NJ -

Male -

10 Months

This dog was adopted on 2010-12-03

Personal Information

Weight:56 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Needs supervision around young children

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


My family and I adopted Uno back in 2010.  It is a blessing he is still with us.  He is showing signs of aging but is remarkably strong.  
He currently weight about 70 lbs and enjoys my husband and I taking him for weekend walks. 
He is not great around toddlers (that is ok for my household, because my kids are young adults).
Uno eats Merrick Whole Earth Farms Adult Recipe which he has been eating since I adopted him.  
His skin seemed to become irritated when I tried to change his diet or feed him treats.  I just stick to the above food and can only treat him with freeze dried liver and salmon treats. (yummy... Smile)

Adopting Uno from New Life Boxer Rescue was a great choice for my family!


My family and I could not be happier with Uno!  He brings such joy and excitement to our household.  He is energetic and loves to play in the snow.  He gets really excited when you take him out for walks.  He loves to explore anything and everything.  He sits very well like a good boy for treats.  Oh boy, does he love treats!
We recently changed his dog food from Merricks Earth Whole Foods because I can no longer find it at Pet food direct where I ordered it online for the last three years. I now feed him his usual two cups daily of IAMS proactive dog food. 

He is not very good with little dogs.  I believe the smaller dogs immediately become intimidated by his size but he just wants to be incredibly playful with them and they really don't like it.  For the most part he has very little interaction with other canines unless we take a trip to the local dog park.  Our yard is fairly sizable so the dog park is not a place we visit often.  (Maybe once a year.)  


Helllllllooooooooo, is anyone there???  Just me, Uno, checking in to make sure that the Web Dude has been keeping up with my bio over here.  I'm still waiting for my family to come and get me.  We had a lot of folks coming and going yesterday-foster mom said that they came for the food!  I figured that, the food is great here and there is still plenty of it.  Foster mom said that I better watch out or I will start to develop a bit of a pudge.  She says that I eat very well!   Just wanted to say Hi and let you all know that I am doing well and waiting patiently for my new family.  I don't like the cold weather so much so foster mom puts a coat on me when I go outside-I think that I look pretty debonairrrrrre if I do say so myself.  I still like it better inside next to my peeps and my furry friends-that's the best kind of warm ever!  I'll be patient, but get those applications in, a boy can't wait forever ya know!


Hi everyone, Uno here!   Well, I went for my "procedure".  Was a breezzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeee!  Those folks over there at that nice place were so cool-they hugged me and laughed at me when I wiggled at the cats and said that I was the very best boxer boy they ever saw!!   Foster mom says they probably say that to all the guys, but I know it's really the truth.  I'm not really sure what they did while I was sleeping, but foster mom stayed right there with me and held my head while the doctor did his thing so I know it was all ok.  Woke up with these funny things called stitches and they itch a bit, but other than that, I am just fine!  So now, I think I trust folks even more than I used to-seems most humans do what they tell me they will do and so, I am feeling very confident and not so scared anymore.  I am going back to see the nice people at the vet's this Wednesday so they can bring me "up-to-date".  Not sure what that is, but foster mom says it will make me completely ready to go!!!!!  So, I say "Go where?"  and she tells me the very best thing-that I will be going to my very own REAL family because they are out there waiting for me and I just need to meet them-so, wherever you are, come soon!!!  I am just bursting with joy waiting to meet you guys!  Fill out that application and tell us how great you are-I'll try to be patient but it's really hard!!!!  Lots of love from Uno!!!


Hey everyone, I'm Uno. Foster Mom said that I could tell you a bit about myself.  I'm very handsome, let me tell you that first.  I mean, it's not that I'm bragging or anything, but when it's true, you might as well be honest!  I am even more handsome now-if that is even possible, because the food around here is pretty darned tasty and there's a lot of it!  Just what a growing boxer boy needs-and I do run around and play and chase the birds (never catch those darned things!) and then, a boy gets hungry!  The best part of being here, you might ask?  Well, that has got to be the warm bed and the hugs and the other friends that I made!!  Not like before I got here. That was scary and cold and I was always hungry.  NO MORE!! Oh no, it's all good now.  So, let's get real-what I really need now is a home of my very own.  Foster Mom says that I am wonderful and I could stay forever, but I really want my own Mom and dad and maybe some kids too.  She also says that next week I am going to the vet's office and I will be "neutered".  Not sure what that is, but maybe they have some food there too so that could work out.......I'll let ya all know what that was when I get back.  So, stay tuned for more from me-but while you're waiting, why not fill out an application and when I get back, I'll check it out!   I just know somebody out there would really love to have me to be their best friend!  Could be you!  Don't waste any time, I could be snapped up and you'd be soooooooooooo sad!!


 Uno arrived this morning from a NJ shelter.  He is a fawn boy with some white and a tail!  Gives him a whole lot of character-and it's always moving!  He is still getting comfortable here but he has had no issues meeting my crew from his crate or from outside of theirs.  We will do some close up and personal introductions in several days after we get to know him a bit better.       Uno is wonderful on the leash for such young boy-we had a nice walk when he first arrived and he did very well.  He is working on his house training and since it appears that he has lived a lot of his very short life outdoors, that is not surprising.  He certainly goes when he is taken outside, but he sometimes forgets when he is playing inside.  After a few days of a warm bed and a few good meals, that part should come along too.      More to come on this wonderful boy so apply soon, he won't stick around!

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