NJ -

Male -

2 yrs

This dog was adopted on 2020-08-30

Personal Information






Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


We still call him William, most of the time it’s shortened to Willy or Will and he responds to all of them. 
He hasn’t had a single medical issue, thank goodness! 
Willy is amazing with friends, family and all the different animals he comes in contact with. He LOVE attention from anyone willing to give their time to give him a butt scratch. Cats are still an issue but we are working on “leave it” every day and his recall which has primarily become my whistle. I’ve discovered he responds the best and the quickest to it. He improves all the time with any new things I teach him. I also have 2 sugar gliders that he is very curious about but have noticed he will stay away when they make any sort of noise.
Right now I have him on a cup and a half of Wellness Wild Game. I supplement with coconut oil and air dried whole prey at most meals. I found out he’s sensitive to chicken and I plan to eventually switch him to a raw diet when I have a bigger freezer. 
Willy’s favorite type of play is throwing around our shoes while zooming around the carpeted area of our house. He doesn’t play with the toys I got him (We discovered he is afraid of squeaky toys and I assume he thinks all the toys squeak). He chews on his 2 favorite raw beef bones that’s he’s worked on for weeks. His favorite activities are car rides and he will ring the bells I have on each door (for bathroom use) to be let out to go into the car. He’s trained us well.... I take him to work with me almost every day! I work at a farm and he is able to run and play with the other dogs while I work. He stays close to me while I clean stalls and care for the horses. This is where training “leave it” has come into play bc there are 12-15 cats that’s live on the farm! He’s only tried to chase one cat thus far. As for the horses, he is wary of them (which I find to be the best thing) he stays away and respects there space. I will usually let him relax in the car while I am handling a lot of horses at once and he is very content watching and snoozing in the car until I am ready to take him out. 
He has been such an angel to have with us and became my absolute best friend and part of our family instantly. We had smooth introductions to both my mom’s and brother’s dogs. We are so thankful he gets along with every dog he meets! He’s also been a great teacher to my moms 1 year old boxer pup that is lacking in social manners. He absolutely loves the car rides and I can’t bare to see how excited he gets to go with us and then not take him... so he comes as many places as possible. 


We’ve been busy exploring new places over here! Willy has climbed stairway to heaven (only made me fall once LOL), been to seaside to dig in the sand by the bay, many many many car rides to work with me every morning and to the dog park, an abundance of cuddling, a raw beef bone that is now his favorite that he takes on car rides and is now part of our family pictures! We love him to death and I think he’s pretty fond of us too. We don’t know how we ever lived without him. NLBR FB Group

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