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17 Weeks

This dog was adopted on 2011-06-04

Personal Information

Weight:37 Lbs

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Unknown

House Trained:Unknown


Individual Needs:He is deaf

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


It is hard to believe it’s already been 4 years! WOW, how time flies when you are having fun.  Wilson has been living with myself, Sophie (fur-sister aka lady in charge) and Max (fur-brother) in Sunny CA for 2 years now.  As you can see from the attached slideshow, Wilson is a handsome, well adjusted, happy boy.  Everyone loves him very much!!


Wilson is doing very well – I can hardly believe that he’s been with us for 3 years, already! He and Sophie are best buds as always. Wilson moved from Maine to California with me, Sophie, and Max so we have all had quite the year! He and the others are adjusting well to CA. I think they like the weatherJ We drove out last April and all three did AMAZINGLY well on the 6 day trek across the county.

Wilson loves playing puppy games with his big sis, Sophie.  He had a BLAST his first time to the ocean (Huntington Beach). He also loves the dog park and his daily hikes.  I bought a bicycle this spring and discovered that Wilson is a PRO. He loves going fast, fast, fast as he can running beside it! He was immediately a natural!

As far as “issues” - Wilson does get very excited when meeting new people and LOVES kids (sometimes a little too much).  He must be reminded to keep calm and once he understands how he needs to behave, he gets along fabulously with everyone.  If the excitement level is allowed to escalate, it can be scary for some people because he is a big boy and he is jumping on them.  Now, it’s important to note that he isn’t aggressive, but some people misconstrue it to be aggression.  I keep a close eye on him and make sure that anyone I have care for him completely understands that he cannot be allowed to get to that level and how it must be addressed if he does.

Wilson is the sweetest little boy – I am SO incredibly happy that he came into our lives.  Although challenging times, I couldn’t imagine my life without Wilson in it. He is a GREAT DOG!!! Some photos and a video of Wilson at the Ocean are attached. 



Wilson has been a great addition - he is a wonderful companion and always entertaining. I am very glad that Wilson has joined our family and look forward to all the years we have ahead of us!



With Wilson turning 2 years old next week, I wanted to send an update (and it’s been about one year since the last update, so we’re due).  Wilson is still the most lovable baby boy - he is the best 67 pound lap dog EVER!  He will always find his way into my lap no matter where we are and I don’t mind one bit.

We added another pup to the pack in August (Max – Rottie mix), so now Wilson has two pups to play and cuddle with!  Wilson and Sophie are still best buds though – they are two peas in a pod for sure, never leaving each other’s side! 

Wilson loves snuggles, car rides, long woods walks, snow, sun, rain, dogs, cats, kids…ha-ha!!  The list could go on and on because he just loves life!  We are so grateful to NLBR for helping Wilson find his way into our lives!  Although I would LOVE to share all the photos I have of my baby boy... I can't, there are far too many!  So as an alternative, I have posted a video on YouTube for folks to check out. The video can be viewed at:  

I hope everyone enjoys it!  Until the next update..


It’s been about 4 months since my last Wilson update and I thought it was just about time for another.  Wilson is a fabulous boy – he turned 1-year-old last week and had a very lovely birthday party at his daycare.  He is maturing nicely (just as I had hoped) and is still a super cuddle bug (which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE)! 
Sophie and Wilson adore each other and I think Sophie is a happy big sister.  Of course, she needs to remind Wilson once in a while that she is still the boss of him…hehehe! J  But I don’t think Wilson minds too much.  Wilson LOVES everyone – kids, kitties, other dogs…doesn’t matter, he wants to be everyone’s best bud and play, play, play! 
I’m happy to report we are all doing great and feel very lucky to have Wilson in our lives!


I thought everyone would be interested in a Wilson (also fondly known as Wolfson) update.  
     He is no longer a “little” boy ~ last weigh in was a couple of weeks ago and he was 54 pounds (now 8 months old); he is as big as his sis, Soph. I am certain he will surpass her quickly. 
     He is a very entertaining, cute and cuddly boy ~ loved by all, especially his fur-sister, Sophie. J Sophie and Wilson love to play “race track” in their backyard, chew on bones, dig on their dirt hill, and find and keep a very close eye on their kitten.  They are always playing puppy games and it’s the greatest thing to watch.  I think Sophie really enjoys having him around (as I do) even though he can be a mischievous, naughty fellow at times.  I attribute his naughtiness to two things and I could be completely wrong, but it’s my story and I’m sticking to it ;) (1) He’s a boy and (2) He is a “teenager” now.  Sophie and I are ever so hopeful that with age will come maturity J 
     Even with his naughty’s Wilson is the most loveable, amusing fellow!  I think he’s very happy here with me and Soph ~ and we are still very happy to have him!!  Attached are a few pictures for  your enjoyment.


Wilson continues to amaze us every day.  Unless you are calling him from behind, you would never know he is deaf.  He has become one of the pack and isn't a "little guy" any more.  He is a "Big Boy" now.  He knows what you want him to do as a matter of routine.  He has almost mastered the art of letting us know EVERY time he needs to go out.  Every now and then he forgets to tell us but overall he is doing great. 
     He still plays with his buddy Mabel and runs her ragged but she has the advantage....she can jump up on the bed or couch to get a break.  Wilson is good on a leash and even though he doesn't need to be on one, we are getting him used to being on one.  When he isn't on a leash and begins to wonder while sniffing, all we have to do is tell Mabel to go get him and bring him in and she does.  We only have to pay her an extra treat every now and then for the babysitting.  
     I'm telling you all, Wilson will melt your heart and make you want to have a whole litter of Wilson's once you meet him.


Wilson has settled in nicely with the pack here.  Unless you are trying to get his attention by talking to him, you would never know he was deaf.  He is very close to learning "no and stop" by pointing a finger at him and has learned to lay down with a hand sign.  When he is showing off, you just show him a treat and he sits quietly until you give it to him.  There are benefits to his being deaf as well.  When he is taking a much needed nap, door slamming and the girls barking don't wake him. 
     Wilson is quite the little firecracker when he wants to play. He will go through a box of toys in a matter of minutes and as you can see from the video, he loves to play with his BIG sister Mabel.  She runs him ragged outside because she knows there is no way he can keep up and when he wanders near the road, we just tell Mabel to go get him and she runs down, makes a pass in front of him and back he comes with her.  We think it would be best for Wilson if he is adopted by a home with another dog or two because he quickly bonded with Mabel and he follows the pack's lead on everything from going out to pee, feeding time and time outs for drinks.  He really is quite a clever little boy. 
     He manages to squeeze in between Mabel and Maxi every night on the bed and sleeps through the night.  He loves to be touching at least one of them when he sleeps....it's a guy thing!  He does tells us most of the time when he has to go out so finishing up on the house training should be a piece of cake.  He as no aggression issues at all and he is good on a leash. 
     If your home has someone there most of the time (because he is a puppy) and you want to take this little piece of clay and mold him into your best buddy, then Wilson is the boy for you.  You do have to allow for extensive delays when you take him with you while running errands and visiting because he draws a crowd quickly and he loves the attention!  You can't miss with Wilson!


Wilson, Wilson, Wilson....so much entertainment and affection to give and only asking for TLC in return.  He is a riot and keeps everybody and all the girls on our toes.  There is never a dull moment with Wilson around.  He learned to go up and down stairs in 2 days and now there is now stopping him.  Mabel has no where to hide now.  The only way Mabel can shake her new shadow is when they are playing outside.  
     We have a little problem we have to fix and some more potty training to do but overall, he has slid right into the pack and is doing great.  His little problem is that he likes to eat his own poop but that will be fixed in no time.  The only time you know he is deaf is when you speak to him and he isn't looking at you, he doesn't respond and you find yourself laughing because we know he's deaf and we still all talk to him all the time.
     This young lad will be the best thing that ever happened to you if you adopt him.   He will also make you late for everything because if you have him out in public, he attracts a crowd in seconds.  Guys, he is a great way to meet women!


Wilson is getting acclimated to his new environment after a long, 15 hour transport to Maine.  As you can see, he is cute as a button and makes everybody melt who comes in contact with him.  He has that "lady killer" thing going on as well.  
     Wilson is deaf and needs to have extra time spent training him.  He follows the pack very well and knows when it's feeding time, time to go out and time to play by just watching the other girls.  He plays a little rough and is very loud but that is the Boxer way.  Mabel has found out puppy teeth are very sharp playing with Wilson isn't always as fun as she thought but they still play together all the time.
     We are waiting to see what he needs for shots and giving him antibiotics for a little kennel cough he came with.  Just look at his pictures, they tell it all.  He is a little angel and the Phantom Menace all wrapped up into one sweet little boy and if we didn't already have 3 of our own, we would adopt him in a second.

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