Walter (Now Tuck)

VT -

Male -

2 yrs

This dog was adopted on 2021-04-24

Personal Information

Weight:62 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:NONE

Adoption Donation:$400.

My Story


We’ve had Tuck (previously Walter) for 3 months and he loves Chicken (we make them into treats, although he does love his kibble!) His favorite thing is Play, play and more play!!! He loves his big squeaky snake, and  has learned sit, down, stay, wait, place, come, leave it, drop it, take it and watch me. The most challenging part has been regulating his excitement/hyperarousal but he has been working really hard with us and the trainer! Great with family, friends and most other animals. Appears to have a prey drive with toy/tea cup size dogs and other critters. Cannot play with small submissive dogs and sometimes needs some support/corrective feedback when playing with other dogs but generally does very well. He enjoys to wrestle, tug of war and keep away. He runs around in our apartment's dog park with his friends (Wally a sharpei pit mix and Sprout a pit/lab? mix), hikes with Tatum, swims in Lake Champlain and plays catch with Hannah. He makes us laugh every day. He is extremely cuddly and does not have an understanding of personal space. He throws his toys up in the air and catches it.  He stares at himself in the mirror. He spins 360s when excited and has the biggest wiggles! He jumps into the bathtub after playing outside and waits for us to run the faucet for him to drink, rather than drinking from a bowl. We love him so so much and are so grateful that he is a part of our family.  We are so lucky to have been able to work with New Life Boxer Rescue. They are the best!

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