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Male -

5 Years

This dog was adopted on 2014-05-12

Personal Information

Weight:74 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Needs to have a 4 ft fence or bigger, in a home with another dog and kids would be a great bonus.

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Yankee is a truly loved member of our family. I will say he is still a handsome boy but really he is a handsome old man. He has adjusted well to living with us and his dog "sister" Penny. The unfortunate thing is he can not be taken for walks or let near any other dogs because he becomes very aggressive. 

He tries to be spry but you can see he is getting old and slowing down considerably. I know for the first 5 years of his life he was tied to a tree outside and never was let in a house. These last six years he has become a couch potato. He runs outside  very quickly does what he needs to do and runs inside to be sure he still has his seat available. He and my oldest daughter are as close as close can be, as a matter of fact when you tell him to go find his girlfriend he finds her. He is a lucky old man as he sleeps in her or my bed each night! We have loved having him as part of our family.


Yankee continues to be a an amazing addition to our family. He is the perfect gentleman with his dog sister, he let's her out the door first and she gets to eat first before he moves in. He is quite the lover as well, full of hugs and cuddles. Yankee would rather be sitting inside on a sofa or cuddled on a bed than anywhere else. He is an excellent at cuddling and is also great at laying on your feet to keep them warm. Yankee is still not able to be with other dogs besides his dog sister at home. This limits us taking him places but that's okay because we love him just the same. I have attached some recent pictures of our gentleman!


Yankee is more and more part of our family each day. He still struggles with other dogs except his dog sister Penny.
He is so very at home here, each night he follows my daughter up to bed and then jumps in the bed with her. Quite often, he doesn't want to get up in the morning and would prefer not to be disturbed and to sleep in her bed till 10am.
He gets excited to see visitors but he is calming down so much that after an initial jump on a visitor he tends to lay down at their feet. He is a lover full of kisses for everyone. He is the biggest couch potato any one would meet. Most of his days are spent playing with Penny (our other dog) or laying on the couch sleeping all comfy. It makes us so happy that he is able to do this considering his first 5 years were spent out side tethered.
We couldn't imagine the house without him. I have attached a picture of him sitting next to me as I type. We love talking about our handsome man Yankee so feel free to write anytime!


Yankee is a lover! He is a wonderful dog who just wants to be loved and taken care of. He loves his dog sister Penny and his two human sisters. As a matter of fact since his first night in our home he has slept with my oldest daughter; they are pretty inseparable. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family that we can't image the house without him now!


When Theresa introduced us to Yankee she said he is so used to being outdoors you will have a hard time getting him in from the back yard. The exact opposite has proven to be true. Yankee has discovered that being a couch potato is a great way of life for a Boxer!


Yankee is doing fantastic! He is a beautiful dog who has lots of energy and LOVES to play. For this reason he must be in a home with a dog who likes to play also. Yankee is loving his new freedom of being able to run and play with all the dogs. Yankee will surprise you with his love and energy, he acts more like a 2 - 2 1/2 years old.
I am so proud of Yankee. He has learned to go to the bathroom outside and never has an accident when he is in his crate. I let him out often and he does well with that. Yankee is a very handsome boy who loves attention but most of all will give back all the love you give him and more.
If your looking for a new family member and can give Yankee lots of love, can meet his individual needs, then please think about giving Yankee his forever home. It's time for Yankee to have a family of his own.


Yankee continues to do great. He is such a loving dog that wants to please you with his love. Yankee is finally able to live a full wonderful life being able to run and play with other dogs. Yankee is not your typical 5 year old, he acts 2 1/2 - 3. He has a lot of energy and needs a dog that loves to run and play with him. He met his foster brother Wally the other and did great. Even though they are both 5 you would not know it. He just loved running and playing with Wally and will soon have more dogs to play with. He does play well with my female dog who is about half his size inside the house and does great with her.
Yankee will still have an accident once in a while in the house but I let him out often and he does well. He does great while he is in the crate when I'm not home.  He hasn't had any accidents in the crate. Yankee met one of my cats the other day who was sick and all he wanted to do was take care of it. I haven't introduced him to my other cat so I'm not sure yet how he does with an active cat. I have to say to see the loving side of Yankee with a cat he never met was very special. I do believe he knew that the cat was not well at all. For this reason is why I said possibly with cats. I will have him meet my other cat to see how he does. I do have a feeling that he will be ok with a cat who is dog friendly.
Due to the fact that poor Yankee was on a tie out with his previous owners I don't believe he really had the chance to run and play with other dogs. This is one of the reasons why Yankee must go to a home with a fence and another dog so he can experience the joys of running and playing with another dog. To have been a neglected dog, he is the sweetest dog ever and just wants to run, play, and give you love. I think with his new freedom is one of the reasons why he does not act his age. He will need someone who has time to give him some training. He does listen and does want to please you. With the proper training I don't believe it will take long for him to be the perfect new family member that he would love to be.
So if you have the time and love along with Yankees individual needs, then please fill out an application so Yankee can find his new family to spend the rest of his happy life with. Have a happy holiday and Yankee will be enjoying life to the fullest until the perfect family comes along.


I received Yankee on Sunday November 3rd. I've only had Yankee a few days but here is what I can tell you. Yankee is a HANDSOME boy and craves love like most boxers. This is Yankee's time to get the love and great life that he deserves. He loves to run so he needs a fenced in yard. He has slept with me in my bed and did great. We are in the process of house training him and so far he only had an accident once or twice. I think he will have this down quickly. I took Yankee to the vet and he did great. He loved all the attention from the vet and was a very good boy.
Yankee loves attention and activity. For this reason I feel he should be in a home with a dog. I know he would love to play with kids also. Yankee has so much play and energy that you would think he's a three year old. Yankee lived a sheltered life and has so much love he wants to share with a family. Due to the short time I've had Yankee we will follow with an up date on Yankee's progress.  If you feel you can give Yankee all the things he needs to live a full active life then please submit your application for us to review.

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