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Male -

5 Years

This dog was adopted on 2014-02-08

Personal Information

Weight:84 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:No children and No other dogs

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


My name is Mayra and I was/am Wally's adopted human mom. 

Wally came to us in February 2014, while I was 4 months pregnant. Me and my husband originally met Wally in September, but he finally found his way to us after a few months of this inquiring about him. Wally was an amazing dog; he was kind loving stubborn but genuinely a sweet protective dog. We were a little apprehensive when we bought our twins home, especially since they were born prematurely and being brought home at 5 pounds each while Wally was roughly about 100 pounds, yikes! But the minute we brought home the twins he gravitated and became instantaneously there big brother. He was there protector, their guard dog, and their playmate. They had many good times together and always was by their side. Where ever the kids would crawl while he always said closely by watching, almost as he didn't want them to get hurt or in trouble. Wally and the twins bond was something that I could only have dreams about forming between two little people and this big dopey dog. I was never worried that he would harm them because he became more trustworthy as each day came and went. He stayed strong to the end and we didn't even know it was a problem until he finally showed us there really was. We tried everything we can do to save his life because ultimately he was our third child. But in the end it was his time to go home and regretfully we chose not to let him suffer anymore. Wally Will always be remembered and I will always be grateful for the love that he showed my kids and we will deeply miss him. Wally will forever live in our hearts. 


Wally has brought lots of joy and smiles to our household as we knew he would when we met him a few months ago. His calm and sweet demeanor has truly melted our hearts. He has become a great companion for my husband and I and we know he will be a great big brother two our twins on the way.


Wally is doing fantastic. He is now back down to 84 pounds. I don't know if the scale was wrong or when we cut back on the food but we are good now. Wally is a dream to be around. He is nice and calm, gentle and everything you could want. Wally met his foster brother Yankee the other day and did excellent!! I was so proud of my big gentle boys. I have two five year old boys who act like a youngster. I must say "my boys are the best." Wally does well with other dogs, children and also met one of my cats. He was so loving and gentle to my cat. I don't know if he knew my cat was ill or if he's just such a sweetie. I will introduce him to my other cat and see how he does. I believe if you have a cat that is good with dogs, we should be ok.
Wally is great with kids. He will find a kid in a pet store so quickly and must say hello to all of them. Wally hasn't had any accidents in the house, is crate trained. I just can't say enough about Wally. He has the energy of a 2 1/2 year old, is loving as can be and just wants to be loved. If you have a fenced yard, kids and another dog for Wally to play with you may be a match for Wally. So if you have what Wally needs and are looking for a new family member, fill out an application so we can review them and find the best home for Wally. Have a great holiday and Wally will be enjoying life with his brothers and sister until he finds the best home for him.


Wally continues to do great and loves to play with the other dogs that live here. Wally is a very gentle loving dog that must be in a home with another dog and does great with kids. Don't know how, but it appears Wally put on a few pounds. Even though Wally is in great shape we are going to try and trim a few pounds. When you see Wally he is all muscle. He loves to run out in the yard with the dogs and is still nice and calm to be around young children. Like most boxers he loves to be with people and will just eat up all the attention you give him.
If you have a fenced in yard, a dog in the home and some kids Wally may be a match for you. For now we will enjoy all of Wally's love & affection until he finds the perfect home for him.


I've had Wally for about 3 weeks now. Wally is a big dog but calm & gentle. He loves to play with all the dogs he's living with and has been nothing but a pleasure. He is a handsome boy that would do well in a family with kids and other dogs to play with. I can't say enough about Wally, he's such a good boy that I don't know who could resist him. If you have a yard, other dogs and kids, Wally is your boy. If you can give Wally the best of the best, then please submit your application so we can look it over and find the best family for Wally.

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