite ball, a tennis ball that we keep in a basket with all of Charlotte's balls, and when we wants to play (which is quite often), he knocks the basket over and digs around until he finds it and playfully runs over to us for some catch.
Adopting Tyson was the best decision we have made, he is a sweetie and a cuddler and has really become part of the family. Charlotte's 3rd bday was this month, and we brought Tyson outside for her party at the end after most of the little kids had left, but the ones that were still here had such fun playing with him, he is such a well mannered boy. Attached a photo


We are so happy and lucky to have Tyson in our home. He is such a good boy and fit right in, after only a few days it felt like he had been here for years. A week after his adoption we had a lot of family over for the 4th of July, and he was so well behaved, greeted everyone with kisses, perfect manners, happy and playful. 

He is so wonderful with our 2 1/2 year old daughter, so patient and tolerant of her hugs and unpredictable toddler antics, we could not have asked for a more perfect match.

Tyson is also very smart, affectionate, and willing to please and follow commands. We look forward to many years of love and fun with our new addition, thank you NLBR for matching us up with this handsome boy!


Tyson continues to do well in his foster home. He has been here for just over a week. He has caught on quickly to our normal daily routines. A couple things I've noticed with Tyson - He hasn't really shown too much interest in toys or objects. He has shown no guarding issues with food, toys, etc with us humans or his foster siblings. Tyson isn't the most energetic boxer I've met but I do feel an active home would be great for him. He is very fit, could use to gain a few healthy pounds. He would potentially be a great activity partner for running, walking, jogging. Tyson would do great in a home with no cats, possibly no children and a somewhat quiet home as he can be fearful and anxious with new people. Tyson needs an understanding owner. He really is a good boy and tries very hard when he's given direction from his human. He can be silly and inquisitive which is a great attribute of our beloved boxer breed!


Tyson has been in his foster home for 4 days now. He has settled in a bit more and is doing well. He is doing well with our dogs and so far I'm going to suggest no cats in his forever home. I'm hoping as time goes on he may chill out with our kitty. Luckily our cat is quite dog savvy so she does not spook easy or run. His focus on her is not ideal and I would not trust him alone with her. However, with that said he is able to be redirected or called off her. If I find him focusing too much on her I ask him to go sit or lay down on a mat. I had a busy working weekend so Tyson went to work with me and he did quite well. I have noticed that he can be a little fearful when meeting new people. My husband was working over the weekend so he didn't get to meet him when he first arrived here. When Wayne came home Tyson was scared and barked etc. I put Tyson in his kennel for a couple hours so he could unwind and chill. After that break he fell in love with Wayne. Tyson is smart and already know some basic commands. He will sit and sit/stay as well as down and down/stay. He also knows paw or shake. He is SO handsome and goofy and has a fabulous personality. He has been sleeping in his kennel at night near our bed and has slept through the night quite well. He will also tell you when he needs to go to the bathroom.


Tyson the Magnificent arrived last night. Tyson is a beautiful boy. He has been in his foster home for almost 24 hours now. He is a little anxious but doing well. It took him a few hours but he ate his dinner and drank some water. Tyson will be living with 4 dogs (3 Boxers and a Boston Terrier), a kitty named Matzu & 11 chickens!! So far he's doing well with my dogs and we'll evaluate him with our cat as he settles in.I have a feeling Tyson won't be In rescue for too long so if you’re looking to add a nice dog to your family, I'd get those applications in!!


Tyson has been in his foster home for about a month now. He continues to do well with our dogs and is slightly better with our cat. I do not leave him unattended with her but he's allowed to be around her with supervision. Tyson did very well with my husband coming home from his fishing trip. Because Tyson is fearful of new people and because my husband’s schedule is crazy where he may be gone for up to a week at a time I wasn't sure how he'd do. But I was happy that he did very well. Wayne arrived home fairly late and all the dogs were sleeping. Tyson did the normal barking alert then soon calmed down once he realized who it was. I think Tyson would do best in a home that was home more often than not or at least be able to get an afternoon break. He seems to have a love for bowls of water and will drink a lot of water at a time if you let him. Sometimes if it’s a bit obsessive I will pick up the bowls. Because he may drink a bit of water he needs to be let out every so often or he may have an accident inside the house. He isn't the best at giving cues as to when he really needs to be let out but I think that I'm getting better at reading him. He has also had some accidents in his kennel. So I'm trying to make sure after he has some water he is let out before needing to be kenneled. Tyson has been to work with me a couple times and did quite well. Because I know he's uncomfortable with new people I ask them to leave him alone. He is able to walk by strangers and other dog with no reaction.So introductions to new people will need to be done slowly. Once he gets to know someone he is really a lover!!Tyson would love another compatible canine companion in his new home. He is really a good boy just needs some work in some areas.

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